Monday, July 13, 2009

A Parade, A TV, & Still Time To Sew: Priceless

I was excited to get back into the blogosphere today to see what has been going on with the Parade of Quilts hosted by Carrie and Camille. They have the participants listed now, which makes it easy to hop from one blog to another and see all the wonderful quilts that have been shown! It has really been fun to see the projects and the progress! My jaw has dropped more than once... not only for the "recently finished" quilts but also for some of the first quilts... they are amazingly beautiful!
A very big "thank you" to Carrie & Camille for the wonderful parade that you started.
We got a new TV on Saturday... and I must say I'm going to miss standing and looking at the flat screens as you walk into Costco, (every time we entered the store) like I have over the last year or two. LOL!
Really, though, I am not a huge TV fan but boy howdy the new TV's have so much better technology and that "HD" really does make a difference.
I also got to play in my sewing room yesterday and made a nice mess but also got a couple of things done. I have been wanting use the "turn of the century" fabrics & make a "doll quilt"
(or mini-quilt), so here it is... (it was a little kit from the Temeccula Quilt Co.)

I also started playing with my Fat Quarter Shop BOM. I didn't purchase the finishing kit for whatever reason... so now I am figuring out my setting. I still have to make the last block but wanted to get a head start on the rows while I had the time. This has stretched my math abilities some but I think I've got it! I am only showing a peak of it until I get the rows together.
I am fighting the urge to make more blocks to make it larger.
Does that happen to you too?
And of course, my little Dresden got the borders on it, so it's ready to get quilted. Yippee!
... I even got some work done on my UFO for the Charming Girl's Quilt Club. It was a nice ending to a good weekend.

Hope you had a nice weekend to!


Sherri said...

I love usual! The setting for your FQS blocks is wonderful! And I love the border for the dresdens! I need some priceless sewing time...spent nearly the whole day in Las Vegas with my son...he got his braces off!

Chookyblue...... said...

wow great to see your FQS BOM looking much closer to finished......looks good........what size are you up to now........
oh and love the dresdans too........

Jilly's Space said...

I am loving your FQS's going to be gorgeous!!

Nicole said...

I almost always make extra blocks when I make a quilt. There usually seems to be a need to have a block with certain colors positioned somewhere, so it is good to have options. Also, there is often a block or two that just stand out at too ugly or funky to be included. Too bad!

jaybird said...

looking good!! congrats on the new quilt!