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Monday, August 31, 2015

Lives Touching Lives

We have a sweet little cemetery that is right in the middle of 
our town. This was built in the middle to late 1800's. 

This was gold rush country once upon a time... there
are headstones dating back to that time period.
This is where I held the Celebration of Life for my dad on Saturday.
It would have been his birthday. His 84th. 
It was a very nice gathering of just family.
The people who had shared in his life.
We were united in this brief tribute that
was so bitter-sweet. 
Sharing, caring and most of all acknowledging 
the man he was
and where he came from.

This also happened to be during the Supermoon.
It was an amazing night sky!

Friday night  I stayed up late looking through a box of photos
 that had belonged to our dad with my half brother.

I had heard of his grandmother but I had never met her...
not that I can remember anyway.
But I came upon a photo of her as a child.
To my amazement!
This is Ida Mae Daniels

This was a photo from a tintype that was from 1882.
Iowa City, Iowa.

I had always been told that his side of the family had originated from
Ireland... the Isle of Mann actually.

This indicates that there is another story to be told
don't you think?

In the meantime I have a sewing machine
 that needs to get busy and a sewing room
that needs to get messy again!
I am already behind on Viola...
a project I am working on with Nicole and Thelma!
I hope to have a photo or two of those blocks tomorrow!
Yes, seriously... I am aiming for tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trail Angel

Last Thursday I was renting a car to go on a weekend trip.
The guy in front of me was turning in his rental but had missed his connection.

As a lot of you know, I live in a small town
just south of Yosemite National Park.
Needless to say, there is a huge influx of tourists, especially in
the summer months.

I offered to give the guy a ride, to see if he could catch the bus going into
Yosemite, since I knew it made frequent stops at local nearby hotels.

He was excited to have the extra help... after all, he was in a dilemma. 

When I got my rental he hopped into the car and said his name was Mark.
(But it 's pronounced different... he was from Poland).
He said he had read the book Wild and
was so impressed that he decided to embark on the same journey.
He had been in Chicago 
but he ventured out to hike 120 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

I told him I was reading the same book!
 I shared that I had lived and worked in the
National Park for 10 years and two of my sons hiked part of
the PCT.

He was super thrilled  and the next 10 minutes flew by...
talking about the adventure he was about to take.


we found his connector bus and he was on his way!

A very fun way to document the PCT Journey.

Here are some photos I found on Pinterest.

Cheryl Strayed at the beginning of her journey on the PCT.

This one is actually of Cheryl, the author of the book.

21 books to read for your best year ever

When you help a person who is hiking the PCT, you are referred to
as a trail angel.
How fun is that? I got to be a trail angel!

When I returned to my office and told a co-worker  about Mark...
she said that she had loved the book so much that she e-mailed the author!
She actually got an e-mail back too!
And after they corresponded, it seems
 that my coworker actually knows a couple of the people in
the book... (because she had lived in that area)...
 although the names had been changed for the book.

Here are my boys on the trail.

A great adventure for all who embrace it and are called to pursue it!

I plan on seeing the movie after I finish the book!

I wonder how Mark is doing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Chance of Rain

I'm not talking about true weather conditions.

I have been bouncing around with good news and bad news on the blog here...
it seems like every week it's one or the other!

Last Friday my day started early...
a cup of tea brewing, letting Leo and Lottie (the cats) outside.
It wasn't but a few sips into that cup of tea when I heard "danger".
I ran out to find a coyote vs. cat situation!

I grabbed fire wood from the nearby stack and started throwing them
into the bushes... to where the growling sounds came from.
The coyote came out with my Leo in his mouth.
I threw one more piece of wood with good aim and hit the coyote.
The cat got free. 
He even actually ran after the coyote that had given up!
Then Leo ran up a tree.

I coaxed him down...
but he more or less fell and I caught him just in time to break his fall.
I got him inside... and Lottie too.
But although there was no bleeding... he was hurt.
He didn't stay with us very much longer.

It just breaks my heart.

I have this photo I love of him "assisting me" in the
quilting room. 
Such a sweet boy.

The next night the hubs and I went out to a play
but when we got home we saw mayhem! 
My wall shelf unit that holds my precious china nick knacks 
from my
grandma and her mother had fallen off the wall!
The nails were still in the wall... I just couldn't understand!?!

There were a few pieces that were salvaged... several others that
I hope to repair... a lot that are beyond help.

So, if you have any good ideas on this subject... please share them with me.
I will be happy to just have them in tact again.

Some battles you can not necessarily win... but you can weather through.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Just a quick minute to tell you a little something!

This is Jasmine! 

When I got home last evening I had a package waiting for me!
This quilt had been returned to me from Fat Quarter Shop.
I had made this sample up earlier in the year for It's So Emma patterns.

I loved the red white and shades of blue!
It was fun to make...
and I was pleasantly surprised to see how fast the blocks
 came together. Jasmine is just over 80" sq.

I have been waiting and waiting to tell you about it!
So, now I can.

It was for this publication from Fons and Porter!
It is just hitting the news stands now!
Isn't that fun?!? 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Midweek Mosaic: Hiding From the Summer Heat

I am staying with a garden theme for this mosaic.
Last week was watering cans... such a fun yet functional item!
This time I am transporting myself to a restful spot...
safe from intrusion. The only company would be a glass of lemonade and 
a hard bound book to enjoy.
No heat, no humidity... just a perfect temperature accompanied 
by a gentle breeze.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Review: Seems Like Scrappy

It seems that I haven't done a book review in quite a long time!
This book was release the beginning of June.
Have you already checked it out at your local quilt shop?

There are lots of great projects inside! 
Seems Like Scrappy was the created by the
amazing Rebecca  Silbaugh from Ruby Blue Studio blog.
She is super talented... not only with designing quilts but her
long arm quilting is amazing!

Photos used with permission from Martingale. 
Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved.

This was her first book:
Image of MY BOOK - Seamingly Scrappy

Sit back and enjoy some 
of the fun quilts that are in the book 
I have shown below...

I absolutely love this quilt!

Have you ever tried making a quilt with just solids yet?
This one is so tempting!

This one is fun in solids...
but for a different look
Rebecca made it up in sweet
Fig Tree fabrics and used two background colors to
change it up even more.

This quilt is so fun...

combining baskets and a hint of Irish Chain for a fresh look.

But then she  also created a fun blue and cream version that you 
can see on her blog.

Seems Like Scrappy is also filled with great tips and techniques
that will be great to add in your repertoire of skills!
Who doesn't like to pick up new tidbits of handy ideas?

Too cute!

And then there is the cover quilt!
A sweet version of a log cabin using
a fun setting for the blocks.

She ;has this wonderful chart on her blog that is meant to go along with the book.
It tells you the name of the quilt and the type 
of pre-cut you can use to make it... if you don't want to just raid your stash!

This quilt has got to go on my list!
Doesn't it look like the perfect project for fall???
It's called Shimmer!

Rebecca wrote a great  post about it on her blog
and you can read it HERE.

If you want to purchase a copy of your own you can get it at 

or at Amazon HERE.

Check out Rebecca's blog right now for an announcement and information about a
scrappy quilt challenge that just started this week!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Catching Up, Short and Sweet

It seems it's just too easy to get behind on these blocks!
I was able to do a little bit of catching up over the weekend.

I got 4 blocks done... so I think I have another 4 and I will be
back on track!

See those little red squares off to the side?
Those were suppose to be corner triangles around the cross.
I skipped right over that step!
I think I am happy with it just the way it is. 

I can always change my mind and 
make another block later, right?

This block is one of my favorites so far.

This house block was pretty clever... I thought.
Lori's method of making the "grass" and "walkway"
was brilliant.

I was given a bunch of peaches right off the vine from my neighbor! 
I already have been cutting them up. 
Peaches and some whip cream for dessert tonight!
(peach pie will come later)!

I also finished the book I was reading.
I really enjoyed the writing and the story.
My hubby's grandmother grew up in Rhode Island during the time period
in the book.
She herself had been adopted by a wonderful family.
So I imagined her life while I read this book.

Ultimately it reminded me of how short and sweet life is.
Even if it can be a struggle.

I imagine that everything is reminding me of that right now though.

A friend of mine is starting a book club so I plan on 
participating in that. The first book on the list is Wild.

Have you read this one yet?
It was on my list anyway, so I am anxious to get started on it.