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Thursday, February 28, 2013

JuSt SiCk oF iT!

I am so happy to be past February and starting March!
I just seem to feel so uninspired... 
I am so ready for daylight savings time! It just means 
the beginning of the end of winter to me!
I have often wanted to hold a party to celebrate DST.
Much like those people who celebrate Winter Solstice.

So, I am thinking... along with Spring comes spring cleaning...
and it might be a fun excuse to do some destashing AND
have a giveaway... or two. 
So, let me gather up a few things and come back tomorrow to 
start the DST, daylight savings time giveaway celebration!

Which also stands for DeStashing Time...
well, sort of!
Oh, and a special prize drawing for my BOM Rehab people too!

Thanks for stopping by... hope to see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Fun Night

Last night I had a fun class at my LQS. 
I gave a class in Bounce by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
I don't seem to have a photo of my quilt... but you can see it in the top corner of 
the photo below.
Also in the photo is Diane... who is in a lot of classes with me...
here she is showing her Eventide quilt, also by MRQC.
I just loved the way it turned out...

but even more amazing was this quilt from 
the book Scrappy Fireworks by Laundry Basket Quilts.

These are just 4" blocks... aren't they are just beautiful?

In Between Stitches in Livermore CA offered this as a "block of the week".
They sent a little fabric kit of various "scraps" so that you could make
6 blocks a week.
They are doing another quilt from the same book using the same format...
it's for really small basket blocks.
I am drooling over it!

Oh, and the class was a lot of fun... but I feel so bad for everyone, because
most of the real work was in the cutting... and that was assigned to do BEFORE
we met. It seems my job at that point was pretty easy peasie.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Already?

I did manage a little bit of BOM Rehab over the weekend.
But it was just a little bit!
I started to work on my Bee Block.
Next month is my turn for a block...
and this is the one I am choosing!
I have been wanting to make a modern Dresden ever since I saw it over at
Hyacinth Quilt Designs blog last year.You can click on the link to see hers.

I didn't have the right ruler for what I wanted to do... and so, instead of waiting, which would require patience, I 
made my own...
but it didn't really work out like it should.
So, I will be ordering a 15 degree Dresden ruler this week.
(the difference is that the other Dresden ruler... the one I have makes a
block that is 20 blades and I need one to make 24 blades).
I am going to make plastic templates to add to my fabric packages 
that will go out to the girls in the Bees Knees group. 
I hope they will find it fun to play with!

What did you do?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Following Lori! (over at Jolly Jabber)

Yesterday JJ blogged about the big news over at Bee In My Bonnet...
  Lori Holt's new ruler sets! Lori has such sweet fabrics and fun projects too!
BUT... (drum roll please)

I'm being interviewed over at the Jolly Jabber today!

It was exciting enough to get to pick a Blogger's Choice bundle for
 Kimberly Jolly at the Fat Quarter Shop!
And being on the Jolly Jabber blog is an extra special treat!

You can see some photos of what I am making with the beautiful bouquet
of  fabrics ... using this pattern...

My group includes a helping of fabrics from Pam Kitty Morning "Love" collection, 
a dash of Brenda Riddle's Hill Farm collection
and a smidgen of Riley Blake, and a little bit of this and that too!

They have a little "guessing game" going on also... which enters you into 
into the drawing to win one of these fat quarter bundles!

If my purchase arrives from Fat Quarter Shop today... I will
be showing you this quilt again soon with the border fabric on it.
I couldn't decided so I bought two...
this one...

and this one... 
so, if you can, hop over to Jolly Jabber and look at my quilt and help me decide 
which border to use.
(and while you are over there... you can enter to win my bundle)

Oh... and this will be the binding!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Aren't these the cutest paintings?
I saw these in my favorite shop in Carmel. 
The Carmel Bay Company.

If only I had walls in my kitchen/dinning area!
I haven't given up on getting one or two (three) of these yet...I'm still thinking
of a place to put them. 

 Here I am looking at Pebble Beach Golf Course... the 9th hole...
maybe 7th.

I could sit here for days on end.
But today...
I'm looking at this!
Monday, February 18, 2013

BOM Rehab & Some Old Friends

We went over to the coast and stayed at my sister's beach house 
in Pacific Grove following the hubs doctor's appointments on Thursday.
We haven't been over there for quite a while but it is one of our favorite places to be.

I also got to see "old friends" while I was there...
a few of my quilts that I have either given to my sister, 
or she just claimed as hers, like the one above.
I don't know why but I find the "raggy" quilts so cozy.
I know that they are just functional quilts and don't rate the same as
other quilts... but those are the ones I like to cuddle up with the most!

Here is one that I gave to my brother in law.
It had been published in Quilt magazine.

Here is one that I love... this is from way back when...
when I had to by 1/8 yd. pieces because I didn't have a stash
to make a scrappy quilt with!

Here is the result of the other part of my weekend...

I did the final piecing of Pam Buda's little sew along. I love this little guy...
and am really glad that it is only 4 blocks... I think there is a whole other little
table runner in seam allowance here!

I also finished putting together my Fig Tree quilt using my Blogger's Choice
fabric bundle from Fat Quarter Shop. I just need to pick a border fabric now.
Tough decision!

And I even got some work done in BOM Rehab!
I made the bottom row of flowers and started putting together my rows.
I just have one block to complete up in the top left corner and then I can finish
the top and put the borders on this block of the month from Quilt Soup.
Now, I have to run... I actually came into the office today, but someone called me (a coworker),
who happened to be driving by.
It seems that today is a holiday?@#*@#*!!

Were you in the Rehab too?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mid Week Mosaic: Hearts

Lots of sweet inspiration out there....

(images from craftsy, sew fabulous quilt shop, cactus needle, nana & co. and lovely little handmades)

I love those tags... and since I missed out on getting any made for Valentine's day, I think 
I will focus on Easter! Surely they will have a tag along with little chicks and egss!
xo bear tags by nanaCompany

Here is my little Valentine bear.
Just a few weeks ago she was in Hawaii...

Are you ready for a little surf and sand?
Monday, February 11, 2013

Not Me- How About You?

I am so sorry to say that I did not check into BOM Rehab this weekend...
instead I was playing with my bundle of fat quarters from 

I just couldn't stop playing with the Milky Way pattern.

I have the blocks all finished now...

 and ready to but the sashings on.

So, no block of the month project for me... this week.
I'll do better next week! 
Were you in BOM Rehab?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Parade of Favorites: Winners!

Boy, I think I have been asleep at the wheel!
I was suppose to announce a prize for the Schnibble Parade of Favorites!
How could I forget to do that???

Carrie Nelson, wanted to give a jelly roll of the Sandy Gervais fabric, Flirt and a Crumblier
to a person from each parade. Isn't she so sweet?
Flirt Jelly Roll Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics
So let's pick a random name okay?

From Sherri's Parade of Favorites:

And from my Parade of Favorites:

I really enjoyed seeing every one's quilts again. I always seem
to pick new favorites and ones I would like to make again when I see your quilts!
I hope you will plan on playing along with Another Year of Schnibbles ... 
after a brief intermission!

Do you realize that Valentine's Day is just a week away?
Did you know that Kristyne at Pretty By Hand is hosting
a Valentine tag-along?

This is one by Nana & Co.
She has a sweet pattern for the tag along too!

I think it's kind of funny that my husband's heart surgeons made an appointment
to see him on Valentine's Day. I guess we have an extra special relationship with them!
The Hubs said that he wants to take me up to the top of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco
afterwards ... for a kiss! 
It's kind of  Sleepless in Seattle romantic, isn't it?
So sweet!

I finally found a copy of the magazine that has the quilt I made for Fat Quarter Shop in it.
(they have a kit called Sew Little Time made up with Sew Mama Sew fabrics)
That's pretty sweet too!

Monday, February 4, 2013

BOM Rehab & More

Of course no sewing got done on Super Bowl Sunday!
But I was able to play in my sewing room on Saturday...

Remember that bundle of fabric from Fat Quarter Shop?
Remember that I was trying to decide on a pattern 
to use with it?
Well, I one of the patterns I was thinking about was this pattern

(photo found on the web)

but I wasn't sure if there would be enough fabric
but I threw caution to the wind and I
went for it....

Here is my first block!
The pattern is called Milky Way by Fig Tree & Co. 
I am liking it!!! I can't wait to get the next block made!

But back in BOM Rehab... 

I was finishing up my Pam Buda quilt along blocks.

I was also working on the Temecula Quilt Co. quilt along.

So were you in the BOM Rehab too...
or were you too busy with Super Bowl?

Friday, February 1, 2013

AYOS Parade: Could You Pick Just One?

I'm so excited that we did this as a kind of "grand finale"!

I know it was an extremely difficult task to ask you to pick just
one of your favorites for this parade.
I don't think it could have been any more taxing if you had asked me
to pick a favorite child! 
(I think it depends on the day) he he!
Now I am wondering if Carrie is able to pick a favorite from her Schnibbles patterns?
So, what was my decision today? 

 My pick for the parade was Doc. 
Not only did I love the way this turned out...
but I had so much fun making the blocks.
I think I would have never attempted this "Card Trick" 
type of pattern if Carrie hadn't written the pattern.

Kay (no blog) picked her Hubble quilt as her favorite for
the parade! I love this one... and I'm so glad she is sharing it
with us!

 Carol (no blog) made this beautiful Hot Cross. 
I love these colors.
Here is Doc from JoAnne the Patriotic Quilter.
It was her last Schnibbles made in Hawaii...
now she lives on the main land... I love the way the
quilt looks like the water coming in.

Brenda picked her colorful Summer Day as 
her favorite! I love these fabrics!

Here is another  Doc quilt made by Brenda at Quilting Along Life's Way blog
It is just gorgeous in these colors. I am so glad that it was her favorite to share!
Izzy couldn't choose a favorite... so she made this
Valentine quilt! A perfect solution!

Darlene picked Bounce as her favorite pattern for the parade.
I just love all the movement in this quilt!

Debbie at Tis' the Season submitted her beautiful quilt 
here... it makes a perfect holiday quilt doesn't it?

Denise had a lot of fun with the T pattern. It was amazing...
and I am so happy to show her quilt again!

Gerri picked Summer Day as her favorite
Schnibbles. I love the red in it!

Dorothy at Paws for Stitching made a 
sweet House Schnibbles using 30's fabrics.

I love this idea! Hildy made a sampler of all her favorite Schnibbles blocks
and now they are all here in one quilt! Brilliant!

Gretchen picked her gorgeous Doc Schnibbles quilt as her favorite.
Good choice... these colors are beautiful together with the grey background!

Karen picked her House quilt as her favorite..
it looks like a seaside village doesn't it? Cute!!!

Carol at Carol's Crafty Creations chose her 
sweet Hot Cross made out of Thimble Blossoms fabrics!
I like the purse there on the side too!

Here is Jan's Summer Day quilt that she chose as her favorite!
It is just beautiful.

Kim at A Peach in Stitches blog
 picked her Baby Bounce quilt as her favorite... and I think she made a 
great choice! It is beautiful all in blue!
Here is a show stopper! I have got to try red as a background color
sometime! Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventures is
sharing her Doc quilt for the Favorite's Parade!

Here is a beautiful Cindy Lou Who that even has a little blue ribbon!
Andee of Mondern Diary picked this one as her favorite.

Here is a great choice of  I.. S. T. H. that was Lesley's quilt 
for the parade. I love the checkerboard border on this one!

This one is so sweet. I love the arrangement of the blocks.
Anna, submitted her quilt here as her favorite Schnibble.
She hasn't been in the AYOS group... but she just might join us
starting in May!

We will announce the pattern for the next round of Schnibbles on April 1st. 
No, seriously!
And  announce the new name for the next year of AYOS also!
I was wondering what I might do during the next month or so while waiting for
AYOS to start back up again... and then it hit me!
I could make a Little Bite or maybe even a Tumbler quilt with Carrie's new ruler!

Thank you all for being such a great group!
Prizes... there might just be something tomorrow!
(Sherri's parade will be up soon)!