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Monday, April 25, 2016

Oooh! Spooky!

I've had a very busy week of vacation getting ready for my son's wedding...
and hadn't seen my sewing room at all!

But now I am ready to play!

Starting with this... 

Fat Quarter Shop is having a fun sew along using 
Halloween fabrics!
It's a fun little table runner... so it won't be a big involved
project... just a lot of fun!

You can see more about it on their Jolly Jabber blog here

This is week 1 out of 3.

We will be choosing fabrics for the table runner...
next is the construction and week 3 will be all about the border.
Easie peasie!

Want to join in?

Some very fun Halloween type fabrics are available now at Fat Quarter Shop...
or you can pull from your stash.
I have been saving these fabrics... but I might just make a second runner while I'm at it
with some Fig Tree orange and black!

Go check it out!
Come on, and play along!

... I will be back to share more about the wedding later!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Binding Troubles

Okay, last weekend I used this binding tool that I had bought a couple years ago...

but I was afraid to try it out.

I have never been happy with how I finish off
of the binding on quilts so, since

I needed to get the binding on the wedding
quilt for my son...
I decided it was now or never!

I followed this video for moral support.
 But the ruler has clear instructions on it too.

I did it right... and on the first try!
 I was just so darn proud of myself!

I was such a scare-dy cat. What a dork! It was so easy.

I am going to try and keep myself out of the sewing room this weekend...
and focus on "chores" and if it stops raining... I will do some planting.

I was looking at this bundle that just came out by Verna Mosquera.

I love it and will be dreaming about Halloween quilts that
can be made with it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Photo Challenge

Over the weekend I tore into making up this Plow Day
quilt from Farm Girl Vintage.
I love pinwheels.. 
such a happy block. 

This is going to get quilted right away.
My grand daughter Elsea will be turning 1 next week and
her party theme is... Barnyard Animals.
I even got a barnyard animal croquet set for little ones!

Little Miss Shabby is hosting a month of April 
photo challenge on Instagram.

This was my photo of a low volume quilt.

A photo of my Favorite quilt.

It's been fun to drag out old quilts and visit with them again!

A photo of blocks... so I hung all of my Farm Girl Vintage
blocks out on a temporary line.

And it's fun to try to be a little more creative with the camera too.

The first photo of April was for "pillows".
So here were some pillows I had made. 

It's been fun... and a good exercise in photography.

I also cut out a few blocks to test a pattern for
Sheri at Whole Circle Studio.

She has some fun patterns and I am anxious to 
give her new pattern a test drive!

Here is one of her other patterns that is available on Craftsy.

I meant to tell you about my new ruler too...
but that will have to wait until tomorrow!

Friday, April 1, 2016

My Book Shelf

It might take me a while to slip in some reading here and there but I
do actually give up some quilting time in
order to read.
The key word is some.
Not a whole lot but some!

I finally decided that my substitute format of entertainment
 would be reading because I just
don't read as much as I would like to!
I bought a Kindle Fire and am actually able
to check books out!
Our local library is very small... so this gives me 

to have great access to a wide variety of books. 

These are books that I have read since the first of the year.

Product Details

I loved Out of Africa (from way back when)
and Circling the Sun is a story from
the same place and time and people!
But this is another person's story...
I wish I could have lived back then and had 
known them all!

Product Details

There is a reason that this was such a popular book
and a good movie...
I loved this incredible story!

Product Details

This book was enchanting.
First of all... I have a degree in Interior Design
from when I was a city/beach girl..
long before I created a simple life in the mountains
for myself.. but had I stayed in the city...

I would have been the main character of this book!
That's all I'm saying. 
I loved this story!

Product Details

This was a heart wrenching book.
Too much sad reality.
It was excellent. 

Product Details

I am just finishing up The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

This one seems to keep getting bumped for another book
and set aside but I do really enjoy it. 
I am just finishing it up but plan on reading it again...
I am sure the second time it will be easier to
connect the dots between all the people mentioned.
That really has slowed me down.

The next book I am anxious to start reading is:

Product Details

The Lemoncoly Life of Annie Aster.

I have a few friends that have formed a reading group
and this is the book chosen for our next get together/discussion.

Have a wonderful weekend!