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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mix Assortment

I've been jumping from one project to the next today.

I have been working away for Scrap Basket Sunday...
the quilt above is one my cousin made. I had her send it to me
so I could finish it for her... she is an excellent seamstress and has
made baby quilts, purses etc... but this one got a little out of hand.
I had to take off the borders and put them on again to get it to lye flat.
I made the backing and gave it to the quilter earlier this week...
and got it back on Friday so I could add the binding. I will finish the handwork
in the evening and the binding on another little quilt as well.

But this is the one I was anxious to put together...

It's from Simply Retro and something I am working on in a sew along group.
I have the blocks all completed and now I just need to sew the rows!!!
I will have it done this week for sure... and then be on to my next quilt in
Camille's book!

I did get my Fat Quarter Shop block of the month "Deck-ade" cut out
but haven't sewn it together yet... but it's a good start... I will set it next to my machine and steal
a few minutes here and there and have it done in no time!
So that's how I am ending the month of June...
What have you been up to?

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's A Start

My Coastal Lily is making progress!

The Flying Geese are done.
The block itself goes together really quickly... but

I am still working on the little yoyo's that I have chosen to
use instead of appliqued circles for this quilt.
I need to embroider the little lines that go from the center of the flower also.
Once that is done I can trim that unit and finish the block.

Pink + Red!
Continuing Pink Week

(photos found on Pinterest)
Pink is nice around the house... especially a beach house!

Pink gingham is so sweet!

Look at these pink book bindings!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do You Pink-y Swear?

I have done some sewing...
but the secret kind that I can't show.
Not unless you pink-y swear! 

how about some more pink?
Who doesn't want a pink sewing machine?
Well, maybe not Anne at Bunny Hill,
 because she already has a pink featherweight...
(click on the link to see a picture of hers in her studio)

and not Thelma... because she has a red one..
Thelma and red have become synonymous.

 How about some HOT PINK too!
Cute pink beach house with pink striped window coverings...
and pink flowers too!

(photos from pinterest and dreamstime)
 I would love to drive this truck!!!

Isn't this pink-perfect?

And pink- elicious!
Notice the pink lipstick on the cup?

Sorry, I'm still not telling... even if you did pinky swear!
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Looking For Winners

 Pink week.

 In case you didn't read who the Schnibble parade prize winners were...
You might have been napping... so,
here is the link to go take a look!

We have a couple of people who are MIA.. .
possibly hiding under an umbrella...
is it you?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Simply Retro Quilt Along and Scrap Basket Sunday: I'm Here!

What? It was National Pink Day yesterday?
Where was I?
Well, the only thing I can do to make it up
to myself is to make it Pink Week!
I am going to share fun pink pictures all week long!
Yes, I just might include a pink pincushion too!

I have some other catching up to do also.
Yesterday was Scrap Basket Sunday
and I actually worked on something.
Something red white and blue...
I have been away from the group for several weeks...
I'm sure they didn't even miss me... but I am glad to 
be back, working on a little scrap project.
Scrap Basket Sunday

Lots of stars!The little print fabrics I found at a "quilter's yard sale" a couple of
months ago. I'm so happy to be using them!

Simple Retro Quilt Along

Today is the first day of Simple Retro quilt along that I enlisted into.
The sew along hostess is Jana Machado. I hadn't been to her blog until
recently. She is also making the Deck-ade BOM from Fat Quarter Shop.
I love Camille's book and thought it would be fun to work through the book in this
sew along.
I had my fabrics all sorted and picked out from my stash for my project.
I am starting with Swell.

 I made a several of the blocks... they went together so fast!
This is going to be so cute... I can't wait to start sewing the
units into blocks.
Another project I was playing with is this one... 

I shared a link to a video on making this block a couple weeks ago.
It is still in progress... I will be making 6 more blocks and I will be putting
snowball corners on all of the blocks... you can see I have
only added them to two of my star blocks so far.
I am counting this on Kim's SBS group... the backgrounds are truly scrappy
and the fabrics came from my stash... but the snowball corners
is a new purchased to audition
with the blocks.
I think the blue will work.

photo from Wonderlusting.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

My Summer Check List

I am always excited about the first day of Summer.
Summer Solstice... the longest day of the year!
I love longer days that actually are longer...
opposed to long days that are just 
dragging, like Wednesdays!
So, Summer Solstice...
I think it's a good time to pick projects for 
Summer Fun.
Thelma started A Summer of Fun last year...
and I am waiting for her to start it up again this year too.
I'm sure she will but I need to get a jump on things. 

So here is my plan for Summer Fun.

First stop... some visiting with Babs and Alma...
#1 Evening Blooms
I have been dragging my feet on this one...
mostly because it intimidates me.

I'm just committing to one block per month though. 
I can handle that-- right?

Then, moving across country to spend some time with Lori.

#2 Cake Walk
I had thought I was going to catch up on the Lori Holt Row Along...
and then I wanted to make the Barn Blocks,  but I decided on this one first. 

Next I will be sneaking in a visit with Tula Pink...

#3 Anchors Aweigh
This one is on my cutting table and ready to start.

Touching bases with Miss Rosie...
#4 & #5 Schnibbles
A month can't go by without making  one of 
the Schnibbles patterns for AYOS!

Next, a little something beachy...

#6 Coastal Lily 
because M & S do red, white, and blue so well!

And then rounding things out with another trip to 

#7 Scissors
Because, just because!

A big list... but lots of extra summer hours to get things done in!
I just had an idea...
maybe I will use one vacation day per week in July or August just 
for some mini-staycations!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MId-week Mosaic

Friday is the first day of Summer!

I thought I would put together some pictures of things I 
like about summer!
1. the Lake 2. fresh Berries 3. a game of Croquet 4. picnic table parties
5. beach chairs 6. garden Peonies 7. the color: Melon

Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Tour Winner, BOM: Deckade and Bees Knees

I wasn't sure if I was suppose to announce the book winner from my blog
on Friday or wait until today when Sherri was going to announce all of the book 
so, now that I have kept you in suspense longer than you probably needed to be...
Laurie of West Texas Threads!
Congratulations Laurie!
You are going to love Sherri's book!
Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.
It was such a fun one... it was fun for me to read all
the comments I got regarding the preference of 
cloth or paper napkins. Who would have known it
was such a hot topic!

Although I wasn't as domestic as I wanted to be over the weekend...
I did get a little bit of sewing done.
Yes, you know, those cute little gingerbread men for the
Fat Quarter Shop Deckade Block of the Month.
I also got the next block in the group finished...

Some fun little stars.

I am gathering up my blocks from my quilting Bees Knees Quilt Group
project right now too. My group was suppose to make two
blocks each. I have mine and 4 others that were sent back to me.
I am anxious to start working on putting it together but I have several
blocks still coming back to me.
This is the project that I am making with those blocks.
This one was made by Hyacinth Quilt Designs blog.
She has a tutorial and a link to where the block originated...
Amy Smart's blog, Diary of a Quilter.
Do you see that the circles actually are hexagons? I need to do
that part next and make a hexagon for the center also.
I get excited all over again just looking at this photo!

edit: my mistake those are octagon's... hexagon just popped into my head!
Friday, June 14, 2013


Life is sweet!

I won this bundle of fabric
last week from the Blogger's Quilt Festival!
It's Madhuri by Amanda at the Quilted Fish!
She designs for Riley Blake! They do "cute" fabric so well!
I love the colors and the influence of India in the prints!
I just want to rip it open and play with it... but I
am trying to control myself until I actually have a plan for it!

Thank you Amanda! And a big thank you to Amy at Amy's Creative Side!
Blogger's are sweet!

Here is a possibility- the pattern made to go with the fabric!

Right now I have a list of
projects in the queue. 

One thing that I plan on working on this weekend is my BOM from Fat Quarter Shop!
The kit didn't arrive at my home until Monday, so last weekend I was just in anticipation of
getting it! 
I have numbers 1 and 2 cut and ready to sew... and I am sure to have those done in
plenty of time for block #3 which gets published on June 24th.
This is a free Block of the Moth by the Fat Quarter Shop to celebrate
their 10th anniversary... 
aren't they so sweet?

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Blog Book Tour of A Quilting Life.
The comments are now closed and a winner will be picked and announced on Monday.

It really is a beautiful book... Sherri is so sweet and did a fantastic 
job creating projects for the home!
The book has 19 projects--2 bags, 3 table runners, 1 table topper, 
and 13 quilts ranging from wall hanging size to large lap/twin size.

The photos are gorgeous... so, if you don't make a thing but just
have it on your coffee table to look through... I promise, 
you will enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunday Flew By and Here We Are...

 Wow, how did it get to be Wednesday already?
Here is what I worked on for Scrap Basket Sunday...
unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to add my link to
Kim's Big Quilting Adventure blog, and show my 
project with everyone else.
I made 3 different blocks from the Scrap Basket Sensations
book. I am trying to decide if I am going to make a scrap  "sampler" quilt
using blocks from the different projects in Kim's book or
if this is the start of 3 different quilts!
Yesterday, my quilt circle had our monthly meet-up. 
It was my turn to host...
so I took an extended lunch and we all met up at the LQS.
I thought it would be fun to show my quilting buddies
this project.
Something BIG, fast, and furious!
So I did a little demo for them.

I saw the demo on it from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
It's pretty fun. This is a 25" block. You can get yourself
a large quilt in no time with this method.
If you watch the tutorial... I would only add...
that I would press my fabric from the get-go with sizing, for 
stabilization purposes. You end up working with bias edges, but
I haven't found any issues yet... that is why I used the sizing!
Dashing Stars
I was trying to find more photos of the quilt in the video when
I stumbled upon the same quilt called Dashing Stars that 
appeared in an issue of Quickly Quilting by Fons and Porter.
3 rows across and 4 down... you have yourself a quilt 
measuring 94 x 121 with borders, BAM- in a heartbeat.
I gave a repeat performance last night too, when I went back to the LQS 
to teach a Crumbler class. It was a small class, and went quickly...
so I brought out my star... and played some more.
They ended up getting two classes in one. 

On another note...
I got attacked by a spider (I think)
I'm tempted to take a photo of my legs.. but I'm going to spare you.
I have 7 bites on one leg and 3 on the other... it's crazy! And itchy!
I'm keeping a close eye on things... I have been bit by a black widow before
and I know that those little buggers can do some damage!

Oh, one more thing about the star... you snowball the corners of the block and
when you add your sashing you get the secondary block that you see there in the photo...
pretty slick!