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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Happened to Monday?

Oh gosh, I am so sorry to have gotten lost over the holiday weekend.

 I not only didn't post about BOM Rehab... but I never found
 my way into my
sewing room either!
It's almost a crime!

So, let's pick a prize for this month's
 REHAB member!
I have been wanting to get my hands on this book by none other
 than the group at Fat Quarterly!
It has a dozen of wonderful projects and a bunch of blocks to make too. 
Lots of fun ideas!!!
Included in the group for the drawing was the only couple 
people that managed to be
BOM Rehab-ers!

 This one is a block from Helen at Endlessly Diverted!
She shared her block and showed another block she worked
on for Farmer's Wife... and it 
was virtually the same block!

Kim was also holding down the fort in the Rehab and got her final
block made for the FQS 
Designer Mystery Block BOM.
Yeah!!! You girls rock!
 I had put into the Starbucks cup all the names of the people
 who were in the Rehab in May. 
 Then I turned it over and picked a slip of paper...
and it looks like Satu is our winner!
Congratulations Satu!

I will be playing catch up this week...
and I also have a little "Schnibble" project
 that needs attention too.
After all, Friday will be the Parade of Schnibbles! 
Friday, May 25, 2012

Market Love

Ok, forget that collage from yesterday...
blogger isn't playing nice with me!
I did get a couple of links from people of Market photos (thank you).
And that led me to this:

Not only this video but a whole bunch of other Market booth videos.
This is Moda Heaven. There isn't a thing in the Fig Tree booth that I don't want to make!
See for yourself!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Wasn't Here Either

Some Spring Market Eye Candy.
I would have loved to have been there to see these...
and all the other booths. 
I love the art of display and the excitement of showing all of
"what's new"!

First on my list would have been to see the Fig Tree booth...
but as much as I looked, I couldn't find one photo...
not even on Fresh Fig blog... maybe soon.
I would have liked more pictures of Lakehouse booth too.
So, what else did I miss? Where you there?
Monday, May 21, 2012

BOM Rehab! Didn't I See You There?

I have to say that there is good progress going on in the Rehab!

Since sewing IS therapy of sorts... in the Rehab you get to see visual proof of 
the progress you are making!
You girls are awesome!

Sherry has been busy over at Blessings From Our Nest.
This is just one of her accomplishments for the week!

This is from Celine at Esprit Patch blog... making progress on her It Just Takes Two project!
These are beautiful blocks. I love the way it is coming together. I think it would be a challenge to work with
just two colors in a quilt but the results are wonderful.

Here is part of the project that Kimberly is finishing up while working on another block!
The pattern is called Paris in the Fall.

This is how Marcella/Short Attention Span Girl is coming along with her 
baskets from Bunny Hill. Have those been on your list?
They have been on mine!!!

Just look at these fun stars! These are from Karen/Messy Karen blog.
I love that fabric! These are so cute... I am really anxious to see them
all together! Karen has more information on this BOM on her blog.
A certain somebody from Sister's Choice blog has block 11 finished
 now for her Peace on Earth BOM from FQS! 
I think this one will be a new favorite of Nicole's when it is all finished!

I had a little "redo" to do...
my block from last week had to be "unsewn". I had sewn the units and whipped it
up into a block lickity split...and of course,
without double checking I added it to last weeks Rehab finishes...
but I had one of the units... upside down!

 Notice the pink units around the center unit?
This is where I didn't catch myself.
Below you can see how it will actually look like a flower when it's together!

And that was all I got done for Rehab!
I did rearrange my sewing room...
mind you, the key word was rearrange... shuffling stuff...
a lot of stuff! I am sore! Lots of lifting and moving 
things that are bigger than me.
What I need to do is go back in there... put on my big girl pants
and start purging!
I need to let loose of  magazines, books, patterns, fabric... you name it.
 It is too big of
an endeavor to do all in one day...  or maybe even one weekend...
maybe this should be my goal for June.
Today I would rather play!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-week Mosaic

Enjoying some of my favorite things... 
and wishing I could be a butterfly on my way to 
Kansas for all of the Market fun!
Don't you want to be there too?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Threads and Messes All Around

I was on a roll over the weekend. I actually used up 5 bobbins and started in on a sixth one
before I called it quits on Sunday.

Yes, threads and all! I whipped through making these Dresden's...
without the pointed ends for a pattern by Lori Holt using some fat quarters that I won
from the oh so sweet Cyndi at Cut Up And Sew! I added some other leftovers into the mix as well.

Here is the Boardwalk quilt I started last week...
which was before Sherri at A Quilting Life showed what she made with
her California Girl fabric! Now I am just going to have to get more
of it... because I am having an affair with that pattern. I actually already had
the Fig Tree pattern that she used but made this other FT pattern instead.
I am so fickle. It doesn't mean that I don't love Boardwalk. 
But I really love seeing Sunwashed made up with this line. 
Now I need to add the 3 outside borders. 

I don't know why these photos look so washed out. 
They are bright and crisp in Picasa. Darn, I hate that!
I also worked on Doc. Again.
I wanted to make a second one... but wall hanging size.
I am using up some more of my Sew Cherry leftover fabrics.

(I can't find the cropped picture, darn, darn...sorry)

I thought I would show you my approach to putting the pieces together.
I hope I'm not to late for those of you making this Schnibble pattern this month.

A design board is very helpful. I actually did this part without the pattern...
with that much sewing going on... my cutting table was a huge mess and I couldn't find
the pattern. I know, you will look a little closer to my mess now, won't you?
For each block I started with the middle unit triangles.

Then I added the matching larger triangles.

Next I added the small triangle with the large triangle.
These do not match with each other. But if you look at the yellow polka dots...
can you see how the two small triangles look like the top of a primitive heart?
See how they are placed in the same position as the triangle in the center?
Just work your way around the block with those pieces.

Then place the background fabric next to it to complete that unit.

In the pattern there is a "before chocolate or after chocolate option". 
I have made the quilt both ways (if you read the pattern you will understand)
and I think I prefer making the corner units first. This was the second option...
making the half sq. triangle units after chocolate. It's probably a potato/pot-a-to
kind of thing.
The last thing to do then, is add the background half sq. triangles and make the
outside unit. 
Your block is ready to sew.

Monday, May 14, 2012

BOM Rehab... Were You There?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
What could be better than being around the people 
you love and/or doing what you love to do!
I actually celebrated the week before... 
this happens sometimes with the hubby's birthday
being right there around Mother's Day. 

Some moms made it into the Rehab though....
Block 12 has not arrived in mailbox's yet for those of us working on
the FQS  Mystery BOM , so alternative projects needed to be found.
And amazingly enough... that didn't seem to be hard to do!

I'm seeing stars!
 Cheryl from Polka Dots and Ric Rac pulled out an
ancient BOM to work on.

Satu has a couple of BOM projects she is
catching up on! I love her Raining Cats and Dogs block!
I am so tempted to do this one!

This is a sweet little BOM embroidery block made by Sherry
at Blessings from our Nest. She managed to find a little
bit of time in Rehab too!

This is from Celine from Esprit Patch. It's part of her It Just Takes 2 
BOM poject. She only has a few more blocks to make now!

It seems that Messy Karen was in the rehab too!
This is her Oh My Stars BOM...

You can find the information for this block of the month at 
I have seen this BOM before and really loved all of their star patterns! 
I would love to make them ... maybe soon!

 And although I did a lot of sewing over the weekend...
this is where I left off with my Block 11. The units are ready to put together!
That's 11 out of 12! woohoo!
actually, I made an extra block, so I am at 12 now!

 I am happy to have finished the Busy Work mini projects from Pam Buda.

I saw so many beautiful  Pocket Patchwork finished last week 
I am glad I had a chance to catch up! This was a very fun project... thank you Pam!!!
I have to say... it was a 5 Bobbin weekend!

How was your Mother's Day?

wait wait wait!!! I have a couple more people that were up late in the Rehab!

From Endlessly Diverted, Helen is working on her sashing for 
her 2008 (yes that's right) Designer BOM! So close to the finish line now!!!
I like that sashing... it's a pretty simple solution with a big impact!

This one is from Kim at A Peach in Stitches blog.
She has a little whoopsie here (she already noticed)
but a quick little fix and her final block is done!!!
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Puttering Through the Week

Somehow I don't feel like I am getting very much done in
my sewing room...
but I did happen to finish up this baby quilt.
I shared the one I had made... a girl version a few weeks ago
 so I thought I would make another one,
 for a baby boy but it really turned out to be boyish and not so much babyish.
I decided that it doesn't really matter. I can always wait until the
baby is a year or so old and then give it to him!

The kids were home for a few days and I got to have
some quality time with the baby. Six weeks old now.
I thought I would share a picture of the new family
(although you can't see Evie very well)
that was taken at "family day" for the hot shot crew.

Yes, that is my son and Jilly Bean with the baby.
I can't wait for her to know that her dad is Smokey!

One thing that I haven't gotten to yet is my Pocket Patchwork, busy work.
Pam Buda gave us patterns week by week. I need to add the final border.
I saw several on-line and they are all gorgeous.
Now I just need to catch up a little.

I seem to have neglected to wish the hubs a very very
happy birthday! A very special birthday indeed!
We will be taking him over to the lake tonight for
a relaxing evening of family together in the favorite
corner of our backyard!

Monday, May 7, 2012

BOM Rehab... Were You There?

I think it could be getting harder to juggle 
inside activities like quilting... with outside activities...
like yard work! But I am trying...
and so are these blogettes...

This is Celine's rehab project this week!
It's her It Takes Two project.

I love this Darlene... you are there!

Oh Cheryl! All caught up too!
Cheryl and Darlene get a lot accomplished over the weekends
with their Christmas through the Year projects and getting
their BOM's under control too!

Kim has her DM BOM #10 ready!

Marcella is ready to go on another A Tisket a Tasket block!!!

And I am happy to report that I was in the Rehab over the weekend too.
I had kids home and my sweet little grand baby home...
but I was able to sneak in just a little sewing time. 
This is only block 9... but I am not far behind these other girls!

and wait... there's more!

Here we have some Cotton Club blocks made by
Carol at Brown Quilts.
Carol reports that she is almost caught up!

It's good to see that Karen was in the Rehab along with us!
Look what she is one... and she made another block too!

And next is Nicole!
(I'm waiting!)
ah, here it is!
You can see the rest of her blocks over at her blog!

See you next week in the Rehab!!!
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Prize or Two For You and You!

I just had to go back and look at both the parades again! There were so many Schnibbles
and they were all so fun! When the emails were coming in with the 
photos attached it got so hectic that I didn't write a note back to each of you
that participated in the parade! I am so sorry because I really like
to let you know how excited I am to see your quilts coming in!
You guys are amazing... but I am sure you know that!!!
Thank you so much for being here each month!

Carrie, designer extraordinaire, has a wonderful prize to give to a randomly selected
Schnibbler... one from each of our parades!
It's a sweet fat eighth bundle of  Hello Lucsious. 
Can you imagine all the things you could do with this pretty group?
The winner of the Basic Grey bundle from Sherri's parade is:

the winner of the bundle from my parade is:

We have two charm packs of Vintage Modern
(what I used to make Doc)
from Bear Paw Quilts and More.
The winner of the charm packs is:
Sandy F.

We will also be giving a sweet little $15 gift certificate from 
Quilters Paradise!
The winner of the gift certificate is:

Sherri is also donating 
Vintage Modern 
for a special Schnibbler...
and the winner is:
Michele at Island Life Quilts
but that's not all...
Moda Petite Odile Fat Quarter Assortment
Sherri has 2 more charm packs to give away!
Petite Odile charms by French General will go to:


Thank you all for being a part of Another Year of Schnibbles.
(Corrie, you should have "re" submitted your Summer Day for this parade, 
I would have put it in for sure)!!!

I did want to tell you that Doc was a really fun block to make.
I hope you have as much fun as I did with it. 
Just make sure you have your design board handy and listen to Carrie.
When she says (in the pattern instructions) to go get a piece of chocolate...
do it... and follow her other tips too and the blocks will come together
like magic... like a magic card trick!hehe!