Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Plans Here

But not the ones I started with!
Here are the results of my Summer of Fun list.

This is one that wasn't on my list but I had to do!
I decided that this was going to be a project I would be teaching...
so a sample had to be made!

This one wasn't on my list...
but I had to do it!
I was happy to make a It's So Emma sample using
Minick and Simpson fabrics!

This one wasn't on my list...
but I had to do it!
I made this sample of Shine!
Sherri's new pattern and now a kit at FQS!
There was also this sample that I whipped up for the FQS. 
I love the sofa they photographed it on!

 My favorite little Schnibbles so far!

Yes, a Simply Retro quilt that wasn't on my list but I had to do it!
I even had grand ideas of making every quilt in the book and joined the quilt along!
I got to this point and called it finished... for some reason
I forgot to put on a border.
I have the fabric... so that will be getting done soon.
I began the next quilt in the book... and got the blocks together, and
then stopped there.

I did make Anchors Aweigh... the little story is below.

I have been on an UNfinishing trend!
This is what had been on my original list for Summer Fun:

#1 Evening Blooms
Nothing to show... it's embarrassing. I have wanted to make this for so long.
I have the pattern, the fabric and two of the blocks prepared... it's moving to my new list!

#2 Cake Walk
Fabric is cut out but sewing has not started.

#3 Anchors Aweigh
It is done with the exception of the binding. It came back from the quilter...
and I didn't like how the grey sections looked (the quilting) so
I am slowly ripping it out and will have her requilt those areas.
Not a fun process at all.
(this photo was taken before the quilting)
I made finished  one Schnibbles.

I am unexpectedly slacking here!

#6 Coastal Lily 
Well, I am half way through this one. 
1. geese are made
2. lily's are made
3. yoyo's are made
My problem was that I didn't want to "waste" the 
"flipped corners"... and that  went from a simple molehill idea and turned into 
a mountain! I got overwhelmed with it all, but hope to tame that quilt again.
And when I do, I will have at least one bonus quilt from it for sure!

#7 Scissors
Didn't even get to it.

So, I have learned something about myself...
not only do I not like to follow rules...
but I can't seem to follow lists very well either!
Even when I make the list!

Hopefully this next season 
I will see more progress on my list...
because everything will stay on there...
plus I will be adding another
quilt made from High Street fabric group!

Big Plans Here!
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20 friends stopped by to chat:

Lesley said...

I am amazed with your fabulous projects that you did finish...even if they weren't on the original list. What a successful summer of quilts! I'm sure you'll finish your list...maybe in the Fall. You have such a flare for putting colours and fabrics together.

Linda said...

I think you finished some awesome projects...though maybe what you didn't plan on doing...you're hardly a slacker!I love everything!!

Samantha said...

I LOVE them all! I am working on a churn dash right now. Yours is fabulous! I love how you did your corners!

Jeanna said...

I think you completed a HUGE list...just not the one you thought you were working on :)

I have a few of those patterns but they are for a list WAAAAYY out in my future...not this season at all. As a matter of fact, I have not made a list...I just wanted to get my daughter's quilt to the long-arm quilter. Now that it is there, I can think about some future projects.

Thanks for sharing yours :)

Darlene said...

I think you did well with you Big Summer Plans.

A new season, a new set of Big Plans. teehee

Kris said...

You are my hero!
xo Kris

Tessa said...

Love your first quilt, the pink and greens are so funky and I just love it!!

Béa said...

A lot of amazing projects made ! Congrats Sinta XXX

Thimbleanna said...

You're toooo funny! Well, at least you got a LOT done -- even if some of it wasn't on your list. That's the most important part!!!

Thelma said...

Sinta, what a great post, and even though you didn't finish or even start on some of the project on your list, I still think it looks like you had a summer of fun! Let's have a Fall of fun too!

Nicole said...

Lists are a way to record your dreams of what could be. I think you made quite a lot of dreams come true this summer!

Satu said...

Although you didn't make all your summer goals, you have been very busy and produced BEAUTIFUL quilts!!! A fabulous post!

Angie said...

Oh my, I do love your Churn Dash quilt, girl. :)

Dee said...

I feel you. I'm usually in the same boat. I start off with a list, but so many other projects catch my attention along the way. However, you did get a lot accomplished, so you were productive, just not in the way you were planning!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Your Churn Dash quilt is just so pretty! I love making lists... but don't always adhere to them either.

Sagar Khattak said...

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Patty D from NC said...

These are great finished projects. I really like that Churn Dash!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

The same Winter's Song sample was hanging in my LQS today. Did you make it?? LOL! ;)

QuiltNut Creations said...

such a great bunch of projects! you have been busy!!

Sarah said...

You need to do what I do - change the list! That way if you do things that weren't on your original list you add them to it and cross them off. Makes it look so goal oriented! You have finished a lot over the summer, just not what you set out to. The quilts look great. I love your choices in patterns and fabrics.