Friday, January 12, 2018

Starting the New Year Running

Happily I have recovered from that nasty cold/flu
thing that had been getting people!

I found my way back into my sewing room after
putting away holiday decorations...
which also led to cleaning out the garage!

I belong to the Bees Knees Quilting Bee...
and right at Christmas I got my last block 
returned to me for me project!
So, of course I was anxious to put the quilt top 

Now it's my first finish for 2018!!!

And while I was at it...

this was another Bees Knees project from the year before.

It needed a whole extra row added... so I decided to 
get this one done too!

It was a quilt that I saw on Red Pepper Quilts
and used her pattern for my "group quilt".

I love seeing what she makes... it's always some
scrappy goodness! 

There is a funny story related to this project.
I had been working on around the holidays.

I was part of the Cake Mix Sew Along with Fat Quarter Shop.
(this is a great book by the way).
I got my paper tablet for my project and the fabrics...
and started in on my mission.
But much later I realized that 
they had never sent me the book...
and THEN I realized that
they sent me the wrong tablet of "cake mix" papers for the
project I was working on! 

These things happen!

So I quickly bought another Cake Mix tablet... and some batik 
fabrics and started over.
But with my deadline approaching...
I was getting nervous.
There were a couple more snafooz...

But all is well that ends well, right?! This was ready to go 
mid November.
Now I am back to making my original plan 
for the Cake Mix Book!

Have a good weekend!

4 friends stopped by to chat:

Hildy said...

You have a great start this year and I love your quilts!

sunny said...

I can't live without a camera quilt. That is gorgeous!!Where did you find the pattern, please. I'm getting ready to make my first cake mix quilt at retreat next month. Looks like fun.

Jeanna said...

The camera quilt is cute. I love the colors in your Cake Mix quilt.

Patty said...

Love all these quilts! Beautiful work.