Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Want to be a Farm Girl... I Already Have Vintage Covered!

I am nearly ready to show  my finished Vintage Tulips quilt...
I am so SO close... but it seems so far away!
I can't  manage to slip in my morning sewing time this week.
Last night I taught a quilting class.
I think it went well. 
A couple of the women there were new quilters...
and they had trouble with the 
pattern instructions that called for
using a "fat eight bundle".
 I can understand...
because if it's not Moda fabric it could mean 
something different.
If the shop they are in make
 up their own bundles...
of fat quarters or fat eights
 then they can really start to get confused.
In some patterns they say:
 you need a layer cake OR 40 10" squares.
That wording is a little more helpful.

This evening I do plan to at least 
gather up a cute little stack of fabrics
so that I can play along with Farm Girl Vintage!
It starts in just a week and a half!

Two blocks per week.
Easy peasie!
But the harder questing is...
do we follow in order or random?
Maybe it isn't really a question at all... 

That little chick in the mix is so adorable!
Maybe after that one... then I can do them in order!
Are you joining in?

Looks like between yesterday's post and today's post...
I will have my summer "cut out" for me! ha

I clearly don't have enough time... if only I didn't need sleep at all.

This might be at least part of the real reason I can't get Vintage Tulips finished:

Evie holding her little sister...
Elsea... who just might not be too sure about this! 


Melissa @ In Between Stitches said...

What a doll those two girls are! We started on some Farm Girl vintage at the shop today, making 12" blocks for the display and the chick was first on the list. My fabrics are all ready and waiting for the sew along Lori is doing!

Anita said...

What a good reason for not finishing, they're adorable!

Needled Mom said...

That is much better than sewing anyway! They are soooooo cute.

Hildy said...

The two girls are so cute together!

Sue SA said...

Pretty quilt and cute girls!

Lisa D. said...

You are a busy girl. And look at those precious babies! Adorable! I'm planning to Farm Girl. I'm not sure if I can keep up with 2 blocks a week, but I'll try. I'm hoping we'll make the blocks in order!

Jeanna said...

Oh my goodness. The look on Evie's face is just too precious. Elsea doesn't look too happy with her current position. Congrats to all.

I am planning to participate in the Farm Girl Fridays sew along. I have my book and plan to use stash.