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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Giveaway?

Somewhere in the last few weeks,
even though my postings have been sparse...
I have managed to hit a couple of landmarks.
Since today is a special day... marking leap year...
(does that make it Leap Day)?
Anyway, to celebrate Leap Day,
over 400 posts
 and over 600 followers,
I thought I should have a little celebration.
 I would like to announce a little giveaway.

I will be giving away a kit of this wall hanging pattern with fabric. 
A sweet little something for your sewing room.
But that's not all!
I love this little pattern by Fig Tree, 3 Blind Mice. So,
I am also going to pick 3 names from my followers list and make 
each of those winners a mouse pincushion. 

So leave a little comment to be entered.
Maybe some grandma advise?
(edit: or share what made  your gma extra special)
And if you want to be entered for a mouse pincushion make sure you are
on my followers list.
I will pick winners next Wednesday, March 7th.
How does that sound?

Let's see, what else?

I normally sew for a couple of hours nearly each and every day.
I always say that it is my therapy. But that is no joke...
it really is my therapy!
Needless to say that I only manage to get in a couple of hours of sewing per week right now.
 I try to fit it in when and where ever I possibly can, just to get a few things
like my Schnibbles project
this little quilt for my grand daughter...
arriving late March!

I was suppose to put leaves on the stems
but the package of 10 yards of fusible web that I purchased
was actually not fusible webbing... it was fusible interfacing.
I managed to find a tiny little bit of fusible  in my 
messy sewing room.. but of course, it stuck to the fabric
and the paper would not release. Don't you hate that when that happens?
Anyway, the leaves could still happen but today this was put in the
trusty hands of my LAQ.

My friend made the joke that at least I won't get pulled over 
for having a sewing machine in my car, like I  could be for
drunk driving!
Good point!
I actually don't drink.. but I thought she was funny.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

But Mostly I've Been Here

This is the view from the front of the VA Hospital in Palo Alto.
I don't know why I haven't bought a sweatshirt yet to show where I spent my vacation... and the next one... and the next one after that! I think the hubs and I should actually get matching ones.
Although this is normally a rule... NOT to dress alike!
But I think he would love one, to replace the hospital gown he has been in since the first of the year. But I actually want one that says Stanford. All of the interns wear those and I think I have been there long enough now to be an intern, don't you?
I have to just say this:
He is getting phenomenal care and the staff is beyond professional... they are genuinely caring.
Nothing could give me greater comfort while we work our way through this health issue.
I stay near the facility and I have had the honor of meeting so many people and their amazing families, undergoing treatment.
This is the major place on the West Coast for brain trauma, poly trauma and cardio thorasic surgery. Mrs. Biden and her staff were visiting here just a few weeks ago. That was so nice.
I have a friend who does quilting for Quilts of Valor and she gave me several quilts, gathered from several women, to take with me for the service men and women I meet. This is such a sweet gesture and so well appreciated. And that is what gets me.
I was going to write here more on that subject but it really is too emotional for me. Next thing you know, the ink will start to smear and you won't be able to read anything!

But I do venture out from here and I visited Prairie Queens quilt shop, after seeing it on PKM blog! I also found a shopping mall (photos in the last post... of their flowers there). They have a Pottery Barn for Kids there... a perfect place for someone like me who is about to become a grandma.
I found a cook book for some light reading! It has scalloped pages.. just too cute! The bakery is not too far away from Palo Alto. It's just a quick trip into San Francisco. But I really recommend this book. It's keeping me entertained anyway.
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I've Been Here, I've Been There

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mosaic Monday

I hope your week is filled with romance and other sweet things!
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Trying To Raise My Grade

If you noticed on Monday's mosaic... all the wonderful things my DDIL
made for the baby's room, you might have wondered what I have made
for that sweet little baby that will be arriving soon.

Well, the answer is nothing. Nada. Zilch!
I am getting an "F" in Grandma 101 class so far!
I made that post and then thought...
well, that is just embarrassing!
So, I got out a pattern that I had been wanting to work on.
(good intentions here)
...and got my rotary cutter in hand,  grabbed a sweet little stack of
Pam Kitty Morning fabric and got to work.

So this was Tuesday.

I did see this cute plate... my grand daughter needs special
Valentine dishes doesn't she?
I did resist the teapot set from Pottery Barn Kids though.
Then by last night I had gotten this far.
So, I am catching the Dresden bug again.
I had completed this king size quilt last January.
These things are just addicting!
And while I was rummaging through my
UFO projects... I found this one...

I don't know why I hadn't finished it. The Scottie dogs are all finished.
All I need to do is put them into rows and make the border.
I think that this could count as a second quilt for
 baby Evie and it could just get done before her arrival date.

So I might just be raising my grade up from an F to an
acceptable C, especially if I get a grip on this project here.
It's DIY cloth diapers. Very cute... but something I have NEVER
had any experience with what-so-ever.
Who knows, I might even get a B in Grandma 101 by March deadline...
especially if I get a few dozen burp cloths made and some... uh,
what are those things called?...
oh yeah, bibs!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mosaic Monday

This weekend I split my time between visiting the hubs in the hospital
and with my DIL, who was a Super Bowl widow for the weekend.
I got to stay in the baby's room... fortunately there is still a guest bed
in the room.
I thought I would share pictures of the room decor that was inspired
by this pattern below.

When I found out the "theme" of the baby's room... Verna Mosquera
had just released this pattern.. it was a match made in heaven!
Jillian loved the pattern... it was just what she envisioned...
and it wasn't long before she made ALL of the coordinates for a perfect
room for Evelyn... arrival: March 2012.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Amaze Me

I loved each and every quilt, pillow, runner and topper that was in the Full House parade!
I think there was nearly 60 quilts, 60 awesome bloggers who joined in!
You all amaze me!

So, I was going to tell you, that due to my honey being in the hospital
and being stressed in general... I was really hoping for a quick and easy project this month...
for the next AYOS.
 I looked on my list and saw this one. I.S.T.H.
I went through my pattern stack and found it.
Usually Carrie has a little blurb in her patterns on how she came up with the name but
this time I could easily see... those initials are mixed up.
They really should be
That was the first word out of my mouth
when I opened the pattern and saw little half square triangles and then I flipped the pattern over
and took another look at the name... yeah, I am certain there was a mix up with the letters!

Ok, that being said, it really wasn't bad at all. See- I managed to make it
even though I am working and spending the same amount of time in a ICU!
I know you all will have no problem at all getting it done!

There was a question about the button... so I thought I would explain...
If you don't have our button but would like to put it on your sidebar...
here it is. There isn't a code for it though, you can just link it to
either one of our blogs, Sherri's A Quilting Life or mine.
Here are a couple of our wonderful featured quilt shops
that have the Schnibbles patterns available for you.

I have a link on my sidebar of the featured quilt shops also. 

(their web site is under construction right now)

I am excited to say that
Green Fairy Quilts is our newest featured quilt shop.

Sherri will have the list of prize winners over at her blog today.

Congratulations to the winners and congrats to everyone who played this month!