Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Dance!

I woke up happy this morning!

In truth I always wake up happy...
lots of blessings to count!

Yesterday I got a look at the new pre-Market Moda catalog
that you can see on line. Not only do you get to preview the
newest fabric lines being released... but there were new patterns to 
drool over as well!
Some new patterns that you probably have seen a few of
 but there are Miss Rosie's patterns too!
That's right!
It's confirmed!
(see Moda Fabric blog for more info... that is where I 
swiped borrowed this picture from)

Carrie posted about it today over at the  Cutting Table blog!
The one in the back/left is called Viola.
Cute right?
Wait until you see Otis! I can't wait to read how 
that name came about. Possibly riding in an elevator?
Humming the tune to the Andy Griffith Show and picturing 
the beloved town drunk?
Who knows how her brilliant mind works?

 On another note...

Have you seen the newest pre-cut from Moda?
It's 7" squares.
I saw it advertised as a monthly club.
The cute little tin has a pattern included with
the the fabric and has an extra surprise in it too.
(no, I don't know what that it is... it's a surprise).
But one surprise it might be... and I could be wrong...
but the patterns look like they are written my Miss Rosie.
You can see more about the club at Fat Quarter Shop.


Here are a few of the project tins that will be released first.
(4) November 2015 - Windermere Frivol

Don't you agree... they look like the work of a certain somebody?

(2) September 2015 - Polka Dots & Paisleys Frivol

I mean... look at the border... isn't that a giveaway?

Frivols tins.jpg

Stinkin' cute tin too!

I am teaching a class tonight at my LQS.
I think it will be lots of fun.
This is the quilt...

Instagram photo by pinkpincushion - And... It's done! #Vintage @sherrimcconnell
Vintage by A Quilting Life.

I can't wait to get this one quilted. 
Here is a photo (borrowed from Sherri's blog)
of her finished quilt...

I hope to take photos tonight of the class! 
It's always fun to see what fabrics someone else will use!


Needled Mom said...

So many fun and exciting things coming up!!!! I love all of those feathers on that finished quilt!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all the fun Moda news! Love your Vintage quilt.

gailss said...

Oh, lots going on and thanks for all the Moda news....love your top and bet it will quilt up nicely...

Carol said...

I signed up for that club, cute tin boxes and pre-cuts, my kind of thing for sure, I still have my charm pack tins from a few years ago.

Hildy said...

Isn't it the best news ever!?! New Miss Rosie's pattern, yeah! Still a bit unsure about the new precuts, 7" squares doesn't make so much senth to me I rather have a Layer Cake;-)

Sharon said...

Adorable!!! Love these little project tins...more goodies to be happy about!

Thimbleanna said...

I thought the same thing about Frivols when I first saw them -- a certain someone is behind them LOL! Looks like lots of fun coming our way!

Strlady said...

Love Love Zen Chic's modern backgrounds. AS Always, I'm in love with Sweetwater's Varsity and Bonnie and Camille's Hello Darling. Oh - Figtree's Farm house is so very tempting, those oranges are GORGEOUS.
Must buy Viola AND Otis by Miss Rosie's Quilt co.
I could go on and on...
Thanks for the link.

Lisa D. said...

You were totally right about the Frivols! They are Carrie's creations. Can't wait!