Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bibelot: Parade of T's

The year is just flying by and it's time for another parade!
It really is April? NO joke!
I hope you are enjoying Another Year of Schnibbles here!
Sherri and I are having great fun with it and seeing 
what our Schnibblers make!
(I suspect that Carrie Nelson is enjoying the parades too)!
In fact she has a little something special she is working on
and you know how special her little Schnibblers are to her!
So, all I'm saying is that if you aren't a Schnibbler already..
it's not too late. 
And if you have been in enjoying Another Year of Schnibbles
and have already been in the AYOS parades, well, you'll be glad.

Would you like to know what the pattern is for this month?
We are moving right along from Spring into Summer with
Summer Day!

Summer Day Schnibbles Charm Pack Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company Schnibbles Pattern
(photo borrowed from FQS)
Fabric requirements to get you started:
2  charm packs
1 1/8 yards background
(note: I used 1 charm pack and 1/2 yd of a single fabric 
for the side stripes on the f.g. units)
Oh, and if you have been to Carrie's or Lisa's blogs this week
(or Thelma's, or Nicole's you might have heard about 
Monique's new book, Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts, and about her Fit to be Geese rulers...
I highly recommend using her special ruler for all of your flying geese projects)!

Here is my version of Summer Day.
I got a little carried away with the size...
I was thinking "go big or go home", when I should have been thinking...
" leave well enough alone".

Ok, I am ready for the parade of "T's" aren't you???

Here is a fun one from Debi...  from the blog Quilting With Debi.!
Fun and bright fabrics
 and the border shows off the floral fabric!

This one was made by Jill ( no blog) using California Girl fabric by Fig Tree & Co.
It is really cute and sweet as can be.

 Don't you love the soft shades of blue and pink here?
This was made by Izzy at Dizzy Quilts blog.

Andee in AZ created her Bibelot quilt here in 
wonderful rich tones... you can see more on her blog
I love the originality of this T quilt! 
But it all makes since when you know that
it was created by Debbie at Tis The Season blog!

Edith made her Bibelot quilt using warm tones too, giving her quilt a
traditional look. You  can visit Edith at Red Door Quilting.

Here we have a sweet little red and white traditional "T" quilt that was 
made by Diana at Quiltecke blog.

And you have got to love this one made by Carmen at Downstairs Quilting.
This "T" quilt is far from traditional but and it makes a great  Halloween quilt!

I have one here to show you from Amanda. It's on her Flikr account so I of course can't use the photo but
here is the link:

It's a beautiful blue and white and yellow color scheme.

 Here is a great creation by Brenda at Quilting Along Lifes Way.

This is a very special T quilt, Bibelot was created by Carol (sorry, no blog).
It's named after her husband Tristan!

 Here we have Bibelot with a yellow border that sets off the T's that seem to be in motion!
Buster is modeling! Carol's Crafty Creations is where you can see more of Carol's
great work and more of Buster too!

Here is another fun T quilt made with a collection of novelty prints by Carol of the Polka Dot Chicken.

Here, Cheryl made hers into a table runner... very cute! Here blog is Polka Dots and Ric Rac.

This one is made by Christine at Aunties Quaint Quilts. It's really fun with the orange in it!

Hmmm, I think this was one of my favorite fabric groups last year. It's nice to see it made up here into Bibelot. It was made by Darlene at Quilting Daze!

It's this quilt amazing? I love the quilt, the pattern and the fabrics! This
one really had me take a double look at it and how she did that!
It was made by Denise at Bitten By the Quilting Bug blog.

Here we have Bibelot made by Denise of My Life in Quilts blog.

Di of the Quilting is Blissful blog used her Ruby fabrics to make up her T quilt...
she made them up into four patches and then sewed the blocks together.
Fun idea!

 Dorothy at Paws for Stitching made this cute T quilt...
looks like Easter egg colors to me!!!
Here is one from Spain!
This quilt looks beautiful in Estrellas fabric choice... Gypsy Rose!

 This Bibelot was made by Gretchen at Stella Bella Quilts blog.
I am seeing Spring here!!!

Here is Bibelot in a gorgeous group of fabrics made by Jen at
Quilting Thimble Cottage! I love this one too!

Joanna of the Patriotic Quilter blog made her fun looking
Bibelot T quilt here, don't you just love these T quilts!

At Quilting, Losing and Tea,  Karen used her American Jane fabrics and added some cute panel prints
to give her T quilt some extra pizazz!
Kay at Quilt Studio Happenings made this fun version in Blueberry Crumb Cake fabrics!
It looks delicious!

And here is a little table topper made by Kay (no blog) in Minnick
and Simpson fabric Charlevoix ... I love that group.

and there is also this two color version  made by Karen at Kigwit's Thoughtful Spot blog...

View album
... and adding to the wonderful parade is this T quilt by
Eileen at Red Hen Quilting blog!
But that's not all!
Sherri, at A Quilting Life has a bunch more of Bibelot to see over at her blog today!
Super cute ones that you got to check out... seriously!


Leah said...

So many T's!! They all look lovely.
Everyone has done a great job! I love the parade. :)

Quilt Hollow said...

Wow zeros. Awesome quilts with such imagination to boot!

Mary said...

I can't believe how many quilts there are this month! I love April's quilt - great choice!!!

Lesley said...

I love these Schnibble parades! The quilts are beautiful! Nice choice for April...definitely a Spring theme!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Great show! Ya know, I was uninspired so didn't make this one~ now I am inspired! LOL Just a bit late. ;-) Fantastic parade!!

Carol said...

Marvelous Parade! Loved all the quilts. I like how you did your Summer Days quilt, love that Go Big or Go Home, ha.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great parade!

Dee said...

So much fun to look at all these quilts! I'm very excited about April's Summer Day as well. You've got some great open spaces in your version for some amazing quilting. Just beautiful!

iluvmybugs said...

What fun quilts (love this pattern and am looking forward to making a 'T' quilt for me!) TFS
~Terry~ :o)

Shannon said...

They are all so great! I love all of them for different reasons!

Darlene said...

Another beautiful parade! So many beauties.

carol fun said...

WOW! Such innovative setting for this little T block - great inspiration! Thanks for hosting this. It is a lot of fun to view the parade every month!

Simone de Klerk said...

Amazing, to how many different quilts were made with the pattern!

~Marica~ said...

Wonderful parade and so many different quilts from same pattern. They looks all fantastic :)

Gretchen said...

Fabulous parade!! I love every single one of these little T quilts. I always get a big boost of energy and inspiration on Schnibble parade days. Thanks Sinta!!

Satu said...

What a great parade - again! I'm only happy, that I don't have to choose, which one of them I love the most ;o) I LOVE THEM ALL at here and also at Sherri!!!

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful parade of projects.. amazing!!!

Michele said...

What a wonderful parade!

May Kristin said...

Lots of beautiful quilts here! Sadly I missed out in this round. I was too busy preparing for a trip to Trondheim to attend a week end class with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings! Which was great!