Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blocks of Mystery's Past

I really have nothing to show for the last week.
I finally sat down at my machine this morning and thought
I would just chain stitch through some Dresden blades...
some easie peasie mindless kind of stuff to do while 
still sipping on my first cup of tea.
About 10 minutes into the process I discovered that
I didn't have any thread in my machine.

So, I got up and stepped away from the machine!
I obviously needed that second cup of tea!
No progress before work today...
but all was not lost... I still got the benefit of sewing therapy.

I got to thinking about my BOM ghosts of mystery's past.
And if you are like me and didn't purchase the 
finishing kit that went along with it...
then, that fabric is probably long gone by now.
Here is a quilt that fits that example.
Finished way after the deadline.
I had gotten ambitious and came up with a setting for the blocks.
I totally winged it... trying to avoid the math part.
I should have taken notes for my future benefit.
I remember that I used leftovers from the blocks to make the piano key border.
Now that I  am in the BOM Rehab...
I might just need to start addressing setting solutions soon!
How about you?

Do you remember Eventide? Several people joined Thelma
of Cupcake n Daisies and made this quilt. I am looking at this and wondering if this pattern
has potential as a setting other blocks? .
I think those hourglass blocks might have good universal attributes.
How would you approach this?


Sharon said...

I'm sorry, but I had to giggle about the 10 minutes of sewing without thread...I totally understand the need for a cup or two of tea before I can begin the day! Love the setting for your BOM ghost quilt!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! You are really on a roll~ even without thread! :-) (sorry, I just couldn't help myself ;-) I love the first quilt and I think the second one definitely has setting possibilities for other blocks. Very clever! Have a better sewing day tomorrow! ;-) (hugs)

Busy As Can Be said...

I love both they look perfect!

Karen said...

I am cheap and that's why I missed out on the 2011 FQS MBOM finishing kit. The 2010 kit was on clearance so I thought 2011 would go on clearance. It sold out. I did get the finishing pattern.

Diana Schmitz / Quiltecke said...

Oh, what a great quilt. I love the colours of them and it looks so perfekt...
Have a great day

Helen said...

I love the setting for your 2008 FQS Mystery Block. That's my current BOM Rehab project. I did buy the finishing kit for that one, although I might not follow it exactly.

Nicole said...

Now that is a great idea! I bet the Eventide pattern would lend itself to be a great setting idea for BOM blocks!
I am really jazzed about finishing up my three BOMs! Seriously, I wake up in the morning planning which one to work on!

Carol said...

Oh Sinta your Eventide is so pretty...that would make a good setting for BOM blocks. What a great idea.