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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wait I Can Explain!

My Summer Fun list is borderline insanity...

(no idea where this photo came from but it might be fun option...
instead of  making the entire quilt)

but I can explain!
I have some really fun news and it has me thinking in a whole different direction!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine and a member of my local quilt guild
stopped by and wanted to inform me that I had been nominated for 
Featured Quilter at the guilds' next quilt show.
I told her that was so nice! What a sweet honor. 
And thank you for the nomination... sorry I didn't get it.
But... she said "you DID get it"!!!
I was so excited to hear that.
Amazed in fact.
Then I started thinking..
What do I have to put in the show?
Will it be good enough?
Something old?
Something new?
That's when the lists started.
I went through a mental inventory of my quilts...

what one's could possibly be show worthy.

And then there are all the one's I have been wanting to make.

So far this year I have not been very productive.
So that brings me to Summer Fun.
An opportunity to shift into high gear and start 
putting a show together! 
I did have an exhibit of my quilts once...
in the Wawona Library at Yosemite National Park.
It was really fun. I even gave a lecture.
And I lived through it!.
So, I know I don't have to stress... but I still want it to be nice.
Thus... a long list of quilts to make!
And quilts that need to be quilted!!!
Fortunately, the show is next May.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fun and A BOM Rehab Winner!

(if you want, you can skip to the bottom to see who the winner of this Bunny Hill
 Windsor Lane fat quarter bundle is... or save it for a surprise latter.)

Last Wednesday was Summer Solstice and Thelma 
came up with a plan to work on several projects.
She called her list her Summer Fun!

I want to join in the Summer Fun and
I started my list of projects:
My first ever SERIOUS applique project!
I have had this book since it came out... but now it's time to tackle it!

 Next on my list is this quilt.
Le Petit from Fig Tree Quilts

It is taking me forever to sew those handles on the baskets...
it has traveled  with me every where this year so far and now it's 
ready to assemble. That is with one drawback. Somewhere in my travels
I have lost two blocks. The good news is that while I was rummaging through
things trying to decide what to put on my Summer Fun list...
I found one of the blocks. And even though that seems better than thinking
that the blocks got lost in some hospital waiting room or fell out of my car...
somehow, knowing that it is somewhere in my sewing room... doesn't give me 
any greater hope of finding it.

My next project is the Dolly Dresses panel.
My plan is to embellish a dress with a theme for each month .

 Next, I need to finish this Yoyoville, from Bunny Hill, once and for all.
This is another case where I lost the houses for the border...
you guessed it...
somewhere in my sewing room!
My guess is that while I was ":cleaning up" I threw them out.
So I need to give up looking, pull up my big girl panties, start over and make new houses. 

Dancing Dollies is also on my list.
I started cutting this one out to make it up in Holiday fabrics... but then I saw this one...

by the way... tons of inspiration there)

and  now I want to do both!
Maybe I should just do a smaller version of both and that would equal one!
This will be my 347th Fig Tree project... does that qualify me to be a Joanna groupie???

 I have these two jelly rolls set aside to make
lap quilts for a couple of wounded soldiers that I made friends with 
earlier this year while at the VA hospital. This is something to do that is very close to my 
heart and I would like to work on these first.
I have been wanting to make a new summer purse too.
A must on my Summer Fun list!
But now there is one more thing I HAVE to add to my list...
Image of Bounce ~ RQC No. 118 ~ Paper
I am in love! Bounce is in the house!
I know I am going to seem like a Thelma groupie now...
but seriously... I have to do this one!
You saw hers didn't you? The only thing holding me back is that 
I might have to wait for the fabric I want to use... it hasn't been released yet.
We already know that I am a Miss Rosie groupie... that ship has sailed! No hope there.

Now it's time to pick the June winner for the BOM REHAB!!!!

Anne of Bunny Hill Designs was absolutely wonderful to donate the prize for us
this month! This is Windsor Lane. It's her new fabric line... coming soon to a store near you!
But one lucky person doesn't have to wait....

Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations is the
 winner of the Windsor Lane fabric bundle!
Congratulations Carol!!!

Oh wait... I forgot to mention two more for my Summer Fun list...
 I want to finish Swoon (only one block completed) and also make French Vintage!
Monday, June 25, 2012

A Celeb Is In The REHAB!

We had a special guest in the BOM Rehab
this weekend!
I can give you a hint...
she isn't "the Queen",
but she is "A Queen",
our queen of block of the months!

Here she is....

(photo found from FQS photos at Market)

It is Anne Sutton herself!
You will notice that a lot of the rehab projects have her name written all
over them! 
Even the first block in the new Designer Mystery BOM by Fat Quarter Shop.
Anne designed that one too!
And if we didn't have enough to keep us entertained...
Ms. Bunny Hill has designed a new block of the month that I would like to share with you...

(phto borrowed from FQS)
Yes, yes, it's adorable... and it's made with the new Fig Tree fabric line.
And yes, yes, it's available at Fat Quarter Shop.
Do you see the cute little pumpkin cars around the border? It's just too cute!

And guess what?
Anne has offered this sweet bundle of her new line of fabric, Windsor Lane,
for our giveaway prize...
 to our BOM Rehab-ers for this month!!!
I will pick a winner and announce her name tomorrow!
(just so I can make sure I have everyone "in" the drawing for this month's prize)!
Don't you love it? 

Here is my block for this week.
I decided to hold off on the new BOM and finish up my very old Mystery BOM.
I can't even remember what year this one is from! Maybe it's 2010? 2011?

Here is block nine.
I am happy to add to this group. That means that I only have
3 more to complete!!! That's only one row!
 I am excited to get this one finished.
Has anyone else made this BOM?
Do you have pictures of  it and how you finished it?
I don't know how I want to set it yet.
 So I could use some

 Here is Carol's DM BOM block #1!!!
Does that block look big or does it make Buster look small?

 This is Fiona's block... she completed it last week but forgot to send me
a photo. This is block #3 finished for her Bunny Hill BOM.
For this week we have....
Yeah Fiona!

Next up....

Nicole finished up blocks #1 and #2 of her DM BOM! 
These blocks are so cute... I just don't get tired of seeing them!

Here is Sandra's block for her KT BOM project!
These are coming together so beautifully!

This one is from Satu. keeping right on schedule for 
the new BOM! Block 1 here... block one done!

And Cheryl has two rows completed of the DM BOM 
from Fat Quarter Shop! One more row to go!!!

And here is one more made by Sherry at Blessings from our Nest.
These are the sweetest embroidery blocks she is working on!

We also have some flying geese by Celine at Esprit Patch.
This is for her color of the month BOM. This month is Yellow!

Carol has got some real motivation going on here!
She is all caught up on her Cotton Club blocks now...
and just for good measure...
she even finished the first month's block in the
Carol... you did an amazing job on all of these blocks!

This is a finished Love Letters BOM from Jennifer.
She had made it as an anniversary present for her husband...
but just now completed it with the final borders! It's beautiful!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with the name of the June Rehab winner!
I also have a list of projects that I plan on doing this summer.
Thelma has a list of her Summer Fun... so I thought I would do the same.
I didn't have to look far for the projects to put on my list! 
Which sewing room is a mess... projects are everywhere I turn!
I need to organize! Maybe that should be FIRST on my list!
Friday, June 22, 2012

Long Live the Queen!

Thank you all for entering the drawing for the Victory Garden pattern.
I really liked reading the comments!

And the winner is............

Denise in PA!
who said:
I love this! I am definitely an Anglophile - even married a Brit - LOL! 
Thanks so much for the chance to win!
Let me know your address and I will mail the pattern out to you!

But all is not lost... everyone is a winner.
Did you realize that the Summer Olympics start in London in just over one month from now.
The soccer (football) championships are just finishing up... they are a great prelude to the Olympics.
Everyone over there must be so excited right now with all of the activities!
I can almost hear the singing!
So, are you starting to catch the fever?
Here are a few things that might help!

There are several projects, as you can see, that would be fun to make!
You can find these various free tutorials
 at Moda Bake Shop, Bustle and Sew, Lily Quilts blog, 
Just Sew Brighton, Makower UK, and at All About You.
The pillows on the sofa with the
banner I found at Daily Mail (UK) and are designs for sale by Jan Constantine.
The sweet lunch bag was one of the many Monica has been making and can be
found at Happy Zombie blog and is a tutorial over at
Pink Penguin.
So help yourself to a project and celebrate!
I always wear a hat when I am watching the horse races... I figure that I should
at least have a pillow or a lunch bag for the London Olympics!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victory Garden

Here is my belated tribute to the Crown Jewels!
This quilt was so fun to make... and every single one
of the Union Jack's I have seen are so cute!
I want to make another... and another!

If you are thrilled about that idea too and want to celebrate
the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth
Victory Garden

Here is your chance. 
I am going to share my pattern with you.
Just leave me your name/comment and I will pick a winner tomorrow.

Monday, June 18, 2012

BOM REHAB - Just A Little Carried Away!

There are a few of you that made it to the Rehab over the 
weekend! I know... everyone was busy with Father's Day and 
BBQ's and trying to stay cool...
but a few of us managed to work on our BOM projects.
Some of us even got carried away!
Like Carol!

Carol went all out and finished 9 of her blocks for the DM BOM!
Amazing!!! I know it feels so good to see all of these adorable blocks 
done and sitting side by side! See what else she has been up to at Carol's Crafty Creations!

This was made by Celine at Esprit Patch in her Rainbow Scrap Challenge of the month!
She is making Bento Boxes.

Kim at A Peach in Stitches Quilting worked on her Bunny Hill project! This one is so cute...
with a snowman cupcake on a stand!

Did you get one of these?
I know I got my new BOM in the mailbox this week and I'm dying to work on it...
but I just wanted to focus a little bit longer on my Henrietta Whiskers
BOM. Last week I got the backgrounds all put together...
so this week I just needed to cut out shapes for the blocks.
I stole a little bit of time here and there and made a whole lot of
progress on it...... wanna see?

(still missing a tail)

(need a few more stars)

 (I will do the embroidery next week)

and then I will do a machine blanket stitch around everything using
pearl cotton through my machine! I learned how to do that
from Quilt Taffy. I love it... and you can use your regular 
thread in the bobbin too. 
Now... if you haven't got a BOM to do...
you might want to go look over at Shabby Fabrics!
They should be posting the newest one of their Country Cottages blocks right now!
(did I mention it is free)?