Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spa Bags & What's New In The Line Up

I'm back... and I have my pictures now. I didn't get photos of the spa bags and things I sent out but I do have photos from the magazines that I got the pattern from, so I can show you that. The spa bag came out again recently in a special publication. I think it was called Bags, Purses and Pillows. Something like that anyway. So here it is and you just have to
imagine it in the Shangra-la fabrics.

Here is a picture of it from the original publication it came out of.
This is the neck wrap filled with lavender and rice. It's really soothing! I hope I am redeemed for not getting pics of the ones I actually made:)

Now, for the August Charming Girls Quilt Club "commit to finish" projects:
First on my list is a pincushion fro Miss Rosie! I am excited to make this so that will be an easy one (or two).

This is a quilt that I started for #1 son... the one that just was home visiting. I need to get this done big time. He's been waiting... but it hasn't been that long yet! The pattern is called Bouillabaisse. I have seen it made up in several colorways and they all look great. I wanted to use the Diawabo fabrics for his.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get my Confetti Cake quilt finished off also. (I slipped in my new French General pincushion). Now, I know you haven't seen the finished July project yet but that one will be done by the end of this month also. So Kelly, here they are... piece of cake! (confetti cake?)

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Sherri said...

I've been wanting to make that spa bag pattern...was it a fun one to make? Also, your confetti quilt is going to be beautiful!

Gran said...

#1 son is going to be a happy camper under that quilt. The Spa bag is such a good idea. In fact you always have a lot of good ideas. Thank you for sharing.

PunkiePie said...

I just picked up the Tuffets pattern yesterday at a quilt shop in New York. AND I think I have that magazine (bags, purses and totes...whatever the name is) for the spa bag. I think I'll make a couple for gifts this christmas!

ranette said...

Don't you just love the FG pincushion?!?!
I have the tuffets pattern too but haven't made it yet.
Your sons quilt is going to be wonderful. Diawabo fabrics are always a favorite with me.

Nicole said...

The spa bag is going to be a must for my women relatives for Christmas this year! I think I will do a manicure/pedicure theme and fill them with all sorts of nail supplies.

Stina said...

Loved the spa bag.. have tried to find that magazine here.. but to no result.. looks like a good one!!!
Good luck wiht your new starts.. looks wonderful!!! And FUN!!!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Lots of cute patterns to be made...cannot wait to see them.