Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Me Your Charm(s)

What do we have here?

Heather over at Trends and Traditions is having a blogiversary. It's her first! And she has wonderful giveaways... like this quilt! Are you kidding me! She is giving away one of her quilts! Well, I have my name in... I think I'm number 658 but you know what they say...
you can't win if you don't play!
It is nice to just go wish her a happy anniversary too. I love her booklets and patterns. I actually am about to do the binding on one of the quilts from her Fat Quarter Five book.

We are quickly approaching the first of September and I thought it would be fun if I showed you my charm! Well, I might be lacking there... but I do have charm packs!
A basket full. They are here just waiting for the perfect project...
could it be a Schnibbles project?
Ummm, this looks like the start of a Schnibbles project. But that's all I'm going to show you!
I just got a package in the mail from Bunny Hill. She has these wonderful spools for sale on her web site. I have a small collection already that are displayed on my shelves. I have my Moda twill tape from unwrapped bundles on them and also ric rac and other trims. I have some cleaning up to do so I can find these spools a new spot.

My friend Sharon gave me this sweet little pincushion pattern/kit when I went in to the local bank where she works. Fun woolies! It's a Bird Brain Designs pattern. Oh, and look... can you see the wooden spools in the pattern picture?

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Patty and she had made a sweet little pincushion for me. It is so adorable. The fabric is too sweet and the buttons are just perfect. I love pincushions!

She also had a show and tell of a quilt she just finished. It's the American Jane Triple Crown pattern. It is just precious in these "summerie" colors! I had to take a picture to show it to you.

Okay now- it's your turn! Show me your Charm!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Schnibble-bits....... no fair teasing :-(

call me crazy said...

I don't have any charm~ :-o LOL Guess I need to go shopping!!! :-)) Thanks for the peek of the Schnibble fun ahead!

Vickie E said...

If I show you my charms I'll have to kill you..just kidding...for real..I have soooo many Moda charm's obscene

PunkiePie said...

I got lots of charm packs too! One whole basket full AND a drawer full. They are so addicting and CUTE. I can't resist them!

Trisha said...

I love charm packs too! I think that is one of the things that appeals to me about the Schnibble idea. I have been collecting them and I am excited to see them in action.

Sherri said...

So many fun things! I'd better get working on my quilt! And I was too slow to get some spools...the smaller ones I wanted had all sold out by the time I went to buy...hopefully I'll get some from the next shipment! Oh, and we are over 70 now!

julia said...

Hi Sinta,

hmmmm...could it be 'Open Season'??? I hope so, because I already have that pattern *g*
I looked in my stash and I found surprisingly few Charm Packs...I think I tend to buy Layer Cakes as most of the patterns require at least 2 CP - so I can always think I get a better value buying on the other hand...I could have many more collections covered with CPs (I know, those thoughts aren't really new...)
I, too, got 2 spools from Anne...and I could buy a wagon load full of them! Your pincushions are so cute, and to display them on the spools is a great idea {Carrie used to do it on her pincushion, too, didn't she?}
Cheers, Julia
P.S.: thanks for visiting my humble blog ~ I'm such a bad blogger lately & I'm - again - way behind the 'A Tisket A Tasket' BOM...sigh ;O)

Stina said...

Love the pincushions... and hmmm Schnibble teasing!!!! We are eagerly waiting you
Charms you said... I actually dont have so many!!! :o)