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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Change of Season

A little change in the season and
a few things are going on that have my attention right now.
I think I will be away from blogville for a short while...
while I tend to some other life stuff.
But I hope I will at least be able to visit you on your blogs here and there.

I know there must be some kind of analogy for having a collage of dress forms...
but I just like them and I like seeing what people do with them.

See you soon!
(photos from a varitey of places including Maison Douce)
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Sewing With Sunglasses On

I have a few photos of the retreat to share... right now... but a whole lot more to come!

There were 58 sewing machines,
lots and lots of chattering,
tons of laughter...
a heck of a lot of talented women scattered about everywhere...
all at my favorite place!
Pine Needles Quilt Camp 2011.

I worked on my FQS BOM... I only had 3 done but I'm on number 9 now.
Oh, and where is that other quilt I was working on???
I decided to name it...
"T " and the ladybug picnic!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Quilt, Full Moon and Something Brewing

Yesterday my quilting circle met at the LQS. It's always nice to see everybody
 and have some show and tell.

Trizzle trazzel trezzel trone... time for this one to come home!
That was the spell Sammie said and wha-la... her quilt come back from
the quilters! Just in time. Isn't it gorgeous?
She used the Gastlies fabric for the backing!
Note to self: put this on to-do list.
(I think I'm on page 27 now)
I had to snap a picture of the October moon last night as I was
driving home from work.
My little camera doesn't quite capture the colors, but who doesn't love a full moon?

New fabric arrived for my birthday gifts!
I got some cash here and there and put it towards something
I have been lusting for... the Going Coastal line
and waiting for it to come out... and finally got my hands on some!
It was hard to find a fat quarter bundle but I found it at Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop.

And this lovely collection was another birthday gift from
Cyndi via FQS. I am overwhelmed by Cyndi's generosity. I just love this
group of fabrics... and I love the vintage yellow color and the greys!
I just want to push everything else I am working on
to the side and brew up something here!!!
I'm excited to play with the Cluck Cluck Sew pattern too!
I feel spoiled rotten! Thank you so much Cyndi!
Now I wonder if I can actually get something done at that retreat this weekend?
Maybe I need a spell for that!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

And Then I Remembered

This was just a practice layout for my Schnibbles quilt...
(yes, I am doing one just because)!
Well, just because Thelma was making it and I wanted to
play with these fabrics and make one also.
There is some controversy over the name of the pattern though.
It was named Bibelot.
Renamed Thelma... by Thelma.
But since I have 3 boys that have names that start with...
well, you see where I'm going with that.

But I had to pick this up off the floor and add the little side sashings
to it before I forgot to do that step.
Yeap, I forget things like that!

I get more scattered than you think...
well, maybe you already knew that!
I started off the weekend tidying up my sewing room, so I could
find my cutting table etc.
And these fabrics that I have been holding on to forever spoke to me.

So I diverted from my plan... and made some nine patch blocks.

And some more 9 patch blocks.

And even some little 9 patch blocks!
It's the start of an Acorn and Quilt Co. pattern that I have loved even longer than that fabric!
Here is a picture of it from the quilt shop called Holly Hill in West Linn, Oregon.
Borrowed from their blog, Boughs of Holly.

But then I remembered that I was suppose to be gathering my fabrics for the
I went to the stash closet and picked out this:
I have gone to my stash before, when I made the Eventide project with Cupcake and Daises group.
And I regretted my decision. Hopefully this will turn out better than that one did.

I am not so enamoured with my dark fabrics anymore...
although I still love Blackbird Designs and everything they create.
So now the cutting begins... wish me luck...
I hope I am "feeling it" when it's all said and done!

Then I remembered that this weekend is my retreat, Pine Needles Quilt Camp, I hold...
and I need to do a whole list of things to get ready for that!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

We Have Giveaway Winners!

You knew these photos looked familiar didn't you!
First I want to tell you all that I appreciated the stories
you shared! I enjoyed each and every one of them.
Thank you all also for entering the giveaway.
It was fun for me!
And a nice way to round out my birthday "week" by picking winners today.

I am picking 2 winners for my
birthday/your un-birthday giveaway!

So before the weekend starts...
let me tell you who the winners are!
The first winner I picked is Heather!
Happy unbirthday to you Heather!
(from Creative Confessions blog)

She wrote:
Hooray for birthdays! Have a superb day!
My favourite birthday... It's sort of cheesey, but it would have to be my 13th birthday when I got chicken pox. Yep, it was awful to have them, but everyone felt so bad for me the entire class each made me a birthday card and my family took special care of me.

Thanks for offering us a gift for your special day! I am happy with either kit, but if I am chosen first I prefer the pumpkin one.

You will be getting the Pumpkin Wallhanging kit in the mail soon!!!
I hope you enjoy it!

and next is Linda from the Quilted Pineapple who wrote:
Happy Birthday, Sinta!!! Lots of October birthdays it seems. I know a certain quilter that has bday coming up too! :-) Your in good company!
Happy birthday to you Linda!
(and happy birthday to you too)!!

So Linda, since you didn't have a preference stated you will be getting the Sunflower Pincushion kit!
I hope you like it!!!
Thank you for visiting!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just By Chance

I was so excited to see this picture today over at the Monticello Antique Mall blog.
I happened to be lurking over there and at the Camas Antique Mall because they have the
best window displays and decorations, especially for the holidays. 
I lived in Portland (BC) (before children) and actually worked
in display and visual promotion at that time. So I still have a love of
that and a love of Portland.
Just by chance I saw this photo on the  Monticello blog.
I have never seen another set like my furniture before.
I had to go back and find a photo to show you.
I think I was just starting to set up for Christmas.
But here it is!
 My set has been recovered and doesn't have the diamond
tucking that the other furniture has.

I called the store, to see if they
had any information about the group.
 Unfortunately the seller did not seem to have any details.
 I was told that she acquired them at an Estate sale. Darn.
Here is another photo (sorry Jilly Bean). This was taken last weekend.
Poor Jill had to take a rest.
Anyway, I just thought it was fun and exciting...
and even though I didn't find out any history of the pieces...
I did find out what they are selling them for!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mosaic Monday and A Reminder

Don't forget that I am having an un-birthday giveaway!
Go to this post here to enter!

I thought my mosaic this Monday could be of my
birthday weekend. I had a lot of fun
and enjoyed every minute of the festivities!
It was a birthday to remember!

I wish I could have gotten one big
group photo... everyone was so spread out!
(I got one picute of Hannah to complete the group. She loves opening gifts)!

DDIL had to take rests!
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Le Petite's Latest Winners

I am having a wonderful birthday weekend.
But thought I had better take a moment to announce the winners
but first I just wanted to thank everyone for being in the Le Petite parade for one final time...
 I know you will think this is funny but I was so surprised that it was all over!
So let's see who our winners are for the Free Choice Schnibble parade.

From the amazingly  Carrie Nelson, who doesn't look a day older..
we have a signed copy of her newest book, Another Bite of Schnibbles
 and some of her newest fabric line called Nine Dots!

And the winner from Sherrie's parade is: Dortha

And the winner from my parade of  is: Kim!
Congratulations girls!!!

Our wonderful featured quilt shops have prizes for a few of you too...

Bear Paw Quilts and More has two cute little charm packs
of Flora for you...
and the winner of the charm packs is: Simone

A $15 gift certificate from the wonderful girls at Quilter's Paradise goes to: Carol (no blog)

Quilt Taffy has a sweet little gift certificate for a winner... which goes to: Leah

The links to the featured quilt shops that are offering prizes are on my sidebar.

Please feel free to contact them if you are a prize winner.

If you won Carrie's prizes... make sure I have your email addy, so I can pass it on to her!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Free Choice Parade! and Good News

Looks like there is lots of celebrating... did you know that it's not only your unbirthday and my birthday, but it's Carrie's birthday today also! Please go send her some love and birthday wishes...

Here is what I have so far for our year of Le Petite:
Each project is announced the first of the month and the parade is the first of the next month.
Parade dates:
Nov. 2010   Pagainini
Feb. 2011  Mon Ami
March 2011   Sweet Spot
April 2011   Endless Summer
May 2011   Brocante
June 2011  Candy Bar
July 2011   Ric Rac or Recess
August 2011   George
Sept 2011   Honeycomb
October 2011 Free Choice

I had to put it all down on paper because I was ready to go one more month!
I can't believe the year is finishing up and you all have been so amazing and creative
this past year with Le Petite.
I have enjoyed seeing the patterns come to life each month!
Thank you all for sharing your quilts!
A special thank you to our featured quilt shops and to Carrie
for her talent and her generosity and support of our parades.
And special thanks to Cara (MBS) and Sherri (This and That patterns)
and also Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts
for supporting our group on the months we did their
wonderful patterns!
So what's up nest????
Well, two things... next month we will have a parade that will link to your blog
and you will be able to show all of your projects, maybe even all 12) at one time for Le Petite.
That will be Nov. 1st.

I am working on a little Schnibble right now... because
I'm just addicted and can't stop.
How about you???
Sherri and I have been talking... and we were wondering if anyone would be up
for Another Year of Schnibbles???
WE have it planned to start the first of January.
What do you say?
Are you ready for a little break... and then start 2012 with more Schnibbles???
We are excited about it...
we haven't told Carrie yet, but I know she will be excited too.

So for now let's have our Free Choice parade!!
The last of our Le Petite Parades!

edit 10/2 it seems that we have inadvertedly left out our sweet Kim's quilt:
It's a Halloween Lincoln from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure!
Sorry Kim... I thought the Holloween theme was a great idea, made with leftovers from her
1904 quilt.
First up is by Sandy F. (no blog)
She commented in her email:
I chose Reveille. This was a fun pattern. 
 I used Panier de Fleurs by French General. LOVE the fabrics

This is Full House by Linda at the Quilted Pineapple, she commented:
Went together faster and easier than any Schnibbles I've ever made!!!  Came together like BUTTER!!

Next is one made by Simone.
She commented:
This pattern and Cracked Pots inspired me to play with the 'full houses' and court house steps. It has been long ago, since I played with a pattern and not just 'following' the 'rules'.

Short Story 004.jpg

From Mary at the blog QUILT HOLLOW
I made a larger version of Short Story and had hoped to have it quilted by today. (insert my wishful thinking!)  Here is two pictures as I didn't know which you would want.  I used Moda's Fandango line from last year

From Leah at the blog QUILTED DELIGHTS. She said:
I picked the new "Spot" pattern and used the Countdown to Christmas from Moda.

This one is from Satu.
She commented: The Summer Day is 'our' Le Petit project in this month.
The fabrics are all the old ones... so it's sewed in the spirit of 80's!

Next up is the pretty pink and lavender one that is by Paulette.
She had hers done and emailed to me within days of starting this project!

Here is one by Sandie at Crazy Bout Quilts.
She commented: Great fun!

Next up is this pattern created by LeAnn at Sewing Straight Stitches
I actually don't remember this cute pattern... called A Little Bit Country.
LeAnn made it with Oasis fabric.

And here is one that came in just just under the wire:
McGuffy is made out of  Hometown fabric by Michelle at Island Life Quilts.

Shannon made a table runner for her Le Petite project.
Bright and fun... that will make for a lively table!

Make sure you stop by Sherri's blog and see the rest of the parade over there!
Thanks again for making this a wonderful parade of quilts!
See you tomorrow for the parade of winners!
Please let us know if you would be interested in signing up for
Another year of Schnibbles...
(after a brief break)