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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bindings and Other Finishes

Looking back at the posts of 2011
I thought I would choose one
of my favorites to share with you... one that
I thought would be worth repeating.
It is titled:
(just click on title above)
Of course, it is a little bit embarrassing but a little bit funny,
the funny outweighs the embarrassing and I thought you might enjoy it!

Tomorrow is my DDIL baby shower that is going to be held at my house...
it will be a brunch and will probably be the big event of the day. I expect
I will be in bed long before midnight. I think I could manage to
celebrate using East Coast time though.
Happy New Year to all of you.
Thank you for a year of friendship and sharing.
Wishing you all a safe and blessed
 I will see you next year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are You Ready for Another Year?

It's getting close to the end of the year...
but the good news is that it will be the start of
Another Year of Schnibbles!
Monthly challenges, parades and fun!
Remember these?

Click here to see the post of Le Petite Grand Finale of Small Quilts.
It's time for Sherri at A Quilting Life and I to start getting
everything in order for those of you who are interested
in participating in Another Year of Schnibbles.
Sherri is working on a post that explains  "the rules".
And we have a new button for you to put on your sidebar if you would like!
I think it's really cute...
You can just take the button and link it to either one of our blogs.
Since we both host this it will just be easier this way.

So I am going to hurry up and get my holiday decorations put away and find
my sewing room again. I have the first pattern to finish up so that
it will be ready on the first of January along with Sherri's Schnibble project.
Wouldn't it be fun if Carrie, Ms Schnibbles herself played along with us???
nudge, nudge!

Friday, December 23, 2011

One French Hen, Two Turtle Doves

and a Union Jack under the tree!

I found one more quilt top this morning to add to my 11/11 list.
This is number 17.

And because Schnibbles are a big part of my year... and some of you said that it would be okay to
count them...
here are my Schnibble and other little things- finishes for 2011.


Then there were a few other things like:

A cute little camera bag or two.

I actually made 4 of these little spool wall hangings.
They were addictingly fun!
Here are a couple others in the mix. Endless Summer and
one from This and That designs.

One sewing machine cover, there were a few other small projects too,
and a partridge in a pear tree.
Now that I'm looking at the little machine cover,
I really don't know why I made it... the cover really doesn't stay on the machine for very long!
And I don't really see how this machine has any time to collect dust at all.

I think you can put me down for another dozen done on the "small" quilt list.
And speaking of Schnibbles...
 I guess I can wait to tell you next week!

Merry Christmas to you.
I enjoy our time here
and wish you a
blessed holiday
filled with
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Look Back

 I was trying to get an idea of the quilts that I finished this year.
I had joined in with the 11 in '11 with Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventures.
Now, the rule was that they had to be quilted and Schnibbles (small quilts) don't really count either.
So, as productive as I was, I didn't meet the requirements.
Here are a few quilts that actually did get quilted.
I did a little special sewing for FQS and the rule there is that, of course, it needs to be quilted.
I followed the rules where it counted!

 I also made a shop sample using Flurry by Kate Spade... and this one was quilted also.

My Butterfly quilt got finished and quilted as well.

 Some of the quilts I completed... I couldn't find finished photos for.
But this Flying Geese quilt got done... but I am on the fence with it.
I seem to have a reoccurring theme of debating whether or not to be finished or to
add more borders. 

I had made two Picnic quilts from the book Scrap Basket Sensations. This one was made
with Bliss and the other one was made using Sweetwater fabric: Hometown.

Here is my Gone to Market quilt... small version. This is one that I would like
to make larger also.
Here is my Dear John quilt. Actually called Eventide by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Not quilted... might never get quilted.

I finished the FQS 2008 Mystery... and this one does need to get quilted.

 This one was from Scrap Basket Sensations also. It's called Nana's Garden.

Currently this one is done... but I really am going to make it larger...

Frosted Windowpanes is done and I did make it larger than the pattern... just a little bit larger, so
now it can go into the "to be quilted"stack.
Each Day is a Gift.

Vintage Dishes... it's quilted and I love it.

This one is Amelia and is a shop sample...
it will get quilted and go to the stack of quilts that will be for my
granddaughter who is on the way.

There is more small projects and this and that.
I will save that for later.
 So by my count... that's 16 quilts and just 6 of them quilted.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bring It On

The decorating is done
with no lights to spare,

all in the hopes that the kids would soon be here...

and I am happy to say that they have started arriving...
last night and today... and more on their way!

My sewing room will be the last room to be turned into sleeping quarters..
so mostly everything here has come to a stop.
But I did start a little project that needs some attention...
I decided that now was the time (I need serious help)
to make the slip covers for my family room furniture.
And with that task I learned a little something new...
although it was a struggle for me, I did manage to
"get it"... I figured out my ruffler attachment for my featherweight.
Oh my goodness, I am in love!
Instead of cording for the slipcovers I am making little ruffles. And
I do have to say that it is turning out pretty cute.
I see no stopping me... after I am through with the 40 yards of ruffles I need for the furniture, I have
baby blankets to make for my soon to be arriving grand daughter. Oh, and then can you see all the little clothes with ruffles!!!
I am in heaven!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year

I love listening to holiday music and all the festivity of this time of year.
I would love to live in a musical if I could... and if I could sing.
This time of year brings me close to my imaginary world.
This song is my "traditional" song for sharing on my blog.
I shared it last year also and I'm happy to have a chance to share it with you again.
I hope you enjoy it and that you are enjoying all the pre-Christmas festivity this week.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coming In For A Landing

Just a wee bit more to do on my Studly and the Mrs. quilt.

I got all of those 1,244 flying geese to get into formation!
(not a true count)hehe
But I'm not done yet. This quilt just fits the top of the bed.
But I have more fabric... so I thought I would continue the borders on it.
Kelly's pattern does call for one more 2 1/2" border outside the FG border, like the inside one.
I thought I would add that and then maybe the brown floral that you see in the bottom photo.
I would really like like to use the other "needlepoint" print fabric on the outer border and I was
thinking of making it pretty wide... 6-8-10 inches??? What do you think of those options?
Is 8" about as wide as you would go?
Just like the quilt top I shared yesterday,
this quilt was made solely with stash fabric and the border fabrics
 are from my stash as well, so I thought it
was a good opportunity to use it up.

Of course, anything left over could go towards my Schnibbles stash. right?!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Making, More Decorating

I have been working on my decorating and
slipping in some time to create.
I even finished up this quilt!
I went ahead and added another border... that's all it took to make it a queen size.
I stripped the bed so I could lay it out... sorry it's not complete with pillows etc.
Next, I am working on taming some flying geese...
those guys take some time to herd up!
More on that tomorrow.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mosaic Monday

This is just a random assortment of photos that I have saved and thought were
cute, fun, or inspiring and thought I would share them with you today. Especially since
this week we can find ourselves, ok, maybe I find myself,
being random or otherwise in a chaotic state of
The quilt was made by Kay at Studio Happenings. I have her blog listed on my sidebar.
I love that quilt. The pattern is in a book by Hyacinth Designs.
 I love the Christmas card of the family
all busy texting. Isn't that perfect?
The snowman heads are made with a donut hole
on top of a vintage milk bottle filled with milk.. . wouldn't that be sweet for Santa?
I did finish a quilt top over the weekend. I will have to share a photo of it tomorrow.
I also managed to get my last gifts in the mail to my Santa Swap partner!
Some things are getting checked off the list but more things are getting added quickly.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Silver Thimble Awards

I haven't done any sewing of significance this week, but my mind has
been wandering... and wondering.
And this is where it has led me to:
Silver Thimble Awards

As we come to the end of the year I was thinking that we should pay special tribute to
fabric designers, pattern designers, and supporting cast
to recognise the most memorable contributions
to the quilting community.

I would like to give you, bloggettes, a chance to nominate those people who have
inspired and influenced you this year.
Of course there are many more, second runner ups, third runner up, fifteenth runner up etc.
and this is certainly just in fun but
Please take a minute and think of who you would like to nominate for 2011
in the following categories:

Best Pattern of the year

Best Designer of the year

Best New Fabric Designer

Best New Pattern Designer

and for supporting cast...

Best (favorite) New Fabric line

Best Fabric Company

Best Online Quilt Shop

So here is my picks:
(and when I say best... I mean favorite)

Best pattern- Swoon
I fall in love with this pattern over and over again,
every time I see it made.. it looks good in every fabric group.
Image of Swoon- Pattern 142 PDF pattern
Best Designer of the Year-

Carrie Nelson aka Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
It seems like her wheels are always turning... creating wonderful patterns AND fabrics continuously.
Books, Schnbbles, Nine Dots and more.


Best New fabric Designer- Lori Holt
The cutest fabrics ever... and more on the way!

Best New Pattern Designer- Cluck Cluck Sew
A new twist and a whole lot of fun.
Sugar DishCover

Supporting cast:

Best New Fabric Line- Joanna at Fig Tree and Company

Strawberry Fields, gorgeous fabrics this year and California Girl is already my favorite for next year.
(shamelessly borrowed from Fresh Figs blog)

Best Fabric Company- Riley Blake Designs
Lots of new designers and very fun fabrics

 Best On Line Quilt Shop- Fat Quarter Shop
Outstanding selection and service... and they are just plain nice!

(another shamelessly borrowed photo from Jolly Jabber)

So, who is in your line up?
Have a great weelend and I hope you get everything checked off of your
to-do list!