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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Parade of Schnibbles Begins!

It's the big day for the parade but I know you are anxious to see what Sherri and I have picked out for the October Schnibbles project...

It's Cindy Lou Who! You are going to love it!

I did mine in Merry & Bright Christmas fabrics.

I got them at Cottage Quilts but the other featured shops have an assortment of kits and fabrics for you also!

I want to especially thank all of our Featured Quilt shops for doing such a great job helping our Schnibblers and making up kits to make it easy for them! I have been impressed!!!

Ok now...I feel somewhat like I do the morning of the Big Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!Of course, to add to the excitement you have to watch Miracle on 42nd Street the night before! (Which is when I am typing this). So here we go with the September collection of

Winter White Schnibbles Parade!!!

Don't ya just love it? It's from Messy Karen.

Karen K not only finished her Winter White but she just launched her blog: Quilt Friend so you will have to stop by her blog and welcome her!

Here is a glimpse of Alisha's Winter White you can see more on her blog:

This one is by Cindy of Hyacinth Quilt Designs This one surprised me because I tend to think of Cindy as a Shabby Chic kind of gal. But isn't it great and ready for the holidays!

This one is from Judith, her blog is Smokey from the Netherlands.

I believe she called this one Roman White.

Heather from Quilt or Stitch finished hers and got creative with her backing! You can see more pictures on her blog.

Dawn from Piece and Love made this one. This one is a favorite!

And from our other Dawn you can check it out here at Spring Water Designs

Bea from A Needle In A Haystack named hers Under the September Sun.

It turned out beautiful and the photograph is great!

The Schnibs above is by Annette from Sunshine Yellow blog

Aimee at Heartstrings and Precious Things has one finished for you to see.

Also: Cara from Cara Quilts will have hers posted on her blog. Sorry girls, I can't find your pictures :(

Carol From Carols Craft did this sweet one.

The Winter White above is done by Sandy Feigner. She sent this picture to me via email.

Doesn't it have a calm look to it?

I don't think she is blogging yet.
This one is from Lecien fabrics done by Sandy L at Crazy 'boutquilts.

Next in the line-up we have Winter White done by Pam Walker-
love the contrast and the stripe border! Here is one from Allyson of Fat Cat Quilts blog. She used the Cornucopia group... it has a fall look too, doesn't it? Cornucopia- Thanksgiving... yeah.

Sharon from Fiberdoodle did a Spooktacular job on her Wihter White!

This is Marianne's Schnibble, she has more pictures on her blog: D is for Dovey.
You all did a fantastic job... they all turned out great!

This one is Thelma's... yes it is Winter White! She explains what she did on her blog:

Lynda has made this one and has a new blog for you to check out:

Miss Carrie at La Vie en Rosie has outdone herself with Winter... Night!

Happy Cottage Quilter made the one above... she used a special method
for the quilting that I am going to have to check out!

Nicole, Sister's Choice fame, had a brainstorm and found this group to make her Winter White in! Didn't it turn out great?

Sandy aka Strlady did a beautiful Winter White... is this Abundance?

Next is WW by Jewel from Jewels Arm Candy I had wanted to do mine in these fabrics originally! It looks great... don't they all???

This is another addition to the group in Fall fabrics by Judy from Quilt Quilter blog.

I'm glad you have stayed to see my last quilt to add to the parade... it's from Cara... from Cara's Quilts I had missed this one and I think it is like saving the best for last, as it turns out!

Gosh! Don't let me forget to tell you about the giveaways!

We have Sarah from the Missouri Quilt Co. offering 5 Charm Packs of the Caroler by Mary E.!!

Kim from Havasu Quilt Shop is giving away 2 charm packs Winter Rose and a Cindy Lou Who pattern!

The Quilt Shoppe is giveing away an entire quilt for the October project!!!

Are we having fun yet????

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Lucky Day

Today I had lunch with my sweet friend Patty. And it was my lucky day!
She has a business making wonderful organic things and since it is
approaching my birthday I was the recipient of her fantastic products!
I also love aprons and she made me the cutest "bar style" apron with tomatoes on it.
I am tickled pink!
Tonight I am going to be bathing in this special milk bath she made!I'll bet you are wishing that you were another year older...
you're not? Well, I'll bet your wishing that Patty was your BFF!

I have my Cobblestone quilt quilted and ready to be bound so it will be ready for the Fig Tree Club on Saturday! Progress-yippee!
I just became the custodian of these two quilts that I will be adding to a special Fig Tree Trunk show for the Saturday FTC.
Fall quilts. Mmmm.
I love the pumpkins and the owl. These were made by my friend Barbara...
actually we are kind of related. Her grandson is my godson.
The quilt above actually belongs to him.
I had to take a picture of this cute guy at Cottage Quilts when I was there on Saturday.

I love this floor quilt. I know, I know. It just sounds wrong.
I was dead set against the whole idea when I saw the pattern for it in the Lizzie B book.
But when you see it... it's just so darn cute.
Couldn't you see doing this as a pumpkin? Or some fall leaves?
I think I'm going to have to try it.
But for now I have to get busy for my end of the month finished for the Charming Girls Quilt Club... tomorrows the deadline! Yikes!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last Weekend Before The Parade

The weekend is approaching and we have things to look forward to!

A class to teach, baby shower to go to, a lunch at the lake with almost all

the kids...(for a pre-birthday celebration). Don't you love it when your birthday falls in the middle of the week... that way you get to start the celebration the weekend before and throughout the week... & into the next weekend. Woohoo!

DS#3 & soon-to-be DIL are coming into town tonight. Jill made a quick little stop at that wonderful quilt shop in Livermore, In Between Stitches and picked up a project for us.
I wish I could have been there with her... but ... I just want to drool all over everything!

She scooped up some Sherry Berry Christmas charm packs/plus???

We saw that cute Advent Calendar (above) on the Sew Mama Sew blog. I think it's going to be so cute in these retro fabrics...

and a fun one to whip up.

I did get my borders on the Cobblestone quilt project and it's ready to get quilted. I got my draperies up also.


what I keep thinking about is all of those Schnibbles

out there that are getting finished! I hope to be showing you a post on Monday of some of the prizes we have to give-away! October 1st is less than a week away!

Then the big Parade of Schnibbles!

Are you ready for it?
Sherri and I sure are!
and are you wondering what the next Schnibbles project will be?
Do you think you can guess?
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sounds Simple Enough

I had a special delivery today from a friend with this little bag of goodies!
That's right, it's the long awaited yardage of Mill House Inn. I have been waiting for this to be released so that I could finish my shop sample of the Fig Tree Club's first project. Our meeting for making the project is Oct. 3rd. Do you think I can get the borders on and get it quilted within that time frame?
We'll see! I might need a miracle.
I love this page out of the Quilt Sampler magazine that shows the latest and the greatest pincushions patterns that are available. I already have a couple
of pincushions that I would like to be making right now
but I really would love to make the fruit pincushions here.
That cute little watermelon and who couldn't use a pear pincushion?
Not that I have a obsession with pincushions or anything.
Speaking of which, I did have to make a little matching pincushion to go with the friendship bag before I mailed it off.
Current events: I had ordered these draperies over the weekend
and they arrived last night. But it's not a simple shake 'em out and hang them job.
They were on "sale" but the wrong size... so I figured I could order a couple extra and make it all work out.
Sounds simple enough... right? They came in 84" length and I needed 95" & 105".
They are going to hang next to doorways, swagged, so that I will be able to section off the area when needed for more efficient air/heating purposes.
So, that has been my mission today. It's going pretty well... but I'm still holding my breath and keeping fingers crossed hoping that it all comes together like I am picturing.

I ordered brown. I do love the fabric. It has a nice weight to it. I'll report back latter!
I think I could use some extra fingers crossed please:)

Tonight after work a couple of my friends are coming over so we can do some embroidery projects. I have deviated away from my Crabapple Hill Winter Wonderland project. I am concentrating on nice small palatable projects like Bunny Hill's A Tiskit A Tasket. I'm doing it in black and white which isn't much of a break from the Winter Wonderland project that is all red and white. But at least it's small.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Equinox & A Binding Or Two

Happy Autumn Equinox!
I love this time of year! The anticipation of the leaves turning colors.
The nights getting crisp; pumpkins and gourds starting to show up here and there.
Fall is my favorite season.
It's getting dark earlier... and staying dark until latter in the morning too.
The weekend was so nice that it made Monday a bit of a let down for me.
I did have time to relax with the hubs and go to Costco- run errands and that of thing.
We bought mums and planted them on Sunday. This morning they were gone. I guess the deers like these flowers particularly well. Candy on a stick!
So, as for my to do list...
I pretty much have my menu planned and ready to submit to the Banquets Dept. at the resort.
I still have to draw up a floor plan arrangement for dining tables, work areas and the ironing stations for the retreat.
I did make my little friendship bag. It's ready to send out...
(once I get a little something to put in it)!

I got my next Schnibbles top finished and since it's a surprise I can only show you the backing fabric right now!One of my goal for September was to get some bindings done on some of the quilts I have, that have been quilted and stacked into a (not so neat) pile.
Miraculously, I still had the fabric to make the bindings... I even had one of the bindings all made & ready to go!

I must have had my camera on a weird setting... these pictures aren't very sharp.
The quilt above and the one below have been around awhile... do you recognize those fabrics? Jeesh!
I thought I didn't really like this one... but while I was putting the binding on I began to like it all over again. Does that ever happen to you? I think this was the Chocolate group from Moda.

I still have to put the do the hand sewing on this one below. I haven't worked with flannel in a long time...
and I can tell you that having that quilt on your lap during 95 degree weather
really isn't a smart idea! I loved this group of fabrics though. The center was from a panel. The circles in the squares were from the panel also.
I have an attachment to folk art kind of things. It always reminds me on New England!
And so does Autumn.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho... (Insert Whisling Here)

I haven't been very productive... but I have been attempting to be.

I was working on my son's quilt that I wanted to make bigger than what the pattern called for. So with my "leftover" blocks I was able to do some "reverse" stitching so that I can change the color of the strip and still make use of the block. I decided it was going to be the faster way to handle it, but not necessarily the most pleasant way to do it. Who likes ripping seams?

Then, I have been doing a little work on my special project... the one I can't show you until the first of next month! I had started it once and I had one of the colors in it managing to take over the whole quilt... don't ya hate it when that happens? So, I just set it aside (no seam ripping here) and started fresh... so much better now!

Yesterday I got a nice little Fresh Vintage in the mail along with a really cute FT Threads pattern. Those bowls will make nice little gifts for the holidays with the addition of some home baked breads. You can see my new little travel iron in the corner. I haven't given it a test run yet but it was so cute in red and white and on mark down for just 6 buckaroos! Who could pass it up?

I have some other new bedtime reading material also. The kind that gives you sweet dreams. The kind of dreams where you can actually get everything done that you would like to get done!LOL
See those cute little pumpkins? I got those at In Between Stitches, when I was in Livermore last weekend. They smell like apple spice! I haven't decided what to display them in yet... I guess I need a whole Fall display now in my entry. I don't think that will get done this week!
I am feeling so overloaded at the moment. I have my retreat coming up next month. I have been on the phone today with the Banquet department of the resort we will be at. Menus to decide. Rooms to release. Banquet room set-up requirements for us yada, yada, yada.
At the same time I am getting all of the folders together for the retreat attendees. Projects organized etc.
Then I have been working on the Fig Tree Club class. Planning things. I am going to make Fig Newton cookies and Chai Tea. (get it: Fig= Fig Tree, Newton... well, that's my maiden name)!
I am not only teaching the special project but I will be demonstrating the Madeline pattern. We will also have kits made up for the new little pumpkin pincushion pattern... really adorable.
I am also planning on having raffle tickets to win for various things... I hope to make it fun for everyone there!
And, of course I haven't forgotten about our Schnibbles: White Winter! I am seeing some of the completed projects out there! They look great in every fabric group I've seen! That goes to show you that you don't have to follow the picture on the pattern:)
I have my secret Schnibbles on it's way! I can't wait to show you it! But most of all...
I can't wait for the Parade of Schnibbles and the prizes that we will be giving away.
October 1st folks!
* Edited (You know October 1st is Miss Rosie's Birthday- not the Miss Rosie but the human she owns: Carrie Nelson and it will be my birthday too!)
Which reminds me... shouldn't I be doning a special give-away to celebrate my birthday???
urg! I just remembered that the freidnship bags need to be in the mail by the 1st also! Yikes! I gotta get busy!