Friday, September 7, 2012

I'll Be Dancing With the Girls

Things are getting pretty quite around here!
I have had such a terrible week!
It started with Labor Day.
I had a migraine! 
What a waste of time off from work! 
 I get so few days off to just ENJOY, then I had to get 
a migraine! Not fair!
 Then I got the flu!
NOT FAIR at all!
It's no way to end the summer at all.

So this is where this project (Dancing Dollies) remains...

 I am going to be dancing with these Dollies over this weekend and try
to squeeze one more week out of  Summer of Fun...
it was Thelma's (Cupcake n Daisies) idea to have a list
of projects for Summer of Fun.
She did a fantastic job on her projects... but mine haven't been so
amazing! So, wish me luck on getting something done over in the next couple of days.

You know when summer has ended around here.
The tourists and campers all go back home.
It doesn't help matters with all of
the virus stuff going on in Yosemite either!
I would like to be heading over to the lake this weekend...
it's the last few weeks it will be open for the season.
I just feel a need to put my toes in that water one more time!
But then it's back to my sewing room!
Oh, and look for my post tomorrow.
I got to play along...
and make a girlie-girl version of Geared for Guys...
have you been following the tour this week?
The list is on my last post.
I can tell you, my quilt is anything BUT geared for guys!
See you tomorrow!


Wendy said...

Hope your weekend is better than your week. I'll be watching for your "girly" guy quilt.

Kris said...

Hi Sinta. So sorry you have been sick. And stay the heck OUT of Yosemite!!! I loved seeing those lake shots! You know I love that place!! Go to the lake. Dip your toes in and have fun!!!!
: ) KRis

Carol said...

Glad you're feeling better. You live close by Yosemite? It's beautiful there, we went once and loved it. I hope you get lots of sewing done this weekend.

Carol said...

Oh Darn, those dang migraines...I get them too and just hate them...seems like they just know when you have a day that you want to be doing something else. Glad you're feeling more flu! Enjoy your toe dipping and have tons of fun your dollies so far!

JoAnne said...

I'm so sorry you had a migraine... and over the holiday. What terrible timing. I hope you get to the lake. There is nothing quite like "sand in the toes," as I would say when we lived in Hawaii. I'm trying to sew at least a little bit each day this month to celebrate Sewing Month. Have a good weekend!

Denise in PA said...

Oh, yuck - so sorry you didn't feel well! I hope you are all better now. I can't wait to see your Geared For Guys Girls' quilt!! I love this blog hop - I really want to get the book!