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Monday, August 31, 2009

Show Me Your Schnibbles!

Patterns that is!

I just thought it would be fun to show you some of my Schnibbles patterns... minus one or two! I hope you all are getting excited. We are just a day away from the launching of "A Year of Schnibbles". Sherri and I are working hard towards the "big reveal". Can you believe it's the end of the month already? Where does the time go?

Weeks seem long & weekends seem short. Time is a funny thing.

So what is your favorite Schnibbles pattern anyway?

I received my tea towel from my Charming Girls' Quilt Club exchange partner last week and I forgot to take a picture of it to show you but I have a picture of it now!... here it is! It is so adorable. It's from Pam. Thanks you so much Pam I have it hanging in my kitchen and I'm very tempted to say I appliqued it... but I promise to give you the credit!

*** I have my photo of my finished CGQC project on my othe computer! Darn. I missed the deadline but I showed the photo last week (8/19). It was my batic X Block Quilt. Was 5:00 really the deadline?

I was at Cottage Quilts on Saturday and took a few more pics of the store just to give you a little bit of eye candy! (Ummm...a bit blurry, sorry) I live this Thimble Blossoms pattern. I think it would make a great baby blanket gift!
I only wish these were my blocks for the Autumn Houses BOM from Bunny Hill!

Have a great evening! I know there is something else I want to share with you.... well, I guess it will just have to wait until tomorrow!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Not It!

I guess I need to confess that I have a bit of a mean streak. This is not the Schnibbles pattern that we will be working on. I ran into a friend of mine during my lunch time today... need I say where? She had just finished this little guy and is putting on the binding... so she said I could take a picture if I finished the binding for her. I hope she was kidding? I have to find out which pattern this one is.
I got my little BOM in the mail from Temecula Quilt Co.
It is so tempting...
but you know what I'll be doing this weekend.
I will be making something out of those Schnibble pieces I showed you yesterday:)
I can't wait to see it all finished!
I had to stop in and get a little card for my tea towel exchange person at out little Antique/Gift shop in town. Here is my package going out in the mail.
Thanks for stopping by blogettes. Hope you have a great weekend... it's the weekend before the big Labor Day weekend. Which, up here, is just as busy as the holiday weekend. Everybody tries to get in that last bit of camping and boating.
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Me Your Charm(s)

What do we have here?

Heather over at Trends and Traditions is having a blogiversary. It's her first! And she has wonderful giveaways... like this quilt! Are you kidding me! She is giving away one of her quilts! Well, I have my name in... I think I'm number 658 but you know what they say...
you can't win if you don't play!
It is nice to just go wish her a happy anniversary too. I love her booklets and patterns. I actually am about to do the binding on one of the quilts from her Fat Quarter Five book.

We are quickly approaching the first of September and I thought it would be fun if I showed you my charm! Well, I might be lacking there... but I do have charm packs!
A basket full. They are here just waiting for the perfect project...
could it be a Schnibbles project?
Ummm, this looks like the start of a Schnibbles project. But that's all I'm going to show you!
I just got a package in the mail from Bunny Hill. She has these wonderful spools for sale on her web site. I have a small collection already that are displayed on my shelves. I have my Moda twill tape from unwrapped bundles on them and also ric rac and other trims. I have some cleaning up to do so I can find these spools a new spot.

My friend Sharon gave me this sweet little pincushion pattern/kit when I went in to the local bank where she works. Fun woolies! It's a Bird Brain Designs pattern. Oh, and look... can you see the wooden spools in the pattern picture?

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Patty and she had made a sweet little pincushion for me. It is so adorable. The fabric is too sweet and the buttons are just perfect. I love pincushions!

She also had a show and tell of a quilt she just finished. It's the American Jane Triple Crown pattern. It is just precious in these "summerie" colors! I had to take a picture to show it to you.

Okay now- it's your turn! Show me your Charm!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

50 Plus! & My Weekend Endevors

I am so amazed at the wonderful response Sherri and I have had regarding A Year of Schnibbles.
It seems that we all agree... that it will be fun! I will be adding more people to my list on the sidebar today. I think we have about 50 people signed up! 50!@!#*! That is- so far! We are still taking sign ups for the club until Sept. 1st. We are going to have the best Schnibbles Parades! Of course you don't HAVE to finish your Schnibbles every month. But, I think we will because they are pretty easy & not very big.
So, I have been working on my first Schnibbles pattern that I will reveal on September 1st to kick-off the start of our club. I wish I could show it to you, but since I can't I will have to show you what else I am working on.
(Maybe I can give you a sneak peak latter this week)
Here are a couple of "travel size" pillow cases that I made. I used the border print from Roman Holiday... I loved that group!
I made this little table runner with Arcadia by Moda. Jill and I both made them... I thought I was doing good until I spoke to her and she told me that she had already quilted hers and had it on her dinning table! Arg!
Here is my little loot from Cottage Quilts. Just a few fun patterns... I think I already have the Little Acorn pattern. Don't you hate that when you buy a pattern twice? It was on sale though. I also picked up my Mill House Inn charm packs to start working on the Fig Tree Club shop sample! I love this group... and the little polka dot dessert roll that goes along with it!
The class I taught at Cottage Quilts over the weekend went "okay". I had 2 people come without sewing machines though... maybe I wasn't explicit enough on the class supply list???
Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Plans & A Little Schnibble Here & There

Here we are embarking on the weekend again! However, I feel like I am about to go into "rush mode" instead of kicking back for the weekend. Maybe it's not so much a feeling of "rushing" but more like excitement that I am feeling for the wonderful response
we have had with the A Year of Schnibbles Club!
You guys are just as excited as we are... how cool is that! This is going to be even more fun than I thought! And, I thought it was going to be incredibly fun to start with! Can you see all the names on the sidebar? We still have more to add to that!
I am going to answer a few questions that popped up but first I wanted to show the last(#3) Save The Date postcard for Todd and Jill's wedding. Very fun! If you didn't see the other two pictures scroll down to the beginning of the week. I think these two are just perfect for each other!
I had a computer glitch today so I am just going to fill in with some "eye candy"...
Tomorrow I get to go play at Cottage Quilts (photos below). I will be teaching my Christmas Tree class. I will be doing a lot of drooling around the store as well.

I haven't been there for awhile so I am sure there will be lots of new things to see.
I get to pick out a new store sample project too... oh ya. I'm a lucky girl!

Before I run off I wanted to let you know that I took a Schnibbles pattern to the post office and I got a variety of prices for international rates from them and it all ran from $1.03 to $1.24. That's pricing from Canada to Sweden. The patterns themselves cost $6.50.
So , overall I think it's good. I know a lot of you were worried about postage... so I hope this helps. I also spoke to 2 shops who would possibly be mailing the patterns and they agree.

*If it were a whole kit it would run approx. 12.95 for postage.

There are no PDF's of the Schnibbles patterns, I also checked on that.
Now, I had a bunch of wonderful links on the post before the A Year of Schnibbles announcement. I think they are worth checking out if you missed it. The links are for wonderful Schnibbles quilts that have been posted on other blogs... so go check them out!
That will be my official "favorite blog of the week" recommendation.
Thanks for stopping by blogettes- have a great weekend!

EDIT: Important info: I forgot to mention that Julie from Jewels Arm Candy is celebrating Schnibbles in a giveaway! She has selected a group of charms from Authentic! I love that group and Sherri just made a sweet tote bag from the group also. Her drawing is Sunday so hop over and put your name in.
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here's the News

I know that I have been a little mean... making hints, keeping secrets from you...

just not being a good blogette at all...but I'm going to make up for it today:

Sherri & I are happy to

A Year of Schnibbles Club!

Sherri from A Quilting Life and I have been working on a fun idea. We wanted to make it special and fun for you too. We love Schnibbles, you love Schnibbles. You love charm packs, we love charm packs… so let combine the two and do a Schnibbles a month! Does anybody want to join us? We shared our idea with Carrie of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company and she’s excited about it too!
Here’s what we’ll do:
Each month Sherri and I will pick a Schnibbles to make. You get the pattern from your LQS or from one of our featured quilt shops and grab some charms from your stash or if you prefer… buy a new charm pack. At the first of every month you will post our finished Schnibbles. We will have links to everybody’s blog so we can have a show and tell and most importantly we can give away prizes! Our featured quilt shops will be offering prizes along with Sherri, myself and of course Carrie too!

So are you in? Sign up’s start now until September 1st.

If you would like to join in here's what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment on this post and say “I’m in” and leave a link to your blog; then go over to Sherri’s blog and do the same.
2. Grab our button and put it on your sidebar.
3. Put me on your favorite’s list and Sherri too… so you don’t miss out on anything. We'll have surprises!
4. On the 1st of each month you will comment on our Club members post. So we can link back to your blog and see your finished project.

What we will do:

1. We will post our club member blogs’ on our sidebar.
2. Pick a new pattern each month and list the fabric requirements.
3. We will list member’s links of finished Schnibbles and have drawing or two every month!
4. Throughout the month we will share pictures of your quilts on our blogs
“in no particular order”.

Also: rumor has it that that there will possibly be an "exclusive" Schnibbles pattern for our club members!

Tidying Up and a Morsel or Two

Last week I had made some Tuffets, a Schnibbles pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. They were so cute... and now I have given them all away. I love these Schnibbles patterns... I admit it! I'm a Schnibbles fan! I saw a Schnibbles on another blog today...
note to self: get that pattern!

Here is my second installment of the Save the Date postcards for these two! Classic! The third one is the best... coming later this week. It just dawned on me though. WEDDING...
where is my check list: New Pillows for the living room, new photo frames, blow up mattresses for guests... oh my gosh! There is a list of things I will need to do by t-h-a-t date!
I am starting to get my little UFO's under control for the Charming Girls' Quilt Club. This is my oldest sons quilt I am working on. It's not big enough... I will be adding one more row to the side and bottom and adding the borders too. The blocks are 20" sq. so with one the additions it should measure 92" square when it's done.

This is another CGQC project that missed the deadline last month. I don't really like it. Ya' know how you can just get mad at a quilt? I'm there. The border did me in. Lots more time and energy I think than it was worth. Oh well.

I do love this picture though. It makes me happy to see the pink flowers being pulled in a cart.

Well, I've got to go... something is making me hungry! Maybe it was all of that Schnibbles talk.
Oh, wait... I looked it up and it seems that there is a lot of Schnibbles talk. Doesn't Schnibble mean a scrap or a small morsel? (can a morsel be a small hint also?)
Check out these blogs for there Schnibbles appetites!
Nicole at a Sister's Choice or another entry at Sister's Choice, or Cara's Quilts, then there is Darlene at Quilting Daze and Kate from Australia, Kates-in-stitches, Wendy from Snippets of a Quilter and also Quilt or Stitch? How About Both?

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet the Group! and News to Share

Before I talk about my weekend I just had to share with you Todd and Jill's "save the date" postcards. I just love it. There are actually 3 photos... different poses. I will share the other ones during the week. The gears are starting to turn... the pre-wedding planning is starting to take shape! (they took the photo at Jill's grandmother's ranch, so 50's ish)*
We had such a great weekend. Friday evening at the lake was very enjoyable with an extra added bonus of fireworks over the lake after the music finished. I wish you all could have been there... it was so fun! Lots of Oooh's and Awe's.
Saturday morning we headed down to have breakfast with my dad and his wife and my half brothers and these two little cutie pies...
This is Taylor and she's 3. This is actually the first time I have gotten to see her! And in the picture below is her brother Austin who is 5. I just fell in love with the two of them. I had actually never gotten to meet Taylor before.
She was born right around the time the hubs got so sick.
Poor Austin was just getting over a cold and cough but he held up pretty well. Austin is a bit Autistic but is going to a special school that seems to help him a lot.
I'm going to be making a couple of kid size quilts in the near future I see. I think I will add my photo on the label... no, not to scare the little darlings but so they know who gave it to them and maybe they will connect... that I am Auntie Crafty. (The name my brothers gave me).
Now you know when a little kid says that what it sounds like... uh hu... so we'll see how that goes.
The following photos are from Sunday when my quilter friends and I got together at Rhonda's house to celebrate "summer birthdays". We had the pincushion exchange... I just love mine<3!>

Now, I have some really fun and important news to share with you! I am just busting at the seams to tell you... but, I can't tell you today! I know that is mean but you will want to find out and if I can post about it tomorrow I will! I can only give you a hint...
it is just as fun and special as the news that Sherri at A Quilting Life has to share with you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspriation, Relaxation & Fun with Friends

I wanted to share with you a blog that really inspires me. It's Crazy Mom Quilts. You probably already visit her but she is somewhat new to me. Her quilts are beautiful and not really the "style" that I normally do. But I would love to branch out a little and give it a try.
Nicole, Sister's Choice Quilts, had mentioned in a post this week how quilters stay in a little niche and often don't want to try new things. Even if you aren't ready to do applique, for instance, right now... maybe in the future you would enjoy it. Or the same with fabric choices. If you don't use batiks, or 30's or scrappy... or whatever... maybe down the road you will. I think that quilting allows you to grow and change and to learn. That's what makes it so fun! Don't you think? This year I am doing embroidery... it's embarrassing actually. I'm awful at it... but I'll keep trying:) Anyway...

I have a lot of plans for the weekend. First of all, when I get off of work today I will be heading to the lake. Every Friday evening during the summer the Pines resort at Bass Lake has a Jazz band playing outdoors. We will be crashing the party by boat. We will be joining Jill's parents on their boat (ours has not been out this year... yet). It should be a fun evening and we will avoid any crowds by just dropping anchor nearby and listening to the music.

The scary thing is that I do not have any form of tan for these legs of mine. I would show you a picture... but it would just be cruel. Needless to say, I had a hard time deciding what I was going to wear today, knowing that we were going to be out on the water.
(photo courtesy of the Pines Resort) This is actually where I hold my retreat at.
Tomorrow morning we will be going to visit my dad. We will be celebrating his birthday. Number 78! It's also my step dad's birthday (#69), but I won't be going to visit him... too far. Can you keep a secret? I get my dad and step dad the same card for birthdays and fathers day.
Is that bad?
I just don't want to play favorites or I could just be lazy. See my confessions for Friday's are starting to come out:)

Then on Sunday I will be getting together with my quilting group... another confession time: we call ourselves the "Material Girls". I think you saw photos of them back in June:) This time we are having a lunch/summer b-day party and will be exchanging pincushions. Woohoo... you know I love pincushions. Hmmm, maybe it was my idea?
Okay now I do have a scary picture to show you... and it won't be my legs either. I was outside last night with my dog and she started her "pointer" thing.
I went to see what she was looking at...
and here it is:

This thing was hugs... I mean HUGE! OMG! doesn't it make you cringe? Sorry, but I couldn't resist running in the house to get my camera so that I could show you this tarantula. Eeww!
I hope I don't give you the hebbie jebbies!
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nothing- but A Lot To Do

Although I think the hubs wouldn't agree... I don't think that I have that much to do right now. Of course I mean... quilting things.
But I am busy getting things organized for the Fig Tree Club that I will be hosting for the Cottage Quilts quilt shop in Fresno. I got a call today that the Mill House Inn fabric line is starting to arrive! This is a picture of the first project we will be doing. It's really a sweet quilt and I'm excited to get started on it for a store sample! I don't have any sewing elf projects to do for Fall Market, so doing the FT Club will make me happy!

I have a 3 part class starting on the 22nd of August, also at Cottage Quilts, (and they are having a big sale on-line right now) of this wonderful holiday quilt. It's called Christmas Heart Light and the pattern was done by Suzie Robbins a few years ago. It has some jewels I added to it... which is not normally "me" but it makes the quilt more festive I think. I have taught the class a couple of times before and I always suggest to be creative with the pattern. Can you just see stars or cookie cutter shapes instead of the hearts?
I am also gearing up the plans for my retreat at Bass Lake. It won't be until October but I have to get the weekend itinerary and the pattern/supply lists ready to mail out to the attendees. I also have to finish my samples for the quilt & prep the other project I will be instructing. Plus plan the meals and coordinate it with the banquet department of the resort.
But that's not all!...
I have a little surprise in the works and will be sharing that with you soon;o)
Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Little Pincushions & more

I blogged about the spa bags I made last week and there was some interest in the correct (smile) name of the magazine I used. Nicole at Sister's Choice let me know that she found it ON SALE at the Fat Quarter Shop. So if you are interested, you can order it through there.

I made some progress on my son's quilt. I think I'm about half way there! Boy it's a challenge to go back and try to remember what you were doing... I hate it when I leave a project mid-stream. I do really like the colors of the Diwabo fabrics. I think they are soothing and give the blocks a masculine look. Don't you?
My fun little project was the little pincushion "Tuffets" (pattern by Miss Rosie's). If you ever wanted to do a selvage edge project... but without the pain, try it with this small project. I am ready to go into my stash and start cutting off the selvages so I can make more! It was especially easy to use the edges from the "Moda Scrap Bags" since they are all uneven and need to be straightened up anyway.
I also helped Jill make some lavendar eye pillows. She needed to make
them for baby shower gifts.
The mom-to-be just had a birthday over the weekend... and I was elected to "get/break" into her house while Todd and Jill took her out to dinner. Jill and I had filled up a duvet with balloons we had blown up and I emptied it in her house while they were away. She was so surprised! (wish I had a picture) It was nice because her husband is also up in Alaska fighting fires with my other son. At least she didn't have to spend her 25th b-day alone.