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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkins and Sparkles

Happy Halloween!

Here is my favorite pincushion... a little pumpkin from Fig Tree & Co.

Last night I taught a class from the Fig Tree pattern Sparkle.
It's really a fun pattern. 
This one was made with Robyn Pandolph fabrics.

This is with Tula Pink fabrics.

And it was really fun to see it made up here in batik fabrics.
Have you seen Fig Tree's newest quilt patterns?
You really need to go see them... I already got my patterns...
I just can't keep up with that girl! So many beautiful quilts.
And you will see her new line of fabric for Spring as well as Tapestry
that will be released any minute now!

Oh, and there is one more Sparkle I have to show you!

My little pumpkin is 7 months old now.

Hope to see you  tomorrow at the AYOS parade!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Claiming the Title: The Original Glamper

I have no choice but to come out of the closet now!
I had wanted to write a little something about me on
Friday when I had my 500th post celebration.

And now it seems I really must come out of the closet...
especially since a new Moda Designer, Mary Jane Butler of
Mary Jane's Farm was at Market to reveal a new line of fabric:
Glamping. (see top left photo borrowed from Pam Buda)

I found Mary Jane when her magazine was just  randomly published...
I think she was the original "farm chick" back then. 

But I am here to claim the title of original "glamper". 

I went to Yosemite over 30 years ago. 
I have mentioned before that I gone to see the National Park for the day, 
and then ended up staying. 
Never left. 
I had only ever actually camped as a child with my grand parents in Oregon.
They had one of those sweet canned ham trailers. I loved it.
As I grew up, the only "camping" my family did was to rent a house in the 
mountains... bring the dog, the TV, fondue pot etc.

So,  in Yosemite, my living quarters was one of these tents. 
I bought a flash light, a travel alarm  clock
 (because I would need to get to work on time)
 and a sleeping bag. My family  mailed my clothes to me.
I never left my new home (and job).
Working in Yosemite was much like
 a cross between M.A.S.H. and the movie Dirty Dancing.
A small town of kids from all over the U.S.

I was probably the only one there that wore make-up, and it 
wasn't long at all before a heated water bed was in that tent!
I had one electrical outlet at the top of the tent where there was a light bulb.
I unplugged the water bed for a short time in the 
mornings in order to plug in my blow dryer and alternate with my curling iron!
You know I got kidded a lot back then and
I could never had shared that until now.

I am so excited that camping has been transformed!
And I am so glad that I can come out of the closet with my little 
secret! Because my idea of retirement is to return to glamping 
and maybe even return to the "canned ham" and enjoy 
the camping and fishing like Sisters on the Fly!

Although... I don't like to catch fish. Ewww.

Speaking of Retreats

I stumbled across this advertisement for Quiltmaker's Block Party  !
Full Event Package $499 includes:
• 1 Opening Night Celebration
• 3 Full Days of Classes
• 2 Dinners/Evening Sessions
• 3 Keynote Speakers
• Block Exchange
• Goody Bag

And do you know who is going to be there?
  • Gudrun Erla, GE Designs
  • Beth Ferrier, Applewood Farm
  • Diane Harris, QM Interactive Editor
  • Julie Herman, Jaybird Quilts
  • Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville
  • Jo Morton, Jo Morton Quilts
  • Carrie Nelson, Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
  • Peg Spradlin, Handicrafts by Peg
Whaaa! I would love to go... I love Portland!

Monday, October 29, 2012

BOM Rehab & Book Giveaway Winners

It was another beautiful fall weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it...
even though I didn't manage to go anywhere!
I was busy catching up from being away from home last weekend...
which led to more cleaning and even rearranging furniture.
But by Sunday I got to spend a good amount of time sewing.

I even managed to make a block for my October FQS BOM!
I wanted to make two (because I am making two of each block from the same fabric) 
but I only made this one... and concentrated on a pieced border I am working on
for a certain quilt... which we will see more of this week... and fingers crossed it 
will be completed in time for the AYOS Parade!
Friday I announced a little giveaway from Fat Quarter Shop on Friday
in honor of the Simply Fat Quarters book debut at Market last week.
( a happy coincidence was that it was my 500 post landmark celebration)

In that post I showed the front cover and a collage of quilts...
but I thought I would show you what the back cover looks like...

And here is another photo... borrowed from Jolly Jabber blog.

Thank you so much for all of your comments... I read everyone of them and
it was really nice to see a lot of familiar blogger names and to discover some new bloggers too.

So,  here we go... we need 3 randomly chosen winners...

The first number generated was #38:
(not counting one deleted comment)
Ramona said:
Congrats on the 500 mark! How helpful to already have the math figured 
out and be offered various quilt sizes. Sounds like a great book!

Second number up was #85:
Carrie P said: 
congrats on 500 posts. blogging is so much fun.
thanks for the giveaway. I would love to own the book.

The third generated number was #16:
Kay said: 
Congratulations on the 500th post! That's a lot of writing & you do it so well. 
Can't wait to get my own copy of this book. It does look like a very versatile book.

Thank you!!!

Now...  back to normal Monday things...were you in BOM Rehab this week?
One more thing... did you happen to see the brand 
new block of the month coming from Bunny Hill?
Chick Jubilee!
Seriously cute!

Please add your name and project to the list!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Hundred For Me, Three For You

I have a wonderful copy of the new book by 
It's So Emma pattern company, SIMPLY FAT QUARTERS,
 that I have been drooling over..
There are several fun projects in the book...

including the ones you see here on the cover!
And here are some of the quilts you will find inside the book!
One of  the things I really like about this book and the It's So Emma patterns is
that you are not just getting one pattern/one size. The instructions give you fabric
requirements and cutting instructions for several sizes. Why doesn't everyone do that?
Another great thing is that these quilts lend themselves to be made up for guys and also 
as baby quilts... lots of versatility!
I haven't got to play with the book yet but I thought you might like to see it...
and better yet...
Kimberly Jolly has given the okie dokie for me to give away 3 of these sweet books
to you guys in honor of it's debut at Fall Market. So since today starts the Market frenzy
I am having a giveaway that will go through the weekend. I will pick a winner 3 winners
on Monday! 

Did I mention that I just made the landmark of over 500 posts on my blog?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quilt Camp Recap

I meant to show you pictures of my retreat... 
a few at a time...
but since the week is almost over I am just going to bombard you with
lots of photos today.
We had 46 wonderful women attend the retreat. It's a smaller number than
usual  but it was a great event never-the-less.

Mostly because everyone brings a great sense of humor
and wonderful attitudes to this amazing place!

 People came from all parts of California. From as far south as San Diego.
From the San Francisco Bay Area (go Giants) and from
Northern California too!
 Even though we work hard from way early  til 11 p.m. we
do find time to stop and enjoy the scenery.

One of the things we did was to have a show and tell of the quilts made by Ruth Kingsland.
She passed away this year, not long after learning she had cancer.
Her daughter came from the Bay Area to share her quilts with us one last time.
Ruth usually has a large group of friends with her... I missed seeing them this year.
Several of the quilts were from Bunny Hill patterns. But all of her quilts were amazing.

 The weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire weekend.

 I love the retreat because I get to see my favorite people
and spend some time with them.
 This is Wanda and her entourage is in
the photo above! 

Old friends got together!

New friendships were made!

Peggy and Beverly are the sweetest people...

Do you see the views here?

Proof that quilters are the nicest people. 

 I think everyone was having a hard time waking up on Sunday morning!
It was a long weekend! I gave a little tutorial on a 
cell phone caddy, a Cathedral Windows pillow, and a Spider Web quilt.
There was also a Mystery Quilt project... hmmm, and what else????

Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Going On In BOM Rehab?

I had a great weekend at my quilting retreat...
it was picture perfect- the weather, the food and the fun!
I can't wait to share more about it with you...
but since it's BOM Rehab today, 

I need to get my blocks up for show and tell!
Here are the ones I have made so far...

and I have the next block ready to go! Well, really it's two 
blocks, because I am making two of each. I am using the
same fabric group for both... although I keep thinking I should 
make another set of blocks using dark colors, just for fun...
what do you think?

I always like to keep an eye out for setting ideas for my Block of the Month blocks.
I wish I knew where I got this photo (sorry) but this one obviously was from a quilt show.
Of course this pattern is by Bunny Hill but isn't the way
it's set just beautiful?

Here's another fun thing to do...

And how about this one? I love the little stars in the sashing!
Do you save photos for setting  ideas also?

Were you in the Rehab???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Extra Set of Eyes

I know that it's getting near Halloween, but I don't mean an extra set of eyes in 
a scary way.
This is a photo of the sewing machine that
my grandma had. 
Although I know where this one resides...
in the garage of distant relatives in Oregon... there it will remain.
I have been on a search for one just like it.
I am confident that some where some time I will come across
The Free #5.
But extra eyes out there wouldn't hurt... so if anyone sees one of these
beautiful machines in a garage sale or a thrift shop...

please let me know. I would be thrilled to own a machine that looked like
my grandma's.
I don't get to a whole lot of  yard sales or antique shops, 
but I did get to go to a church yard sale

a couple weeks ago. I found this... and although I have no idea what it is...
I assumed that it had to do with knitting.
Do you have any information?

I couple of weeks ago I shared  two of my BOM projects that I haven't touched 
and I was concidering a new pattern for. 
I was disassembling my BOM kit and thought I would
snap a photo of what 12 months of fabrics looks like.
They practically did the cutting for me!

This is from my other BOM that I pilfered.
Doesn't look like a whole lot does it?

I have to say that neither one of these came from the FQS.

Just something to think about when signing up for 
a block of the month. 
Size vs. monthly charge.
I am now more aware.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Missed BOM Rehab

Last Monday we had a whole lot of fun show and tell 
for BOM Rehab. The projects are wonderful!
I was happy to see so many people in rehab having a good 'ol time!
I can't believe it's been a whole week... it just flew by!
I  am having a hard time keeping up with myself right now.

I didn't even make it into BOM Rehab this week.
Will you forgive me?

As much as I would like to be working on something for Fall
and  a BOM project...

I am focused right now on putting together all the last minute details 
for my quilting retreat.
I host a retreat each year at Bass Lake, CA. at a beautiful conference
center with huge windows, lots of light and  gorgeous scenery.
So, it really shouldn't be hard to keep every thing in order...
but I have been working on the projects  I plan on teaching, going over food menus
for the 3 day event and making up gift bags and all the other things 
to make it a fun weekend.
It will be this weekend...
so can think I can catch up with myself after that.
Where you in the BOM Rehab?

Monday, October 8, 2012

BOM Rehab- Were You There?

Fall is in the air! 
I have been waiting for this since about mid-summer!
I hope you are enjoying a nice change in the season also.
I got a few things checked off my list over the weekend.

I remembered a Mystery BOM from Quilt Soup that I had signed up for.
I do love Quilt Soup fabrics and patterns.
This block of the month is mostly all applique but
the pieces are large and simple. It's a perfect time to start on this project.
There is another applique project that I am 
about to start up and since I am 
a total beginner at applique I think that the one project should help be 
fine tune a little bit and make the other project,
 Evening Blooms by Blackbird Designs,
a little bit easier for me.
Here is my start on my Mystery BOM.

I have been needing to get my project samples ready 
for the retreat I host. It will be the weekend of the 19th this year.
The first project is a spider web quilt.
I like the way it turned out. I didn't want it to be very scrappy but
I think if I make one again I would like make one scrappy... but maybe 
just use all polka dot fabrics. I seem to need some control on these!
I wanted to see how it would work with just using a jelly roll.
And here is how it turned out.

My other project is a Cathedral Windows pillow.
It is suppose to take a 14" pillow form but I had to squeeze 
the form in it.

I am going to make up a second pillow and change the last step a little...
but at least I have this one to start with.  
Oh, and
I have to share this with you...

I had been in my local grocery store and they had this as a display piece.
It had "spray" butter in it and was displayed next to the corn in the produce area.
I asked them what they were going to do with it at the end of the season...
one thing lead to another and I got a phone call a couple of weeks latter to
come and pick it up. I think it's really cute. I love the wire frame and the apple basket...
it even has wheels. I might remove the wood sign...  I think it's cute. 
Not that I needed one more thing for my sewing room... 
but as you can see, it is already serving a purpose.

What did you do over the weekend? Were you in BOM Rehab?

Friday, October 5, 2012

La Dolce Vita

Our last ride on the lake for this year but
it was my first birthday to celebrate with my 6 month old grand daughter!
Lucky me to share the day with her and our family.
It truly is a sweet life!

The temperatures have cooled off finally. 
Wednesday evening we came home and discovered
our air conditioning unit had bite the dust. 
The temp was 87 inside. 
It obviously had worked hard this summer
and gave up... two days before the temps dropped.
Cooler temps means it's quilting season doesn't it?
It's kind of like football season... does it really ever end?
I will be focused on finishing up my samples for my
retreat  this weekend. 
Time is a' tickin'.

These two were excused from my birthday.
My sons just got back from Scotland where they went to do this:

They ran a marathon over there!
(congratulations on your finishes)!

They also went to see a soccer game...
and  some beautiful country...

They even got to see Nessie... 

Okay, kidding.!

Have a great weekend.
I hope to be back on Monday with lots to show you!
I hope you get some Fall weather too!