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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Found My Blocks!

I was hoping that these blocks were not going to have the same fate as my lost village of Yoyoville!
Luckily I was able to find them in my very neglected, yet messy sewing room this morning!

So I will have 13 blocks when this BOM is over... which is just fine with me
because I really like the options you have with  13 block settings.  
Sherbet Stars Downloadable PDF Quilt Pattern Cotton Way
For instance, this one has 15 blocks but you could omit the last row.
Binkies on Broadway Quilt Pattern Bunny Hill Designs by Anne Sutton
Here you can see that the elephants make the 12 blocks and the alternate block gives you the diagonal lines.
(photos borrowed from FQS)
That's the thing about block of the month projects...
do you buy the finishing kit too?
I don't, so I need to be creative with that part of finishing the quilt.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She's Here... and BOM Rehab

Yes it's Rehab time but first...

Guess where I was yesterday!!!
At the hospital!
Which is nothing new for me this year...
but this time it was for a wonderful event!
The arrival of my grand daughter.
Absolutely perfect in every way!
May I introduce to you Evelyn Rae
born Monday March 26, 2012
at 6# 11 oz., 19" long.
...and her daddy!

Did you get a chance to sew over the weekend?
Did that include one of your block of the month projects?
If you did... then you could be part of our Rehab!
Here are the girls that have joined in on the rehab this week.
I wanted to show you the pictures of what they are working on and the links to their blogs
just in case you might want to explore the other block of the months out there or maybe
it will spur you into pulling out a project of your own.

I didn't get a photo of my blog yet... but as I pulled out my FQS Designer Mystery BOM 2011
and started cutting out block number 2... 
things started to look familiar. I wondered if I had just opened up the package for that month and
swiped fabric out of it, because obviously it had been cut  here and there.
By the time I started sewing block #2 I had a memory of making this block before!
So, I new I had done #1, although I cant find the block right now. I must have done #2 as well.
So since I didn't have a picture of the block to share, I thought I would look back at my posts from last year and see if I had taken a picture and shared it here already.
And then I see this picture!
It not only has #2 along side #1... but there is block #3 also! 
Where did that come from???
I don't remember that at all.
(well, you can see my memory hasn't been serving me well anyway)
So, now, when I find them, I have numbers 1 and 3 and two of #2!

You know what the funny thing is???
I was able to cut 2 whole blocks out of the fabric included for block #2.

Here are some other Rehab blocks...

Kristen at Meadowbrook blog

This one is from Jennie at Over the Hill and Running.

This is a sample of the BOM's in progress from Celine
at Esprit Patch. Do you recognize this BOM?

This is a block of the month project that Laura from 
Creations on the Island is making. This is from a quilt along she
is doing with the Old Red Barn.

Here is a block from a BOM from Marcella, Short Attention Span Girl!

This is from Vivian! Her blog is Bronx Quilter!
This looks like a fun one... go see her blog to learn more.

This group is just starting...
all you need to do is pull out a B.O.M. you have and start working on it this week.
Show a picture of it and a completed block on your blog on Mondays and let me know.
I will enter you in to win a prize at the end of the month for each week you play along.

After this week we will just have a Simply Linked tool available so you can just add your photo to the list
easie peasie! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Delivery!

Oh happy day!

My son came home to celebrate his 30th birthday!
Tonight I get to cook his favorite dinner, Fettuccine Alfredo,  and make his cake...
carrot cake... 
and just be a mom... 
and maybe even get to play a little Scrabble!

He was  a beautiful gift when he was born and still is...
 and gave me the honor of being his mother. 
Now, all the kids are gathering to help celebrate 
while we wait for the arrival of the little girl that is going to make him and
his brothers uncles. 
So yes, that makes it my lucky week and I should be blessed by becoming a
grandma within days!
And there is another special arrival at my house...

my poor Pfaff got a little mending job from the repair shop.
After several months of being without her...
we are reunited! Just in time to make those 
diapers for the "before-mentioned" grand daughter!

But that's not all!

This man who, holds my heart...
gets released from the hospital tomorrow, after
a lengthy stay of  81 days! 
I told him that it was about time he found the front door to that place! 
Yes, I know,  I am a lucky and very blessed girl!
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've Been Wanting To Share Something With You

It's the right prescription for the addiction! 

I have a large assortment of wonderful block of the months that I have 
gathered, started, and others that I just wanted to do. And there are new ones 
that will be starting soon.
So I thought that I might tackle one or two or three of these...

There have been some wonderful ones by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.
Snowbound and loving it!
Also some free ones (old or new)by fellow bloggers that are available.

Quilt Dad

And some fantastic ones that are available from our favorite
 on line shops like the Fat Quarter Shop.

 I hate to do things alone, so I was wondering if you are like me and 
might be in need of a "rehab" for your B.O.M. addiction???

I thought it would be fun to start "working through:" some of my BOM's that I love before the new ones start up in June and July. I really don't want to miss out on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM...
and to relieve my guilt I need to get some progress made on some of the other ones I have.
I am sure you understand.

here is the plan for the B.O.M. REHAB:

1. Sign up with me and put the button on your blog.

2. Make a post each Monday of a BOM block you worked on over the weekend  along with my button so we can encourage other BOM addicts to join in.

"we can work through this together"

3. Send me a link to your post so that I can. share it on my blog.

4. At the end of each month I will have a drawing for a prize. 
So if you post each Monday...
that means you have 4 entries to win a prize. 
If you only posted twice that month... then, that would be 2 entries.

One more thing...
if you are not a BOM addict yet...
there is still time... there are many BOM's to indulge in.
You could need a Rehab too!
Monday, March 19, 2012

Mosaic Monday

I am considering booking a flight to the U.K.
for the sole purpose of  visiting a 
Cath Kidston store. I really could move in to one of their stores.
I don't think anything says Spring and all the things that goes with it more than 
this style.
(I might change my mind next week... but for now I really mean it).
My kids just booked flights to Scotland to run a marathon.
 I think I could easily do a shopping marathon here.

So, do you think anyone who works in a Cath actually goes home with
a pay check?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This Is How It Evolved

Although I have plenty of other projects in progress...
I was compelled to pull out some fabrics and just
 This is my experiment with making a fat Dresden.
I started at the 4" mark of the ruler so the bottom was the 4" and the top of the blade is 
7 1/2". The result is a block that is huge!
I am going to need to set it on a 20" background!

I found the perfect template...
my Fiestaware plate, turned upside down, to make the center circle.
That's a 12" plate. 
The blocks are fun... I believe I have enough blades to make 13 blocks.
It's going to be a pretty big quilt. 

 This is where I auditioned the fabric for the center of the Dresden.
The more polka dots the better!

And this is where it all started. 
I had previously cut out the blades and then sewed the ends of
320 blades... all in about 2 hours. 
I decided to just work with 20 blades at a time to clip, flip and press.
 I have the semi-instant gratification of one block

I also have been able to work on my Scottie dog quilt...
(I thought it was me, but it was the photo that is blurry, sorry)
I decided that we needed more dogs with bows. The
pattern only had one girl dog. I was originally going to add ric rac and other
embellishments to the dog collars like the pattern suggested... but I have a feeling that
this is a quilt that the soon to arrive grand child will be using...
so  the bows can replace the other embellishments.
I hope to get these rows sewn together tonight!
Monday, March 12, 2012

Mosaic Monday

First things first...
I have a winner of the patterns!

It's Dee from Bitten By the Quilting Bug!

This is kind of an odd mosaic but the last few weeks I have had posts titled:
I've Been Here, and I've Been There
so this time I wanted to show where I stay at while I am here and there.

 Each room is a little bit different...

(side view)

But they are all at this beautiful facility.
This is called the Fisher House.
This is across the parking lot from the hospital where my
hubby is at. This is just for VA/families that come from
far distances, we can stay close by while our
"patients" are getting the care they need.
I am so fortunate to have this available to me...
it really takes away some of the stress.
(This last weekend my room was the one on the right side, upstairs)
And...  I am happy to say that the hubs is doing great!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Step Right Up Folks We Have a Winner

 It is way past time to tell you the winners of my giveaway!
So sorry to keep you waiting.

I was actually trying to coordinate the announcement with another little announcement
but that isn't working out. So you will just have to wait for my other news.
 Here are the giveaway winners:
For the Mini Wall Hanging Kit:
It is #34- Betty Lou!

Next is the winners of my Three Blind Mice...
(and isn't that ironic that it was 3 icky mice along with a nest that
were in my car engine causing all of the problems)

Does this picture make the ears look big?

How about this one... is that better?
Ok, here are the winners of the mice:
 Julie of Having Fun Quilting
 Kris at Simplify
  Brenda of Quilting Along Life's Way

but that's not all... I have another winner.
I am giving the 3 Blind Mice pattern by Fig Tree & Co. away to Sherry L .

Thank you all for your support, advise and comments!

But wait. I am not done yet. Since it is my celebration of over 400 posts and over 600 followers
I thought we should continue through the month with a little fun.
Since blogging is all about sharing, I thought I would share this.

This week I am having a little giveaway for these patterns.
 I was on line and was thinking how much I liked The Cotton Way pattern in the middle...
but thought I might already have it. It was a good thing that I checked, because,
not only did I find the one I already had at home... but the next day I found a second one...
I had already bought the pattern twice and was about to buy it a 3rd time! 
iey yie yie!
Obviously I love the pattern. So I am giving it away to someone along with the
sweet Bunny Hill pattern (very doable by Easter) and the Pinwheel Flower pattern...
that is a big quilt. I saw it made up at In Between Stitches and fell in love with it.
It's just a happy quilt.

I will pick a winner on Monday. Just leave me a comment.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mosaic Monday

There is just something romantic about weather vanes.
A few years ago we were visiting family in Rhode Island and
we got there during the Newport International Boat Show.
Fortunately for us, we were staying with family who
had a boat and we went out to see it. Not only was it a spectacular day,
seeing all the beautiful boats from the water vs. the dock.  I remember looking
past the boats, past the people on the docks, and looking at the
 sun shining down on the city's edge,
at the town of Newport and seeing the beautiful weather vanes on top of the historic
It truly was a moment to behold.

On a completely different note...
I tried to turn on my air conditioning in my car yesterday, because it
was such a gorgeous day... and there was a terrible noise along with
debris coming in the vent and a huge awful smell.
There is something now dead and smelly  clogging up my vent!
(not photos for this)
(you're welcome)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The I. S. T. H. Parade Is Here!

California Poppy Photo
Do you know what I love about March?
It means that winter is nearly over, daylight savings time begins for us, 
which means more sun light hours to quilt in and wildflowers are starting to bloom!
My oldest son will be turning 30 this month and, as you already know, I will become 
a grandma this month too! my son's name starts with a T. Well, actually all 3 of my son's names
start with a T.
Does that give you a clue as to what Schnibbles we will be making this month?
Well, here it is:
(I'm not going to do any name switching this time... but...
 my bloggy friend Thelma has a thing for "T's" also,
I'm just saying). 

Bibelot Schnibbles Charm Pack Pattern Miss Rosie's Quilt Company Schnibbles Pattern
Here is a photo of the pattern that I borrowed from Fat Quarter Shop.
They carry the pattern along with our featured quilt shops that sponsor our prizes.
Here is my version...
and if it looks familiar, it is. I made this sometime near the end of last year.
So I am getting to cheat a little this month!

Here is what you will be needing to get started:
2  charm packs
1 1/8 yards background
I hope you have fun with the pattern!
I really enjoyed this quilt.. I hope you enjoy it too.

Okay now, are you ready for the Schnibbles Insert Snappy Title Here
parade of quilts?
Well, let's get started because we have a lot of quilts to show you!

Paulette, shared  her  I.S.T.H. quilt...
she had it sent to me before Valentine's Day!  
She does amazing work!

Mary at Gwendie's Quilts blog made a beautiful version...
do you see how the center star pops?

made her beautiful quilt with French General fabrics.
I love the center background... it's a little bit lighter.
Don't change it Sandy!

Patty D. from the blog A Stitch In Time made her sweet quilt with the beautiful Ruby fabric line.

Wendy from the Another Day In Pensacola blog had some technical difficulties so she made
Reveille quilt as a substitute. A beautiful quilt too! The large version of this quilt was on the cover of 
Carrie's book Another Bite of Schnibbles

Sandy F. made a Western theme version.. at first glance I
thought it was a Christmas quilt... but this theme works great with those fun fabrics!

Leah at Quilted Delights blog made her happy version complete with 
butterfly's... you can see some great close up photos of her blocks on her blog!

May Kristin  at Krisp Quilts blog made 
her version with the Rural Jardin line by French General.
It looks so romantic... maybe it was because she worked on 
it in February? 

Strawberry Fields version made by Laura. 
I wish this was a better photo.. because the quilt is beautiful
and S.F. fabric is one of my favorite fabric groups by Fig Tree!
(not counting Calif. Girl, coming out soon)

Satu from Cat Tales made a very cute table runner and gave it a special border...
it's cat approved!

Feeling the tropical breeze?
This version was created by Michele at Island Life Quilts
So pretty and relaxing to look at. 
I love her stars.

Here we have another beautiful table runner made by Shelly at Poplun Quilts.
The quilting is beautiful too!

Shannon at Nunus Quilt World made her festive version...
it makes me of lemonade, pink and yellow!

Trelly made this sweet version... I love the pink!
I just love her colors... so Shabby Chic, just my style!

Meredith created her version with the gorgeous California Girl fabric!
Here is a link to her Flickr page.

OK, this might be a bit confusing but we have an entry A Creative Notion by Vicki...
her Full House is just too pretty!

Patti J. made a beautiful version of the pattern. I love the 
way the stars stand out.

LeAnn created a happy (or should I say, Snappy) version
of  I.S.T.H. here! Bold, bright and fun...
I imagine she had fun seeing these blocks come together.

An here is a fun version made by Susan B. with a 
checkerboard border that just pops!
I can see this being pulled out for the 4th, Veteran's Day, and Memorial Day.
It looks so patriotic.

Here is the last one for the parade! This beauty was made by Pati.
You can visit her at her blog Pati Quilts.

Now, to see more... a lot more...
 you need to pop on over to A Quilting Life and see the other
quilts that were entered into the parade!
I'm heading over there right now!
But before you go... you might want to check my last post...
I am having a giveaway! 
And you might want to head over to Cupcake n Daises,
Thelma is having a special giveaway too...