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Friday, September 26, 2014

Did You Know?

It's National Pancake Day?

These lovely photos were swiped from Williams and Sonoma
they have several pancake recipes they are featuring today.
My favorite is the oven baked (German pancake). I have two iron skillets just
to make these and these alone!
The sweet potato pancake with pecans looks like a good one to try this weekend!

In other news...

I have a book review for you!

Some spectacular quilts!

(photos by Brandon Kane)
Are you loving this?

And a little pillow too!

These fabulous quilts are from the Quilted Crow girls and can be found
in their newest book published by Martingale:

This book is jam packed full of fun projects... and include 
very doable applique in wool felt and cotton backgrounds.

  • Experience the sumptuous pleasures of working with wool—including reverse appliqué—to create distinctive designs
  • Select from 12 appealing patterns in a variety of sizes for all skill levels
  • Make charming lap quilts, table runners, a pillow, framed applique, wall hanging, and more

  • Country Elegance is by best buddies
     Leonie Bateman and
    Deirdre Bond-Abel

    available through Martingale and Amazon.

    Aren't these two adorable?
    You can check out their blog here.

    They have great instructions in the book for applique and reverse
    applique too.

    This one...

     goes to the top of my list!

    Because I just scratched this one off my list!

    Isn't that a good way to start the weekend?!?

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    Whit Arrived and Some Happy Mail Too

    Well, I haven't seen very much of my sewing room.
    I was away since Friday in Southern California visiting and helping
    with my mom. 
    But now I am back and my Whit by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. went from this...
    that I showed the other day...

    To this~
    the final project.
    I added the last row, 
    skipped the white outer border 
    and just added
    a polka dot border... it's a little larger than called for.
    Because, the more polka dots the better!!!

    I had a sweet little gift card for the Fat Quarter Shop...

    which let to this!

    Here is a better view! 
    Who could resist???

    And then I saw a Blogger's Choice group that is coming out soon...

    This is a Blogger's Choice pick from Trish at Notes of Sincerity!
    I've got this on my radar now... and look at all the polka dots here!!!

    I don't have any idea of what I would like to make with the group I got...
    any suggestions?

    Oh, and one more thing... Trish has a new project, an Autumn Table Topper over
    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Everything In It's Place... or not

    I know it must seem like I have been doing nothing.
    But while I haven't been blogging I have actually been a little bit busy...
    with this little sweetie pie here...
    (isn't she getting so big)


    I made a store sample for a class I am going to teach.
    A Christmas version of Suburbs.

    And another sample here...
    This one is going to be a class I will teach at my retreat.
    I still need to get the borders on it. I have been rummaging through
    my stash and I was able to find a good inner border but 
    not an outside border yet.

    I have been working on this little guy also!
    I have one more row to go!
    Then Whit will be ready for the parade!

    So you might have guessed that I am in the mode of working on several projects
    all at the same time.
    I have no idea what I am going to tackle as I walk into my sewing room...
    because there is just so much to do and get ready for.

    Fortunately I already had Nantucket made and that is another class 
    that I will get to teach at my LQS.

    I have piles and piles of things stacked in my sewing room...
    and I only hope that as it clears it will
    mean that I have gotten everything accomplished
    and not that I have just 
    misplaced something!

    Friday, September 12, 2014

    Well Hello Weekend!

    Got Schnibbles?

    okay, technically it's Little Bites... 

    This is what I will be finishing up on tomorrow and
    then it's on to Harvey!

    What are your weekend plans?

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    Breaking News...

    Are you familiar with Quiltmania?

    Big news!

    I have a quilt that I made for It's So Emma patterns in this issue

    Bea sent me a picture of it yesterday... she lives in France 
    the September/October issue is already available there.

    Isn't she sweet?

    The publisher has the quilt... I had forgotten what it looked like!
    I am going to have to see if I have a photo of my own on my camera.

    I read that this issue will be available Monday here in the states. 
    I would place money on it that I can get it at Fat Quarter Shop!

    I will share more news and pictures as it becomes available! 

    Monday, September 8, 2014

    Getting Focused

    It seems like I haven't seen my sewing room for weeks.
    The holiday weekend I was out of town and
    this weekend we had our grand daughter Evie for a sleep over!
    Did you know it was Grandparents Day?
    Well, that works for me just fine!

    I was able to get escape into my sewing room yesterday afternoon...

    And I had a great time in there!
    I made up a couple dish towels that will be samples
    for something I am teaching next month.

    I also made this mug rug that I had seen on Pinterest.
    The tree is 3-D so you can slip in a couple of cookies or a 
    recipe card maybe.
    This is another mini project that I will be teaching next month.

    In fact, all of my attention is focused on the retreat I host in
    October at Bass Lake (California).

    My theme and decorations this year is
    "Vintage Homemade"
    and that's why
    I had to include
    those sweet little bottle aprons...
    Lori Holt has a great tutorial for making these and I decided that 
    everyone will get one, along with the other goodies...

    A friend gave me vintage binding to finish off the
    little aprons... did I mention there is 50 of them to 
    whip up???

    (photo borrowed from Lori Holt you can click here for the tutorial)

    One of the other items I am putting together is also a Lori Holt
    inspired gift idea. 
    Apron kit in a mason jar. 

    (borrowed from Lori Holt)

    Bee in my Bonnet blogged about these apron kits exactly 3 years ago and
    how they were perfect gifts for a retreat... I have kept that in mind ever since.

    Time is drawing near... so although I have a good start on
    my projects, there is still a lot of decorations to make etc.
    It's like putting on a wedding every year!

    It's always worth the work you put into it!

     My other little weekend project...

    I made a couple blocks for my Bees Knees sewing bee group.
    Fun novelty fabric and a simple nine patch and friendship star...
    and wha-la! 

    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    Prizes... post haste!

    Are you excited about this month's project?

    This is the version I am working on!

    I am glad everyone enjoyed the parade... 
    and "thank you" to those of you who did a post about our AYOS 
    end of the year recap.

    One person always seems to get left out, no matter how hard
    we try... but I admit I can get confused easily!

    Here is Barb's link at For the Love of Threads

    Here is her Jersey Girl quilt... which is stunning... 
    please visit her blog to see her other fun Schnibble quilts!

    Dorthy from Paws for Stitching is the winner of a little giftie from

    And Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch is the other giftie winner!!!
    It will be a little something from me,

    Congratulations ladies! Please let me have your addresses and
    your little surprises will be mailed to you,,, post haste,

    (a person never gets a chance to use
     that term anymore... so I thought I would slip it it)!

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014

    Finishing Up the AYOS Review Parade

    Did you see the parade yesterday?
    I have a few more bloggers who did a Schnibbles recap on their blogs....

    First from Stella Bella...

    Here is a picture of beautiful Gretchen's X Rated Schnibbles quilt.

    You can see more of what she shared on her blog.

    And did you see Jennifer's AYOS collection yet?
    I am sure you will enjoy it!

    Here is another sweet X Rated Scnibbles quilt made by Susan (no blog)!

    I love looking back and seeing what everyone has made... I hope you have
    enjoyed it too. 

    I am so excited to be started on the next AYOS project...
    Whit! I will be posting on Instagram too... just type in Pink Pincushion.

    I will be working on updating my sidebar tomorrow... so if you are
    planning on being in Another Year of Schnibbles and a Little Bit More
    please let me know and I can add your name on the list!

    I will be back tomorrow with a couple of cute parade prizes!

    Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    AYOS 13/14: A Glance Back

    Happy parade day to you!

    I love this opportunity to take a look back at our past year of 
    Here are some of my AYOS projects for this past year. 
    Also today we announce the new pattern for next month!
    Actually, in this case we are going to announce not one but two patterns!

    This year in AYOS we decided to mix it up a bit... of course we
    will have Schnibbles patterns on the list, but adding in a Little Bite or other
    small quilt from "guest" designers.

    Sherri and I decided to start off with a Little Bites pattern...
    this month is Whit! 
    I am showing a photo of Carrie's but I will have mine ready to show once I return home from vacation.
    (yes, I have been slacking)!
    Do you like choices?
    There are 3 versions to pick from in this pattern.
    I am making this one because I love pinwheel blocks... and
    in this case, I love the way the flying geese make the pinwheel.

    The second project to announce is Harvey! I love this guy!!!
    I wanted to make it ever since Carrie came out with it at Market... and
    here is my opportunity!
    It is a Scnibbles pattern... but with a little difference...
    this quilt is 72" square. 

    Yes, it's a big one... but still made with a couple charm packs, plus a 
    little bit more. 
    We thought if we announced it now that would give you time to make the 
    Little Bites pattern... and then get started on Harvey for the November parade!

    Patterns are available at various places but for sure available at the Miss Rosie shop and
    at Fat Quarter Shop. The patterns are also available as PDF downloads... so quick and easy...
    they are in your hands!
    Okay, what do you say?!? 
    Are you ready to get started??? I hope so!
    Sherri and I enjoy our parades each month and seeing your version 
    of the patterns!

    Speaking of which, let's get this parade started and have a look back at your 
    AYOS quilts from last year.
    I have the photos below, but please click on the links to read the posts everyone shared
    for their quilts... I know you will enjoy seeing the complete collections of them all!!!

    Carol's gorgeous group! 
    ( no blog)

    Hildy's collection of lovely Schnibbles!

    A sample of what JoAnne's collection of beautiful patriotic quilts looks like!

    This is Clover from from Judy!

    Michelle has a beautiful group of quilts to share on her blog.

    Patty's amazing version of Hook here... you need to go see more
    from her even if it's only to see her quilting!

    Here is a sweet Gentle Art from Dorothy at Paws for Stitching blog.

    Polly once again has a gorgeous collection to share!

    I love this one from Sue! She shares her beautiful quilts on Wendy's blog....

    Morning Jo from Wendy! Be sure to go see all of her traveling quilts
    displayed so sweetly on her blog.

    I hope you are playing along this year with us!
    I am anxious to get started! 
    I hope to have a new button for this year for Another Year of Schnibbles
     made up soon.
    I will also be making a new list on my sidebar of every one's blog name who 
    are in AYOS this time around so please let me know!
    Sherri has the other have of the parade at A Quilting Life! (as usual)
    I hope you enjoyed looking back at the sweet little quilts we have made!
    Thank you Carrie aka Miss Rosie for keeping us entertained!

    I will be traveling home today... hopefully I have included every one's link from my inbox.
    I will add any other's coming in today as soon as I can!

    (I'm hoping to hit a quilt shop on my way home...  a nice way to end a 
    trip don't you think)?