Friday, February 1, 2013

AYOS Parade: Could You Pick Just One?

I'm so excited that we did this as a kind of "grand finale"!

I know it was an extremely difficult task to ask you to pick just
one of your favorites for this parade.
I don't think it could have been any more taxing if you had asked me
to pick a favorite child! 
(I think it depends on the day) he he!
Now I am wondering if Carrie is able to pick a favorite from her Schnibbles patterns?
So, what was my decision today? 

 My pick for the parade was Doc. 
Not only did I love the way this turned out...
but I had so much fun making the blocks.
I think I would have never attempted this "Card Trick" 
type of pattern if Carrie hadn't written the pattern.

Kay (no blog) picked her Hubble quilt as her favorite for
the parade! I love this one... and I'm so glad she is sharing it
with us!

 Carol (no blog) made this beautiful Hot Cross. 
I love these colors.
Here is Doc from JoAnne the Patriotic Quilter.
It was her last Schnibbles made in Hawaii...
now she lives on the main land... I love the way the
quilt looks like the water coming in.

Brenda picked her colorful Summer Day as 
her favorite! I love these fabrics!

Here is another  Doc quilt made by Brenda at Quilting Along Life's Way blog
It is just gorgeous in these colors. I am so glad that it was her favorite to share!
Izzy couldn't choose a favorite... so she made this
Valentine quilt! A perfect solution!

Darlene picked Bounce as her favorite pattern for the parade.
I just love all the movement in this quilt!

Debbie at Tis' the Season submitted her beautiful quilt 
here... it makes a perfect holiday quilt doesn't it?

Denise had a lot of fun with the T pattern. It was amazing...
and I am so happy to show her quilt again!

Gerri picked Summer Day as her favorite
Schnibbles. I love the red in it!

Dorothy at Paws for Stitching made a 
sweet House Schnibbles using 30's fabrics.

I love this idea! Hildy made a sampler of all her favorite Schnibbles blocks
and now they are all here in one quilt! Brilliant!

Gretchen picked her gorgeous Doc Schnibbles quilt as her favorite.
Good choice... these colors are beautiful together with the grey background!

Karen picked her House quilt as her favorite..
it looks like a seaside village doesn't it? Cute!!!

Carol at Carol's Crafty Creations chose her 
sweet Hot Cross made out of Thimble Blossoms fabrics!
I like the purse there on the side too!

Here is Jan's Summer Day quilt that she chose as her favorite!
It is just beautiful.

Kim at A Peach in Stitches blog
 picked her Baby Bounce quilt as her favorite... and I think she made a 
great choice! It is beautiful all in blue!
Here is a show stopper! I have got to try red as a background color
sometime! Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventures is
sharing her Doc quilt for the Favorite's Parade!

Here is a beautiful Cindy Lou Who that even has a little blue ribbon!
Andee of Mondern Diary picked this one as her favorite.

Here is a great choice of  I.. S. T. H. that was Lesley's quilt 
for the parade. I love the checkerboard border on this one!

This one is so sweet. I love the arrangement of the blocks.
Anna, submitted her quilt here as her favorite Schnibble.
She hasn't been in the AYOS group... but she just might join us
starting in May!

We will announce the pattern for the next round of Schnibbles on April 1st. 
No, seriously!
And  announce the new name for the next year of AYOS also!
I was wondering what I might do during the next month or so while waiting for
AYOS to start back up again... and then it hit me!
I could make a Little Bite or maybe even a Tumbler quilt with Carrie's new ruler!

Thank you all for being such a great group!
Prizes... there might just be something tomorrow!
(Sherri's parade will be up soon)!


JoAnne said...

Wow! How inspiring to see all of these! I'm wondering, too, if Carrie has a favorite. Thanks for the parade!

Dee said...

It really is hard to pick just one! I like how Hildy made a sampler of Schnibbles blocks. What a neat idea! So much fun to see so many different patterns and fabrics together.

Carol said...

I always enjoy the Schnibbles parades. The little break will give me a chance to finish up some things in my sewing room.

Lesley said...

I always love a parade, but especially a Schnibbles Parade! Thanks so much to you, Sherri and Carrie for your excellent hosting duties and inspiration! Looking forward to April!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh how I love a parade! :-) Thank you for a very fun year! But seriously? April??

trish said...

I love the Schnibbles parades!
Such beautiful creations! :0)

Patty D from NC said...

Great parade and what a fun year it was! Looking forward to starting back up!

Quilt Hollow said...

All so pretty...I've dragged my feet and just about everything boxed up....I missed sending out a photo. Lol. Hopefully by April I can stitch again! Packing isn't fun!!

Hildy said...

So many beauties in this parade and in Sherri's as well. Hard to pick a favorite.
I'm looking forward to April ... can't come soon enough:-)
Greetings to Sherri and Carrie, Hildy

Cindy said...

Such a beautful parade. You and Sherri are wonderful to always host such wonderful parties!!!

Michele said...

Your Doc is delightful :-) I had a great time admiring all the favorites :-) Sinta, Sherri, and Carrie are wonderful blog friends. Thanks for all of the time and effort you ladies put into the patterns and parades this year!!!!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful parade!!

Scrapatches said...

Thanks for the lovely parade of schnibbles. I hope to be joining you again in April and will be looking forward to your new announcement ... hope I can keep up with the group next time ... :) Pat