Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Little Bit Sooner... than Later

I officially started listening to 
shhh... holiday music

I have had some technical difficulties with my phone...
not holding a charge...
therefore... between that and the rain
I haven't 
had any good photos to share!

But the first thing I need to share is the super cute sewing machine
cover that was a gift to me from my friend Paulette!

(she teaches at In Between Stitches in Livermore...
I think it could become a class there soon)

she always attends my retreat with her fun group
and always has something special for me and my retreat partner!

 I got this Halloween themed Camper
which is so ME! 

I just wish I could open the door and invite you in!!!

Virginia got a red white and blue camper... complete with banner too!

The retreat was lots of fun and the food was great... so was the weather...
but for some reason...

I needed this entire last week to re-cooperate from 
the weekend extravaganza.

I feel regrouped now and 
me sewing room even got reorganized!

Speaking of organizing...

I got happy mail!

From the Fat Quarter Shop!

It came with fun accessories... and in the back of the planner...
is 4 new fun scrappy quilt patterns from Lori Holt!

Image result for Scrappy Project planner quilt patterns

This looks like fun! 
I think I particularly like the part of organizing my
projects. Keeping all of that in my head
has, on occasion, not worked out so well.

Just Sunday...
 I was working on a project and 
had a nagging thought something was missing...
as I worked on my 100 31/2" blocks
(to be showing you soon... like after it stops raining)
and sure enough...
when I got down to making the last 8.

I found
my missing little bag of already half way prepared blocks.

Now that is a real dilemma. 
I can either make the quilt larger and continue making little
blocks or I could even make a second quilt...
because wouldn't another 100 blocks be fun to make (?)
(this is where I wish there was a font for sarcasm)

What to do.

Maybe this Scrappy Organizer should have arrived a little bit sooner!

5 friends stopped by to chat:

sunny said...

LOVE your sewing machine cover! How cute is that. I'm trying to be organized, but it isn't always easy. Off to retreat this weekend, so more mayhem in the making.

Hildy said...

Love the sewing machine cover what an amazing gift!
I'm always trying to keep my blocks together and this time with the Tula Pink Ciy Sampler Sew-along it's easy because I'm posting a picture eah day and therefore need to keep my blocks in a box.

gailss said...

Love that sewing machine cover and way to cute! Guess you could make a mini of your quilt and have something like a table topper or wall hanging???...LOL!

Needled Mom said...

OMGosh....that sewing machine cover is sooooo cute. She needs to do an online class for us.

Julie said...

I love the quilts on the quilt rack and the rack itself. Where can I get the patterns for the six quilts at the end of this post?

I am forever losing things and then finding them. Two quilts are that much more happiness--two times the happiness!