Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A goodbye to 2016!

I am hopeful that 2017 is

a new year and it's filled

with new possibilities! 

Last week I shared my first project for 2017...

Flower Patch pattern by Thimble Blossoms paired
with  Olive's Flower Market fabric.

I am anxious to start it...

especially now that I have a sewing room that has been 
given a deep cleaning!

But there are more temptations out there for new projects.

for several years 
(skipping a year or two here and there)

but this year is the 10th anniversary 

And it will be made with American Jane fabrics!

So, needless to say it has caught my attention.

It you haven't had a look at it yet... here 
are a couple of sneak peaks that the FQS is sharing...

The link above is to the blog post about the BOM.

All that vintage goodness!!!

Another thing on my list for 2017 
to indulge in
painting my furniture...
and first up is my dinning room set.

This chair, at the paint store, 
 looks just like my dining chair... and I have a 
few paint samples on the seat
to pick from... but the decision is difficult!

I think I have it narrowed down to the two samples on the left.
Paris Grey and White.

I'm thinking white should be the table color and the Paris grey will be
the chair color. 
right now.
But, I could change my mind.

Any thoughts?


crazy quilter said...

How exciting the painting of the furniture I have a dinning set which if not identical is pretty close to yours. I have never thought off painting it! What an idea. I love the grey..and white idea! I sure love Olive's flower market but am trying to sew my stash this year, I do hope I can resist all the pretty new bundles. Have a great 2017 in your clean sewing room.

Jeanna said...

I am trying very hard to focus on my UFOs in 2017 and maybe one or two new projects to use up my stash.

I love all of the colors you have pulled for the dining room furniture. Living in southeast FL I tend to gravitate to the blues and whites. Select colors that make you happy, not necessarily that fit with your current color scheme. Never may end up painting the whole house!

Hildy said...

My first choice was the off white paint but sadly you already sorted that out. I don't like funitures that are too white and I don't like dark funitures so the off white would have been perfect for me but then I don't know what fits best in your living room and honestly you have my respect for painting your funitures it's something I have never done.
Olivia's Flower Market is such a great collection I have a LC and a F8 bundle form all the not B&C or Fig Tree Moda collections it's the best.

linda said...

I have used Paris gray and it is fabulous. White is good but the black/charcoal on the table has the possibility of being a showstopper.

moosecraft said...

A freshly scrubbed sewing room is always an energizing beginning! :-) While black chairs look nice (which is why I bought some)... they have a tendency to show dust VERY quickly! So, if you do not enjoy "high maintenance chairs"... then go for the lighter colors. :-)

Anonymous said...

I know gray is very much the "it" color right now... to go the way of the 70s green and gold? I like the creamy white. Classic. But, who cares what I like, What do YOU like?