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Friday, May 30, 2014

Whoa! Minutes to Go Until the Weekend!

Thank you all for celebrating with me this week on my 5 year blogiversary!

It has been fun!

I have one more winner to pick today for an apron 
from my collection...
and the winner is:
Thimbleanna! who wrote:
Thimbleanna said...
That was a fun read Sinta!
(sorry... for the blur, it was early... and I thought it was just me)!
Congratulations Thimbleanna!

How about one more blast from the past?
This was a post from 2009 also. 
And what better than to see one of our first Schnibbles Parades?!!!

Here you go: December 1, 2009
Today is the day that we have been waiting for... no, not because of the President's speech, & not because it's a full moon
It's time again for the Schnibble Parade of Quilts!!!
But even as exciting as all of the above is...
today is also the day we reveal the next Schnibbles project!
I think you are going to like it!
Sherri at A Quilting Life and I wanted to give you a present for yourself
so we are taking it easy on you this month
by choosing Tuffets as the
Schnibbles project for December!
Here are my Tuffets!
(you know that one is just not enough)!
Here is your other option...
more Tuffets...

(picture above and below are from Carrie Nelson)
Soon, very soon, to be released is the
Sweet Liberty Tuffets
so, you can make these sweet pincushions or
go with the pattern that is avaiable right now...

or do what I am planning on and do them all!
This tuffet below is one of Carrie's Tuffets...

with really adorable pins!

Here is a "stack o' tuffets I did using my project leftovers...
including the selvege edge!
So there you are... your next mission is
Tuffets or Tuffets!

So without further adu, let's get this parade started!
The Schnibbles Parade of quilts...

November's choice was Picnic:
I love the baskets but I am sure everyone will agree that it was "no picnic" at times!
More than a few of us had to do some reverse sewing... if you know what I mean!
But the results are gorgeous...

We are starting off with Ariane's Picnic quilt... just adorable!
Jump on over to her blog to see more photos!

Here we have a guest Schnibbler: Julie from Jaybird Quilts

Jewel, Jewels Arm Candy. Jewel did a sweet
version of Picnic with a nice floral border.

Next we have from Charming Chatter: Kelly's quilt, she used a beautiful group of fabrics that are just being released. Go to her blog for more details on that!

Here is a beautiful spin off of Picnic by Judith from the
wonderful blog: Quilt or Dye.
The amazing Carol L. from Carols Crafty Creations
made her version with a wonderful polka dot border!

Julie S. her blog is: Red Key Quilting did a clean, crisp version of Picnic... and
do you see how the star in the center just pops out?

is another one who added a nice floral border. I love this fabric group!

Joceln of Happy Cottage Quilter made this happy looking
Picnic quilt.
Jo from Jo's Country Junction made up her Picnic is a nice
fall looking group and had her own twist to the basket setting!

New to our group of Schnibblers is Cindy, Sew Cindy blog
made her version of Picnic and also added a twist to the setting and
used a darker background! It looks great that way!
This Picnic quilt is stunning in the black and yellow! It's done by

An Encourager, just awesome!

Diane from the Quilting is Blissful blog made this Picnic... I love the colors!

Karen K (no blog) made her version, it's just beautiful!
I just love the way the star pops out!

Cindy from the Hyacinth Quilt Designs blog gave us this version in nice fall colors! I like the lighter sashing on it.

Heather of Quilt or Stitch made a fun version of Picnic here! Love it!
and Cara at Cara Quilts did a beautiful job on her Picnic quilt!

Bea from France, used a beautiful and bright group of fabrics but see how she just used the yellow, orange and red in the piano key border?

and this is from Angela.. the Modern Diary, another bright and fun
Picnic quilt! It's really sweet!

Allyson from the Fat Cat Quilts blog
made her Picnic in bright colors also. Very cute!

and this one is from Kari at Fresh Cut Quilts... hot off the press, so to speak!
I like her twist to Picnic
by omitting the corner basket blocks!
and here is Picnic by Annette over at Sun shine Yellow blog! I like all the green in the baskets and the center sashing!

Now, if you haven't been there already... hop, skip or run on over to A Quilting Life and see the rest of the Schnibbles Parade! There is lots more to see and each one of them are gorgeous!

Have a great weekend!
I will be back Sunday with the last Schnibbles parade... until we start again in September!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple As Your ABC's

Another post from the past that I thought would be fun to share!

But first let's pick a winner from the vase....

And it's Happy Cottage Quilter!

This is the apron of the day that I will be sending her!
There is an under layer of organza but actually it's reversible.

This post was from May 2009:

My ABC's

I saw that Jen, Miss Punkie Pie blog, did this over on her blog recently,
so I am going to follow along. I started this last week and since today I have a camera with a dead battery, then I think that this would be the day for:

The ABC's of Me

A- Age: 54. Yikes! Too honest?

B- Bed size: California King. I love to go to bed. My entire bedding set is from Moda Home. Ummm!

C- Chore you hate: Dusting. A never ending annoyance.

D- Dog's name: Hannah. Our Labradoodle.

E- Essential food/item: Bread. Hot fresh baked bread!

F- Favorite color: Of all time? Sage Green. Favorite color today? Shabby Pink.

G- Gold or silver: Gold in Winter and Silver in Summer

H- Height: 5'8"

I- I am: patiently waiting for Spring!

J- Job: Office admin. & accounting assistant for Environmental Consultants.

K- Kids: 3 plus 2 plus 1. I had 2 pregnancies, but had twins so, 3 children -boys. Remarried, 2 more sons (all the same age group) and now I am about to have a DIL.

L- Living arrangements: We live in a modern farmhouse style home on 3 acres. Very rural area.

M-Mom's name: Donna. You would love her.

N- Nickname: I have had several. I'm one of those people who get tagged with names and in fact Sinta is (or was) a nickname, but I made it legal once upon a time.

O- Overnight hospital stay: Lots, watching over my hubby.

P- Pet peeve: Well, manners. People need to remember manners. I'm not formal or stuffy by any means but common courtesy is important!
*** There was this receptionist at the dentist office who never would say hi or greet you in any way. I always made a point of saying hi, just to see if she ever would respond. One day I came in and after saying hi and getting no response I said...
oh, you poor thing... laryngitis? It worked. I got a greeting from then on. ***

Q- Quote from a movie: A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. Wizard of Oz.

But on the other hand- "I'll have what she's having" is a good one... from When Harry Met Sally.

R- Right or left handed: Lefty

S- Siblings: 2 sisters. One older, one younger.

T- Time you wake up: I get up by 5 and on the weekend I sleep in until... 6ish.

U- Unique thing about your car: My car is kind of "beefy". Toyota 4 Runner. Tinted windows and the extra grills (deer protection).

V- Vegetable you hate: PEAS.
Peas are the reason I got kicked out of school (the first time).
That was Nursery School!

W- Ways you run late: I always wait until the last minute to get ready for work.
I hate to leave my sewing room.

X- X-rays you've had: MRI's are the most notable x-rays. Back problems. I always take my stuffed bunny with me to the doctors for these big events.

Y- Yummy food you make: I make a killer Fettuccine Alfredo. Second place is my Quiche.

Z- Zoo favorite: I think Elephants are amazing and Giraffe's are beautiful animals.

There I am in a nutshell!

Well, a couple of things have changed since then. Of course I am older now.
My sweet dog went to puppy heaven and I haven't had back issues for years now!
I was in a car accident a few weeks ago... and my car is history!
Oh, and even though Z is for Zoo. I really don't like zoo's. I think that they are just
pretty prisons for wildlife. 

Leave a comment and I will have one more apron to giveaway this week. 
Then I will be looking forward to the AYOS parade! 
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And the Winner Is

Thanks for entering my blogiversary giveaway-a-day! 
Thank you for being with me in my journey also!
I had a little helper stop by my office today so she helped me pick a name...

The winner of a vintage apron is:

Blogger Beth said...
Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing the glimpse of the past, as well as one of your aprons. I love aprons! I have one made by my mother but I try not to use it in heavy rotation because I want it to last forever.
May 27, 2014 at 10:22 PM

Here is a photo of the apron... randomly picked and carefully ironed and
placed on my wire mannequin!

I will pick names again tomorrow for another apron... if you left a name yesterday,
yours will still be in the vase! 
If you would like your name added... just leave me a comment.

I did get some quilting done over the holiday weekend...
I shared these on Instagram but here they are for you to see!

Layered Flowers

Coastal Lily.
She just needs a background border added and whala! she will be done!!!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back In Time: April 20 2009

I just realized that I had my 5th year blogiversary last month!

So I decided to pick an old post from 
when I started blogging and share that with you!

I am going to have to think of something fun for a giveaway to celebrate!

Hmm, since I am sharing something old... 
how about if I have a giveaway-a-day... (this week)
and share some of my vintage aprons with you?!?

It will be a bonus for me... because as you know, I have started packing so I can
move next month... and it's a good time to let go of things.
When I started blogging I thought that I would share more about vintage aprons.
I love them and have a nice little collection. 
I love sharing more... so leave me a comment and I will pick a name tomorrow
for a winner for an apron from my collection!

Thanks for being there and reading my blog!

The Debut

Okay, here it is... the big unveiling! I took some photos of some quilts over the weekend. A couple of them will be entered into my guilds' quilt show next month. Please excuse the photography as I get use to all of this. Shew I am breaking a sweat trying to get this all organized on here! Anyway, the first quilt is Star Patch. The pattern is by Jan Patek. I just taught this class at Cottage Quilts last month.

This quilt... I wish the picture came out better... is Figgy Pudding by Fig Tree Quilts. I will enter this one and the one above into the show.

I used the Quilt Soup fabric line "Ellery" for the houses. I had been wanting to do a house quilt for a long time... so this is Cotswold Cottages from Miss Fig Tree, Joanna's book.

Here is a happy spring-ish quilt. Huge flowers! This is from an older Fig Tree pattern. Virginia, a friend of mine did the quilting on all of these quilts... I just love what she does.

Okay, that is it for now. I have one more that will be entered into the show but that one is in my office (at my big girl job). I will take a picture of that this week.
Now, on another note... it is Monday and I have been happily in the sidelines yet still a part of Red Geranium Cottage's (aka Sharon) looser Monday group. I am happy to say that I did lose 4 1/2 pounds! I gave up drinking hot tea in the morning. This, if you knew me you would understand, was a hugesacrifice! Mr. Earl Grey: I still love you... I just can't have the caffeine
right now, you understand... okay not just the caffeine-the sugar, the cream, yada yada!
Thanks for stopping by!
Friday, May 23, 2014

Endings and Beginnings

I hope you all are planning a wonderful 
holiday weekend!

My plans for the weekend...
are to finish up my little 
(the end of the month is getting near)!

I also have made progress this week on
Layered Flowers...
I went from this...

to this....

I am going to be happy to have some hand sewing to do in the evening!

Normally I am putting out the flags and buntings outside and getting out
my red, white and blue decor for the summer and a little flower planting on the side.
I have some packing to do so I might not get "into" my decorating this time!
The house sold and I will start the moving
preliminary routine now while scrambling to find another 
house in the area!
So that little quilt with the Layered Flowers is going to be my only gardening
for now.
I am in a 5 week countdown! 

(that's five times the trash service will be here...
boy, am I going to do some timed purging)!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Midweek Mosaic: A Light Went On!

Okay, I am evidently pretty slow on the uptake!

I keep an eye out for those sweet little needle works but
I don't get out to thrift shops or antique shops very often.
I know that since I am pretty slow at learning my 
embroidery stitches... that I need another lifetime to even consider making
one of these!
I actually don't know if you call them cross stitch or needle work... or 
if there is a difference. 
A light bulb went off this week... and I thought... hey, maybe I could find a
sweet little sampler on EBay or Etsy.
As it turns out... you certainly can!

I should be receiving one in the mail next week!

Turns out I am better off in the dark...
because I see trouble ahead!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Push Comes To Shove

 Well, I got my motivation back...

I had told the LQS that I would teach a few classes this quarter and
samples needed to be made a.s.a.p.
So the first one... very simple but fun... is the raw edge flower pattern.
I got this one made up over the weekend
 and just need to quilt it so I 
can wash it. That's the thing about raw edge. It isn't really finished until 
it's finished.  When a raw edge quilt comes 
out of the dryer is
when it really becomes cute!

The pattern is Layered Flowers
 and it's by My Red Door Designs.
I had purchased the pattern at
 Road To California and a friend
and fellow quilter, Cathy, 
had made up a super cute quilt using Lakehouse fabrics and I had to have
that group of Lakehouse Classics... so there was my match!

Of course it's past the middle of the month now so I have been thinking
of the AYOS quilt that needed to get made up...
this month is "X Rated". 

I had cut it out during the week... that was easie peesie...

This morning I actually put the pieces up on the design wall so
I could get it started!
I figure I can made a row here and there during the week and it will
be together before I know it!
I was compelled to work on something using Fig Tree & Co. fabrics...
I saw a photo of their booth at market and was in love!

I had a great time with Instagram-land... getting all the inside peeks at what is new
on the horizon! Wasn't it fun?

I actually have this Great Granny Square quilt

on the list of classes also. I got the borders
 put on the quilt over the weekend so it could
go to the shop as a sample!
I was scrambling for fabrics since I had started the quilt blocks
when Lori Holt had it up as a sew along on her blog...
before her book was published.

I had used a jelly roll of Kate Spain fabrics...
and then I wanted to copy the book... and add the border and
that wasn't going to work with 2 1/2" strips.
I took leftovers from my quilt that
 was finished last week and incorporated
those fabrics... I think they play nice with the blocks... don't you?
My final project is already hanging at the quilt shop.
And the class is Wednesday night!

Hook had been so much fun to make I decided that it would 
be a fun class also!
But tonight I really need to get my game plan all in order
for the class so that it actually will be fun!