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Monday, April 30, 2018


Yes, it's so true... scrap happens!

I have been up to my ears in a messy sewing room...
I was left no choice but to stop and do some deep cleaning!

In order to organize... or re-organize, I had to really 
pull everything out of the "swing closet" and 
decide what must go and what could stay.

Which, on the bright side, led to some fun discoveries.
On the not so bright side... was that those discoveries often
were unfinished projects! Ug!

Luckily this book came out in the neck of time!
Do you have a copy yet?

I love love love the cover quilt!

I was inspired to take some 
"saved scraps" of half-square-triangles
from my Lella Boutique Open Heart Quilt
and turned those quickly into a mini!

It didn't take long at all!

Here is the Open Heart quilt

These sweet little basket blocks were another "find".
I had some sashing fabrics handy and whipped 
this into a cute mini... 
it made me feel better that I didn't just toss them out.

Okay, excuse the non edited photo... 
but this is a mixture of not 1 not 2, but 3
unfinished (in various stages) projects!

Coincidentally I used Lori Holt fabric in all three projects.
It was actually a happy coincidence...
because when I put them all together and started to 
arrange them... they played well together!
I am adding a border around the smaller blocks now, then
I just need to sew the rows
 together and I have one finish! 

I hope to get back to this one soon...
I took a class from the sweetest 
blogger/Instagram friend...

This is her pattern: My Swedish X.

This is a great introduction into using solid fabrics.
And it's great to pull scraps from your stash~
I am having fun with it! I have about 68 blocks to go...
but it will come together in its own time.

Anyway... back to Lissa's book...

There are lots of super cute projects in it and I can't wait
to make them!

These will be #1 and #2!

(photos by Brent Kane)

(adorable little one here)
You can find the book at Martingale Publishers here.

Thanks for stopping by!