Monday, January 22, 2018

A Bundle of Fabric... and the Next Thing You Know...

I just loved opening this little bundle of 
mixed fat quarters!

I was on a mission to 
make a baby quilt for 
my soon-to-arrive
grand daughter.

I had these photos
ready to go last week...

So I could share my progress...

The binding is on and it has now been gifted...
but the final photo is on my Instagram page.

I will have to share it next time!

                                      In the meantime, the kit for Eldon arrived.
                       This will be the Opportunity Raffle Quilt for my guild. The 
                             next step will be making kits for each of the
                                   blocks and handing them out to   
                                         wonderful helpers... who agreed to this even after 
                                         I warned them that those are 1 inch strips...
                                                          and there is Y seams! 

4 friends stopped by to chat:

Jeanna said...

Curves and Y seams are dangerous! The baby quilt is so cute. I’ve followed your progress on IG.

Needled Mom said...

That is such a sweet baby quilt.

Hildy said...

Love your cute baby quilt!
1" strpes, yes. Y-seams, mmmh, no, sorry I just don't like them.

Jean Tuthill said...

Looks like quite a challenge, but it came out beautiful! Also must have taken a very long time. The quilting is beautiful, too!