Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Year of Schnibbles... Coming Soon!

I don't know about you... but summer took the best out of me!
I am looking forward to getting back to normal!

By normal I mean keeping up with my blog and
 keeping up with your blog too!
I miss everyone so much. Even though I have
 tried to keep up with
my quilting... it just hasn't been the same.

I am sure that it has a lot to do with taking a 
break from AYOS for the summer months.
And now... it's time to get fired up again!
I haven't made a Schnibbles all summer.

I started thinking about when
  A Quilting Life Sherri and I conspired and came up 
with the idea... and then worked on a graphic for our "group".
It officially started September 1 of 2009. 
A Year of Schnibbles was our
 first logo button! Do you remember that?

Schnibbles Button

Then we decided to do a version of the club in 2010 and 
called it Le Petite. 

Then we went to this (or maybe vis versa)

We changed the AYOS button a little the following year...

and then last year we called it
AYOS: Vintage Schnibbles!

We went back and made some of the older Schnibbles patterns
and then threw in a few new patterns too.
We even had a "guest" designer join in and we made a Thimble Blossoms mini
pattern... as we finished up the year.
Here are a few quilts of mine that were in our past parades...

 and then this photo that came from 
one of Carrie's wonderful books.

Carrie has kept us in stitches with Schnibbles patterns and
also her Little Bites patterns for what is it??? 5 years now?

Now wonder I am looking forward to getting back to normal
starting this September... just as week or so away!

Another Year of Schnibbles is gearing up to start again!
Sherri and I will be announcing our first project of the year on September 1st!

This year AYOS is going to be called:
AYOS and A Little Bit More

We are going to spice it up a little bit this year
with not only Schnibbles but Little Bite patterns
and also have a few "guest designers" 
with small patterns...
and then to top it off Sherri and I will each be 
creating a pattern of our own for you!

Easy enough for Sherri... but that will be a new one for me!

We would love it if you would 
show us your Schnibble...
on September 1st, to help celebrate the 
new year of 
AYOS ... and a Little Bit More, 
please post  all
of the small quilts you made last year!
Send me your link and a picture of your quilt when you post it.
I am sure we can think of some prizes for you!
Right Sherri??? Carrie???

Just for fun... here is a link to the last parade of our first year of 

here is the link for Sherri's last parade of our first year of

Sherri has a page here that tells the details of the club here
just in case 
you were wondering how it works.


sunny said...
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Carol said...

That's so awesome Sinta. I didn't alway have time to participate last year so I'm looking forward to this year AYOS. Do the Mini Quilts need to be Schnibbles patterns? Because all of my Mini Quilts are Camille patterns. said...

YAY....I'm looking forward to participating again this year.
I think i'll get all my Schnibbles patterns and books pulled together and be ready!

Thanks for doing this again....

Peggy in NJ

Jeanna said...

Ohhhhh.... I would love to play along but I am really trying to catch up. But I'll read the rules just in case I change my mind.

Gerri said...

I'm looking forward to participating again this year, Sinta!

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

I can't believe that the summer is almost over! I'm waiting to see what's in store for us. There are so many cute new patterns from Carrie (like Gertie, Double Dutch and Whit, hint hint).

Hildy said...

Yeah, finally another Schnibbles year! Now I need to hunt all my small quilts and put them in a picture ... hope I'll find them all;-)

gailss said...

I am looking forward to the start and did make several of last years but I don't have a blog and usually just send pics so will try and do that....I am ready and waiting the start!!!!

Debbie said...

I am going to participate this year. I enjoyed looking at everyone's creations last year. I made Picnic from Carrie's book Another Bite of Schnibbles. I would add a picture if I know how.

Sherry said...

I started out great last year but wasn't able to keep up. I have a few Schnibbles quilt tops ready to be completed, maybe I can get at it. I am looking forward to this year. It will help me get back to my blog also.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it is going to be a great year ahead.

Gretchen said...

I am looking forward to another year! I better get a move on and get my projects together :) said...

OK Sinta, I blogged about it....
I'm excited about starting up again.

Peggy in NJ

Quilt Hollow said...

I seriously want to get back into the groove with ya'll now that chemo behind us! Hugs!