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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Special "Service" Announcement

A guest post today from Marti at 52 Quilts blog:

She is a quilter and a military mom among other wonderful titles. I am amazed at all the wonderful things she does! I unfortunately 
have never learned to knit but I thought
 I would try to help in other ways with Marti's efforts. 
First and foremost is to spread the word about a special project she is a part of...

It’s no secret that many quilters are also knitters. 
Sometimes, it’s just not convenient to quilt – while waiting to pick up the kidlets at school, in church, at the doctor’s office. 
And hats are the perfect thing to knit at these times. 
Hats are easy, fast; rarely require complicated directions and they’re portable.

Sinta graciously invited me to write a guest post for her blog about a group near and dear to my heart, Hats for Sailors.
 My younger son is a Sailor on the USS George Washington, CVN 73 (that means nuclear-powered aircraft carrier). 
The GW’s homeport is Yokosuka, Japan, but they’re getting ready to put out to sea 
for their summer deployment.

What's it All About?
A group of knitters join together each year to knit hats for US Navy Sailors.

Here is the description of the group, from Ravelry:
We are providing hand-knitted and crocheted hats 
for sailors in the US Navy one ship at a time. 

It all started with Shanti who writes the blog 

Adventures in Paradise and had the idea to provide a handmade
 hat to every Sailor serving on the ship she would be commanding.

 Lynne, her mom, made that idea a reality with the help
 of knitters and crocheters from all over the world. 

We continue to knit and crochet hats
 for Sailors on other ships. It is cold on the ships and they can wear 
the hats when they are off duty.

Here is a photo of many of the hats knit for Sailors in 2013:

I just had to include this photo because two of the striped hats in the center of the photo were knit by my friend Marilyn, here in Colorado:

Hats are fast and easy to knit -- has lots of free patterns! Here are the guidelines:

The color and design of the hat are the choice 
of the knitter/crocheter, 
 Both men and women serve on the ships. 
We have two deadlines each year - Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

 If you have questions about the project or want to know where to send the hats, email us at
You can also read our blog at Hats for Sailors.

If you're a knitter, won't you consider knitting a hat for a US Navy Sailor?


I hope  you might be able to help! 

Here is Marti's info if you have any other questions for her regarding the project: or email to AuntMarti at 52quilts dot com

See you at the parade tomorrow!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blossom and Shine

I have been trying to keep up with Thelma aka Cupcake n Daisies.
We are working on a project together... 
do you want to see it?

I have a semi finish for Star Blossoms. It's a pattern by 
I had ordered the outside border fabric a while back but it 
still has not arrived.

But until then... I will take this as my finish!
I added my mistake units into the quilt as an 
inner border.
It worked out perfectly. All I needed to make was two more
flying geese and I had the number I needed!
Originally I was going to make the cornerstones scrappy
but I kind of liked the continuity of the border matching the 
cornerstones. I also saw that Thelma made hers with the blue
fabrics and I liked that look.
I can't wait for Thelma to show her Star Blossom!!!

I can't even remember which fabric I had ordered for the outside
border now... so I guess it will be a surprise!

I am a little stressed over the photos...
I have a new computer and I loaded Picasa
on to my desktop because that is the photo editor that
I usually used... but I can't get my photos to open up in 
Picasa for some reason... so for now the pictures
are just going to have to look like this.

Here is a quick and easy project I cut out this
week. The pattern is by My Red Door Designs.
 It's going to be cute... 
but first I need to get my AYOS project done for this month!

I am telling you that those pieces are super small...
thankfully it's a small quilt... so it can't take that
terribly long... right?
I think it is fun that this month's project is a free
 choice of Thimble Blossoms
mini patterns. 

My coworker/LAQ quilted this Shine
quilt for her client Mary. I took a photo
because Mary had taken a class from 
me to make it. Isn't is sweet?

Another Shine quilt was just delivered from
someone else in the class too! (hi Cathy).
It was made with Thimble Blossoms fabrics and
is so cute! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Finds:

Have you seen this new book out on the shelves?

I absolutely love the cover quilt!
It's called Moroccan Tile.

(photographs are by Brent Kane for Martingale)

The book includes a variety of patterns for simple, striking quilts!
That is a great combination!

I hope you  get a chance to get your hands on Fabulous Fast Quilts
by Amy Smart... take a moment to peruse through it.
I am sure you will really loved the projects.
Amy has created several quilts that are good for beginners
and great for anyone who wants to whip up a 
fun quilt... quickly!

Several of the quilts in the book use precut fabrics like charm packs and fat quarters...
 to make the process go even faster!

I am sure you have been to Amy's blog...
It seems like she always has amazing quilt-alongs going on!
 She is super busy with her family and
quilting and knows that other
quilters are too. 
So she wrote the book to help us create quilts
using easy time saving methods that she explains
clearly in the book.

Here is her new quilt along...

Don't you love this Churn Dash quilt?
She is hosting this quilt along over at We All Sew.

I am lucky enough to be in a virtual quilting bee, the Bees Knees with Amy.
She recently sent out packages for us to make blocks for her...

however, I have not gotten mine done yet.
I can't wait to see what we get to make with these fun fabrics!

I think you will love her new book...

 It's at that Patchwork Place and also available at Amazon.
I believe it is on sale for 40 % off at Connecting Threads as well.
 You can't go wrong!
Have a good weekend!
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mid Week Progress

I have an even dozen of my Star Blossom blocks done now!
I went ahead and layed them out with some random squares to use 
as cornerstones just to see how this quilt is shaping up!
Ms. Cupcake and I are working on this project "together"...
using Madhuri fabrics.

Thelma posted her progress today... and Ms. Lightning is 
nearly done! I love what she is doing with her version of the pattern!
She made her quilt with only 16 blocks so it can be square. 
I like the idea of a square quilt but I was thinking more in terms of adding
an additional row... making the quilt 25 blocks.
We will see what happens.

My inner stars for the block are completed, so I won't be too far behind!
And do you remember my "reverse" flying geese units?
Well, I am thinking about incorporating those into the outside border of the quilt.

I do love working on projects with Thelma. It's fun to text and share pictures
of  out progress to each other. Almost like being there  sewing together ...

In the mean time...
I cut out this project.
Sail Away.
It will be next on my list. 
I managed to do some prepping on it during my lunch hour! I ran up to my LQS 
and got the layer cake cut... I just need to cut the background fabric now...
maybe during my lunch time on Friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day: Sending You a Moonbow

You probably already know that I live near Yosemite National Park.
I worked inside the park for ten years and
even lived there for a few years too when I was younger.

One of my favorite things I enjoy in Yosemite in the Spring is Moonbows!
I thought that it would be fun to share that with you today... on Earth Day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Giveaway Winners Finally Announced!

Well, hello!
Happy Easter!
I certainly didn't mean to go away for so long.
I had been on a trip to visit my mother and  my family.

It got very busy.
I don't know if I have shared this
 but my mom has Alzheimer's.
It is a horrible disease.
My poor stepfather has his hands full... 
so I have been going down to
help and give him a break.
I certainly thought I was going 
to have some computer time while I 
was there... but it was just way too busy.

I even took a mini project to make some yoyo's in red white and blue and 
sew them into a flag... but I didn't even take a stitch!

(photo from Pinterest, where I saw the idea)

When I got back home I spent the entire day in my sewing room!
A good place to decompress!
Not that I got a whole lot done... 
but I did manage to work on Star Blossoms a little bit.

I got the center stars made before I left.

I made a mistake, which set me back but I ordered some
more Madhuri fabric and continued to work on the 
outside of the block with what I did have.

I got this far before I started to feel guilty about 
a messy house... so this is where I left off.
Of course today will be busy with focus on Easter.
We will have a Easter egg hunt and dinner this afternoon with 
my family. 
This morning I started ironing the table cloth and napkins! 
(not real well... just enough to get by)!

I still need to announce the winners of the giveaway!
I am really sorry to not have done this sooner!!!

I wrote a name list, a very messy list for each giveaway.
I had 90 people who prefered giveaway #1
and 51 people who were entered into giveaway #2.
People who didn't care which one or wanted me to choose for them
got randomly entered into a list.

The winner for the envelope of assorted patterns is:
Sherrill at Quilting in My Sleep

The winner of giveaway #2, the McKenna Ryan BOM kit is:
Sherry from Blessings From Our Nest

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Very Good Friday! (giveaway inside)

I got up early every morning this week and
worked on my new project!

I thought I was dong well with it and by
Saturday morning I would really be able to get a good grip on
 it. I made all of my flying geese units and then went 
on to make the HST's.

The project is Star Blossoms. The first one to do from
my list for the "2nd Quarter" of 2014.
Star Blossoms Quilt Pattern By Cotton Way
Ms. Cupcake is going to be working on it too... so you know that
means that she will simply blink and be done!

Unfortunately, there had been a nagging thought...
I kept looking at my cutting table and looking at
my stacks of cut pieces... but I just couldn't put 
my finger on it!
Until yesterday.
Then I realized that I made a terrible mistake as I started to assemble the
star blocks! About the second one through I noticed that it 
just wasn't going to work!
You know why?
Because I used the wrong pieces to make the flying geese! I made them in 
the reverse!!!!

I blame this to switching to decaffeinated tea. 
So, now I am busy ordering more fabric.
Secondly, purchasing caffeinated tea. 
Then we will see how far I get tomorrow.

And just for good measure I am going to make some 
good karma here and offer a little de-stashing giveaway!
I have a flat rate envelope stuffed full of 
patterns that I am going to give away.
I counted 2 dozen.

I thought that if the winner didn't want all of the patterns 
they might pick and choose, maybe add to the envelope 
and have a little giveaway of their own.
Just a thought.

Then I have a Block of the Month that I am
able to stuff into another envelope.
This is McKenna Ryan's Storybrook Farm.
Patterns and fabric included. 
(I did make the first section... and that will
 be included as a head 
start to whoever would like it).

So, just say if you would be interested in
Envelope #1 Pattern Assortment
or Envelope #2 Storybrook Farm

It's Friday today... and I will away this next week but
leave a comment and I will announce a winner for each giveaway
on Tuesday... Earth Day. 
oops...I meant this Tuesday the 15th
... but not Earth Day... that's the next week.

I am listening to Elton John- Believe, right now.
Here is a link. I think it's a good song to start the weekend with!

Good luck on this 
Good Friday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crisp Color and Fun Designs

No I haven't made this yet... but I think it is super cute! 
I love the on point squares! 
The whole book is full of unique little ideas and
really sweet projects.
What book?
This book!

(photos by Martingale; photographer Brent Kane)

I always love the fabric collections 
that Jessi and her daughters Lauren & Carrie Jung
come up with. And now they have come out with 
I saw the book at my LQS and loved flipping through it.
I kept thinking crisp colors and fun designs!

Then, before I went back to purchase the book
I was asked to do a little review of it by Martingale.
Lucky me!
The book has 13 projects... some are little handy gift ideas...
to give or to keep for yourself.
The small projects can be made with less than a yard of fabric and
a couple of hours of your time.

 Then there are some adorable quilts in it too!
Like this one...
Isn't it so sweet?
The book has lots of illustrations and the directions are
really well written too.
When it comes to crafty kind of things...
I really have to pay attention to directions. So it
was nice to see that the project instructions
are clear and understandable. 
Projects are designed for the beginner sewer through advance.

(photos by Martingale; photographer Brent Kane)

This one is Gypsy Moth.
It would be a great picnic quilt.

Clever ideas... I think these would be cute in a baby room.

I like it when a book has a variety in it.

 You can seem more information about Sweet and Simple Sewing
at Martingale Publishers or over at Amazon too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Midweek Moasaic: A Perfect Day!

Yes... take me away!
Paris, boats, love... awe!

Hope you have a perfect day!
Monday, April 7, 2014

What's the Holdup?

I pulled out my pattern of Coastal Lily Saturday morning...
as well as the bag of various parts and pieces 
and tried to make some sense of it all.

While I was getting the puzzle figured out
I decided to go ahead and make it my project de jour!

Where I left off was with all the little handwork. 
I seem to loose interest fast with that... but now I got my 
yoyo's sewn on the background piece and after I got the geese in rows I
was able to 
get the blocks put together!
But I am only halfway there.

It's always good to know that I can "guilt" myself into things.

It means my upbringing is still alive and well inside me! ha!

I am making good progress and I even caught up on one of my
Bee's Knees blocks that needed to get done!
 Well, actually two.

Now it's time to get get started on Star Blossoms though!
I am making  it as a little sew along with Ms. Cupcake.
I will show you more on that soon!
Friday, April 4, 2014

What Goal?

Goals for the 2nd quarter of 2014!
1. Star Blossoms
Pattern by Cotton Way/photo from Cotton Way

2. Finish my Granny Squares

It looks like this could be easy enough to finish!

3. Make  Fig Tree Sail Away quilt.

4. Make Layered Flowers by Red Door Designs.

 Click to see full size image
It's a sweet little raw edge pattern that I picked up 
at Road To California in January.

Then there is this one!

Last year I started making Coastal Lily.
Thelma at Cupcake n' Daisies started
making Coastal Lily at the same time.
Only I think she got hers finished two weeks later!
Click on the link to see her gorgeous quilt.

Anyway, I went from this to

and then to 


Then I went to a sample block.
And that is the only block that is even near being finished.

In January I posted that Coastal Lily was on my
list of projects to finish in the first quarter of 
this year. 
As you can tell... I missed that goal and all the other goals before it.

June will be here before we know it... I suppose I could set
June as the new goal date... making it a 1 year in progress.

The thing is... I hate having projects around that long!
I know some things we make are more of a "process" but
this really drives me nuking futs
Well, you know.
So, here we are... it's Friday... the weekend is free and clear...
I wonder what I will get done?!?

Monday I will be back and take a look at what I actually did make 
during the first quarter of the year! 
I'm sure it will be a surprise to me!
Have a good weekend!