Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturdays: the letter Z

I am back on the school bus
again this week for the next 
(and last) letter
in the alphabet!

Today is the letter

The letters in the book can either be made 
in 6" or 12" six size. 
I have been making the 12" letter blocks.

They also are in uppercase and lowercase
like on the cover of the book.

Spelling Bee

I have only been working on the uppercase 
letters... but I will go back and make
the lowercase ones along with the fun
little blocks...
like the globe!

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for hosting
this quilt along!
I have enjoyed this Spelling Bee book 
by Lori Holt so much!
Each time I make a new letter...
I am amazed at how easy they are to make, 
of course, 
thanks to Lori's cleverness with creating
these blocks!

This book is jam-packed with 
projects that are so cute
and fun! 
If you don't have a copy of this in your
you should get one!
Inspirational Home Quilt Happy Spelling Bee Saturday everyone! If you are sewing along with us... We are on row three of the Alphabet Sampler! If y...

Aside from the projects in the book... you can make up
your own fun word quilt!

Goin' on a Spelling Bee trip!  I'm all packed for a vintage vacation:) This is my "Vintage Life" quilt from the book:) ❤#vintagelifequilt #spellingbeebook #globeblock

Travel. Vacation. Adventure. Summer. Explore.

I like having a project to chip away at...
a little bit here
 and there... 
but don't worry...

There are several more weeks in the quilt along!
It does not stop with "Z"!

I hope you continue to follow along
Here is a list of who will be sharing in
the weeks to come:

Hope you have a good holiday weekend!

Remember those who have served and sacrificed.