Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Making Up for Lost Time/Goodbye 2017

This year wasn't a big blogging year for me
but I usually can be found on Instagram.

I have missed blogging here and will be making it
a priority this year!

I have a #@$%@ load of photos to share...
so if you have a few minutes grab a cup of coffee
and enjoy!

This quilt is one of my favorites for the year.
I was a part of the Stitched by Art Gallery Fabrics
This pattern was Filigree... and I put my own little spin on it.
I really love AGF fabrics. They have such a nice feel to them.

I made a couple of quilts for the Fat Quarter Shop Classics and Vintage
quilt along.

This Jaccobs Ladder was a fun pattern... and it's a free one

This is another of the FQS fun quilt along patterns!
I used my never ending supply of Pam Kitty Morning fabrics!

This is another free pattern by FQS.
I finally got to use me bicycle fabric
as a border!

This one was my least favorite. I liked all the fabrics individually
but I think that the beigey-pink fabric just washes it all out! 
I might re approach this one. 

I also went into a Lella Boutique binge...
the top one is Chandelier from the Charm School book
and the one below is Kith and Kin from
Lella Boutique using her fabrics!

This one was another Lella Boutique quilt.
Her patterns are so fun to make!

I was a part of the Table Runner book blog hop with

Sheri Falls. I made up a couple of 
cute table runners from the book!

It is a great book! This one above
 would be so cute in Valentine's Day fabrics too!

I asked a few friends to help me make this cute little 
Dachshund quilt as a gift for a sick friend. It was quilted and bound
for her by the time she returned home from the hospital. 

The sad part of the story is that her own Dachshund  
actually passed away before she got home. .. how heartbreaking is that?

I finally made a couple of little projects from Temecula Quilt Co.
in time for Independence Day decor!

I had these tops done (top and bottom photos) last
year but I got them quilted and bound this year!
I love them both so much! 

The quilt pictured above is Hyde Park and it's a sample
that I got to make for the FQS... using 
A Quilting Live fabrics! The kit is available now on the FQS
website. These blocks are.. I think... 16", so they make up 
fast... and large!

I made a Norway quilt from the Me and My Sister Christmas fabric line.
I know it's going to be amazing once my quilter gets done with it!

This was a fun little sewing project... inspired by
Thelma at Cupcakes n Daisies.
And I'm not sure which came first... but we both
worked on a Fallville
quilt using the Thimble Blossoms
pattern, Summerville.

Now I need a Spring and Christmas version of the pattern too!

This was a fun batik quilt... I used the 
Cake Mix Recipe Book #1 and the Cake Mix recipe sheets
 by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. 
 The book includes several options like this one

This is a little Christmas pillow... minus the pillow form
that I made... along with a couple other pillows and I even made a 
sling purse this year!

But my very most favorite is this quilt...

 Remember the AP&Q Sew Along... well, I never did it but
a couple years later...last summer there was a sew along... so I 
jumped in on it!

okay, and this one!

This was another sew along... by Sew Lux (if I remember right)

So, to sum it up... I had a busy year of quilt making, even if 
I wasn't good about blogging. 
I get a little overwhelmed with life and found that it was a little bit
hard to blog. My friend that was in the hospital... I helped out
with the business end of things
in her quilt shop
 for 5 months along with my 
full time job...
so you see what I mean. 

This year...

I hope to work on some projects
 that I keep 
putting off 
but mostly I 
will focus on sewing my stash!

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Hildy said...

Love all the quilts you've made 2017! Wish you a wonderful and great 2018!

Jeanna said...

Oh how I want to be like you when I grow up. You make gorgeous quilts and 2017 didn't disappoint. I couldn't select a favorite if I had to. I look forward to seeing what you create this year.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh gosh, Sinta, I adore every single one of these quilts
Happy New Year Honey, It is going to be a great year indeeeed
I am so impressed with the quilts you made, all of the, the colors and arrangement of colors, well done, well done!
Now, quilt #17 with the churndash sort of idea going there, I love that quilt. I would make one for my daughter. What is the pattern to that one, or did you just kind of toss that one together?
Fantastic photos.
I am so glad you are going back to blogging bc, instagram and FB are just not fitting into my life these days. I like more writing, expressing and that sort of thing.
Happy New Year to you and your family. Lovely lovely pictures

Loris said...

All these quilts are beautiful and reveal a lot of time spent moving forward in the midst of challenges. You gave a dear gift of time and love to your friend. My heart breaks for her that she lost her pup. I pray the quilt you made comforts her heart.
Hoping your 2018 brings you cheer and love.

Candee said...

Wow! A very accomplished 2017. You have inspired me to make quilting a bigger priority for 2018 & to document them. I want a 2018 quilt album like yours!

T Holzer said...

Many beautiful quilts, Sinta and tone it down is one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing your quilts with us.

Jocelyn said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts! You were quite productive in 17.

Chookyblue...... said...

you got lots done.........lovely quilts........
nice you were able to help your friend out...........
always enjoyed your blog so will be nice to see you back more in 2018...........

www.77yum.com said...