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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Testing, testing...

I had another chance to play with my Crumbler ruler from
Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. that I won from Carol at 
I started off with alternating white background with a print fabric.
But somehow it wasn't working for me.
I decided to continue to play... it's kind of addicting.
But I lack a little bit in the "modern/artsy" style.
Last week I had a scrambled mess... 

 but I think they found order now!

While I was cleaning out my messy stash closet I found the black and white 
polka dot fabrics and threw them into the mix... 
do think I graduated to "modern". 
Monday, May 27, 2013

In Remembrance

Friday, May 24, 2013

Patriotic Swoon

I had to whip up an extra Swoon block...
I thought it would be nice to have 
one block in patriotic colors and just put a border around
it for a table topper or wall hanging.
The new Fig Tree fabrics were perfect...
complete with cherries on the background fabric!

I got a nice little package in the mail the
day before yesterday.
It was this cute little pincushion that I ordered from
I have been shopping with Cheryl recently for a few 
 little gift items
but she also designs quilt patterns! 

Cheryl does a fabulous job sewing these 
little pincushions and thread catchers.
As you can see... I already put the thread catcher to work!
(it was a sweet little gift to me).
Although I enjoy my quilting work... I am not very good at
hand crafted items. 
Really, it frustrates me. 
I am positive that I could not have done
such a good job making these.
I really love the thread catcher, it's a perfect
 size to keep next to my machine.
Thank you Cheryl!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BQF: 2nd Entry: Drop!

If you are visiting from Amy's Quilt Festival...
thank you for stopping by!

I have one more entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival
that is hosted by Amy's Creative Side.
I am entering my Drop quilt in the 
 Doll and Mini Quilts category. 

The quilt measures 20" x 20". 
Made from leftovers from my stash. 
(the tiny little pieces that I couldn't bare to throw away)!
It's machine pieced.
The pattern is from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
I think it's the smallest quilt I have made to date!

Here is a photo of it on my office wall.

And here are a couple more organic pictures taken outside!
One day it will graduate to being an actual "doll quilt"...
and be in a cradle that I have... but for now I like it on my wall.

If you haven't entered into the festival, it's not too late! 
Voting starts on Saturday, so please go visit the rest of the categories and entries
and be a part of the voting!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BQF: Baby Quilt Entry, Sunflower Baby

When I was just new to blogging I remember entering
I can't believe that it's been five years now!
does an amazing job putting this event on!

I wanted to enter a baby quilt that I made for my first grand child.
The pattern is called Sunflower Baby by Ashton Publications
 and the size of the quilt is 42 x 46.

I used Pam Kitty Morning fabrics along with some background fabrics
from Carrie Nelson aka Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. 

The pattern said (read) to round off the Dresden blades on the
corners of the quilt... but I just couldn't do it!

I experimented and found a way to save them. 
I hand blanket stitched around the face of the sunflowers, leaves
 and the corner Dresden blades.

Two of the sunflower faces have freckles and two do not...
representing mom and dad and the possibility of 
Evie taking after one or the other parent.
Side note:
The binding was started and stopped at each edge and the
Dresden fans were faced with another set of fans.
Then the backing was turned under and stitched.
The blanket has been washed no less than 50 times and is
holding up perfectly well.

Take a look at the other quilts in the festival here.
and don't forget to be there on voting day!
Monday, May 20, 2013

Under Construction

The quilt fairy didn't show up! 

I went ahead and started the re-organization by myself.
It is not unlike a demolition.
This is the start of day 1. Closet 1.
I'm going to go by my LQS and get some more empty
bolts for the larger cuts of fabrics in my stash.

My hallway is
still passable... but I have a feeling that it won't be
as this progresses.
I had to keep it out of my sewing room for fear I would have
a complete breakdown.
(and knowing that it wasn't going to stay contained in there anyway)
I am trying to group things into
and maybe narrow it down from there.
hmmm, messiness.

The railing is stacked with mostly quilt tops.
Some are from long, long ago.
Most are more recent projects and shop samples.

If you see the grass that needs mowing outside... just ignore it...
I did! How does it grow that fast anyway? I just cut it last week.
However, I did manage to wash my car!
 I also played with my Crumbler quilt some more.
I had it very "organized"... alternating print fabric, white background...
but for some reason... I changed it to this.
Do you think it was a reflection of my sewing room?
hmmm, modernness?

Oh, there was one more thing I played with this weekend...

We had some "Evie time"!
Can you believe that she is nearly 14 months old?
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Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm Swooning Too

Now that I finished a zillion and two other projects...

I pulled my Swoon quilt out from beneath the rubble of unfinished projects.
I had 5 blocks done and 4 to go....

I got them done... and it feels so good!
I saw a few other Swoons out there in blogland today too!

I saved the half square triangles from the flying geese units.
I was toying with adding them, making an outer border on it...
but then again, they could just be used for something else.

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jeez' Louise-Chinoise!

For Mother's day I got a new camera... however, I haven't read the book
or charged the battery... so I have been out of luck for photos this week.
But then I was looking at FQS and saw the kit 
of the quilt I made for them as a sample.
And what is extra fun for me... the quilt went to Spring Market in Portland.
I had intended to go... but a few things came up and a choice had to be made.
So I am here, waiting for the first photos from Market to start popping up.
I was born in Lake Oswego, just outside of Portland, so any chance to get up there...
makes this girl happy. 
In the meantime, this kit came in the mail.
A friend of mine happens to work for Anchor Engineering, 
and wanted this to be made for their office. 
In return for my services, a second kit was ordered... for me!
It was a win, win, win. 

A few newer quilt magazines have popped up and this is 
the new issue out now... I am on the hunt for it.
It is really a fun, modern, fresh and very "flip" worthy magazine.
In other words, I do a lot of flipping through it...
lots of great projects in each issue...
like the one here...

Behind the scenes...

Fun illustrations too!

                    Just thought I would share that, while we wait for Spring Market to start!
Monday, May 13, 2013

Katrina's Stash

Another thing I was able to adopt last was some fabric

that was kind of at a quilter's estate sale. Her parents 
had everything categorized and nicely priced. I picked up a
few things... some 30's, batiks, baby flannel, and some shabby chic.
I also was able to purchase a wedding ring quilt top... for $20. 
There was an overwhelming amount of fabric 
on the porch there was no less than 50 bins of yarn.
I couldn't help but think, 
and want to run home and clean out my sewing room!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post Show and the Adoption

Where did the week go?
It seems I have been rushing along all week...
trying to get myself back on track.
Let me catch up here a little...
warning... lots of pictures ahead...

  Here is the display of my quilts at the quilt show.
Well, most of the ones that were in the show anyway.

Then when the show was over and all the quilts got put away...
I ventured into my sewing room to see where I had left off on 
the "other" sewing projects...
I pulled out Swoon! 

I already had 5 blocks made and as of this morning, the 6th...
and one more ready to go!

Now, as for that adoption I had mentioned...

Do you remember a story from a long time ago...
that had a very sad ending...
I was attempting to change the battery in the smoke detector when at the last second I saw the cord of my sewing machine wrapped around the leg of the chair I was pulling across the floor so that 
I could stand on it. I didn't even have time to blink let alone leap to catch the machine that flew off the table and exploded into pieces. p.i.e.c.e.s.
I was beyond mad (at myself)... I just turned off the light and went to bed...
at like 7 o'clock. 

Mostly out of guilt, I have been limping along with it ever since...
however, I do rely on my Featherweights.
When I need a special stitch I call on my DDIL or
my friend Rhonda who so kindly  allow me to borrow their Pfaffs
for the special work. We all have the same machine... 
(mine a year older, and super glued together) so I know it well...
unfortunately, inside and out.
At the quilt show there was an area where the guild members sell
items... and for only $375. the Pfaff on the right called my name.

I bought myself a new to me sewing machine!
Now I can let my machine R.I.P.
(rest in pieces)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Quilt Show Highlights

I have a few photos to share from our 
local quilt show this weekend!
It was SO much fun!

Here are a few birds-eye photos from when the show 

I don't think I ever stopped talking!

The quilt above is now on my "list".
I always love seeing the bright fabrics and
the batiks. 
There were several different events in our
area over the weekend, including a 
shop hop... so the show was very busy.

 I especially love the quilting on this one...
I met people from all over the state...
and a few sweet people who read Pink Pincushion!
How nice is that!?!

 My camera (not me) didn't do a good job on this photo...
but it was stunning!

 There were 80 quilts in the show...
this One Block Wonder was so bold and striking! 

And the two below were made by a friend of mine, 

 Do you recognize this quilt from any other blogs?

How about this one?
My old friend Eventide! 
Dianne's turned out so pretty!

Nice Dresden.

I think these two were paper pieced...
they were really pretty.

I am still tired from the weekend...but
the raffle baskets were big hits! 
There were 17  in all...
with the ones I made up and the ones the
groups from the guild made up.
Now, to catch up with my house, yard...
and the sewing room, which is a major disaster!
I'm thinking it's a perfect time for re-organization in there! 
I will be back with more photos and to show you the
new friend I adopted yesterday too.