Thursday, December 15, 2016

Shopping, Sewing, and Some Celebrating!

 I have been a busy little elf in my sewing room...
when I find the extra time to be in it anyway.

December always seems to get away from me.

I have a list of things to finish making...
and family coming, starting next Tuesday.

Wednesday is my twins birthdays... so the celebrations
officially start!

Thank goodness for Amazon and on-line shopping in general.

But in the middle of that... I managed to get myself
a little bundle of 
Olive's Flower Market that I have been lusting!

(photo from Lella Boutique

But when one thing comes off the list...
another one 
gets added!

Vintage daydream by Dani for
 Riley Blake is so sweet... 
and will definitely go into my
 "shopping cart"next month!

I saw this 
sweet kit also...

(photo from Cotton Berry's website)

I've been in love with the pattern for a while... and this kit is a
perfectly sweet
combination of Moda fabric and pattern!

Tomorrow night I will be decorating the tree
(finally) with the help of my grand little's.

Tonight... dinner and sewing (gifts) with
a quilter friend!

6 friends stopped by to chat:

Hildy said...

I love Olivia's Flower Market and bought myself a F8 bundle nd a Layer Cake. Did you see the snail quilt by penandpaperpatterns over on IG? Tillalili made it with Olivia's fabrics and I totally plan to copy her for the sew-along Angie (gnomeangel) will hold next year.

Needled Mom said...

LOVE that fabric and pattern. I'll bet you are looking forward to some post Christmas sewing.

Margaret said...

I know what you mean about checking one thing off your list and then adding another. I started this month with 6 sewing related items on my list, and I've been very proudly checking them off, one at a time. But apparently I've been adding to the list, too, because there are now 14 items on it! How did that happen?

Rosa said...

Beautiful kit .Have fun playing with it.

Merry Christmas!

Miss Jean said...

What is the name of the Christmas quilt pattern on your December 7th post? It's lovely!

Sherry said...

I love the fabrics you shared. I will have to think about adding them to my list of must have fabrics. The kit looks like a great one too!