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Monday, June 29, 2015

It's A Good Thing I Like Dresden Blocks

Small but cute!

I made the remainder of the 25 mini Dresden's that I needed
for my quilt... along with half of the 16 medium sized Dresden blocks...
and I had already made the 16 large blocks.
So now I need to start making the centers for them!
The only problem is... is that
I can't find the template for making the centers!

I guess I can kind of judge by the picture here.

It looks like they used the background fabric for the centers.
I can do that.
What do you think...
 Does the center look the same on the
small Dresden as the large one?

I had to look back at some of the other Dresden
styled quilts I have made to see what I had done in the past...

This had a regular center.

This quilt had a super large center.
I like the polka dots.

This one had a little face for the center.

This was for by Bees Knees sewing group!

Hmm, No help here... this isn't finished yet.
It was my Bees Knees project.

 I guess I have more Dresden's to finish...
and more to make!

This  is a new kit yet to be made... 
oh, hey, I bet I can
look at the pattern here to see about the center template!

I am also going to take a closer look at the Patriotic Quilter and 
Cupcake n Daisies blogs... because they made the one from the magazine too!

Hope you have a great week! 
Thanks for visiting today!
Friday, June 26, 2015

Recap of the Week... and Looking Forward to the Weekend

Evie has had swim lessons this week and last week. 
I have been hopping over to watch after work
and taking the opportunity to visit with my son as well.
He has also been taking her to the 
golf course and has
 started giving her golfing lessons!
What a sweet dad.
This little one just finished dance lessons last weekend...
Which is all you expect 
from a three year old!

I have been preparing my mini Dresden blades
this week. 
They are so TINY!
makes them cute...
and I can't imagine that it will take very long to make them into 
mini blocks, right?
There are two sizes here...
the super mini and the mini.

I just love the V & Co. fabrics.

Here is the other project I have
been doing the grunt work on in the mornings...

Remember the Tula Pink pattern I shared the other day?
I have a good start on it now!

It's going to be hotter than blazes here for the next 10 days. 
I am not a big fan of triple digit weather... so the objective
will be to stay cool
(and get my housework done early)!

I hope you have a good weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My World of Pink and Forest Green

Did you know?

Today is National Pink Day!

 I'm not sure I can contain PINK to just one day!

Here are some photos from my Pretty.Pink board on

Pink is just going to have to share the spotlight today because
I am adding forest green... 
for a good reason...

There is a photo of our local Hot Shots. 
They are the Crane Valley Hot Shots 
aka Dirty Birds...
(remember Heckle and Jeckle cartoons, they were the original Dirty Birds)

 My son is a part of this crew for 8 years now
 maybe 10, I can't keep track.

That's him there...
the only one that is facing forward.
They are down in Southern California
at the Lake Fire in San Bernadino County.
They are having a morning briefing and then out to "work"!
This is a photo from U.S. News and World Report. You can read about
California fires there. The fire is roughly 27 square miles in size.
Nearly 2,000 fire fighters are working this fire...
they are amazing!
That's why my other favorite color is forest green!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Has Officially Arrived!

Before I made Crop Circles I made this quilt...
it's Vintage Tulips by Thimble Blossoms. 
It was a MUST do when I first saw it
 and I ordered the PDF as soon as the pattern 
was available. It is so sweet... so of course
 I had to use my Pam Kitty Morning stash
and now that it's made...
 I have seen variations
that I love just as much as the original.
 I saw one quilt using only
the alternate blocks.
 And then there was Cindy's quilt... and 
Vintage Tulips too. I am half way 
tempted to spend the entire summer 
making this quilt over and over again!

There is even the mini one... 
oh, the light bulb just went off!
I can do mini's of the other variations!!!

I brought this quilt out of hiding the other day.
It had been a pattern in a magazine. 
I believe it's called Dresden Doilies. 
Designed by Gerri Robinson
You can see that the skill level was for a confident beginner. 
(Insert your own joke here.)

I left off with 7 small ones made. All of the large Dresden's made
and  none of the medium size made.
Fortunately, I found (after spending some time looking) my V and Company
fabrics... so I am back in business!
This will be one of my summer projects.

The other summer project I have in mind is this one:


It's by Tula Pink!
I have been obsessed with Orange Peel quilts since
Playful Petals was published!
So now I plan on starting with this quilt but also 
spending my summer making other 
quilts from the book by Cory Yoder aka Little Miss Shabby!

Playful Petals Cover

Miss Luella showed her version of the cover quilt recently on
Instagram using Jen Kingwell fabrics.
That really sent me over the edge on my obsession!
So, you will be seeing my version of this one also...

I have my summer fun all planned now! 
How about you?

Friday, June 19, 2015

12 Years Old Already?!?

Have you been over to Fat Quarter Shop?

Earlier this week was the start of the Fat Quarter Shop birthday bash!
They are 12 years old now! 
How sweet is that?
Sending out special birthday
 wishes to the Jolly family and also to the
staff of Fat Quarter Shop 
for always being on the top
of their game!
You want it? They got it.

 Always helpful!
 Excellent service!

Did I mention friendly?
That's really important to me!

So I hope you take advantage of their daily sales
through next week and help them celebrate.

Happy 12th... and many more!

Did I forget to show you this quilt I made as a sample for FQS?
Here it is! It's made using Lori Holt's newest fabric line:
Modern Minis! 

Here is the group... it should be in stores any minute!

This sweet panel is in the line also!

Doesn't she always have something fun up her sleeve?

Have a good weekend!

I have been on a salad frenzy. 

This is the dish I am bringing 
 to the annual 
picnic at the lake on Sunday. 

Single servings in plastic cups...
how does that sound?

recipe at Creme de la Crumb

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Quilt Show Re-cap

Here are a few of my favorite quilts from the quilt show.

This was such a fun quilt made by Virginia... who was the Featured Quilter.

This is Donna's quilt. (sorry, blurry)
A wonderful embroidery... and she adapted the 
pattern to represent our local lake.

This is another one of Virginia's quilts.

This one was made by Diane A.! From where 
I was selling raffle tickets I was able to look directly at
her quilt all day! I loved every minute of it!

This is Sally's gorgeous quilt! 

This was so beautiful all in wool! Made by Rosalie.

This one was made by P.J. using Kaffe fabrics.
I taught the class on it at our local quilt shop.
(remember the little sew along with this pattern)?

This amazing applique quilt was a Lori Holt pattern and 
made by Diane W. No easy feat!

I loved this sweet little quilt... with the colorful geese. 
Made by Bev.

That's a little recap of our show!

It was a fun one!
Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm Tickled Pink and Blue!

I  had a less than favorable week last week...
but the weekend 

made up

It was our guild's quilt show 
(that only happens every other year)
I had two quilts entered into it.
The one quilt was my Coastal Lily quilt.
Pattern by Minick and Simpson.
I got it back from the quilter two days before the deadline to 
turn it in.
But I made it 
and I couldn't have been more

I even a few minutes at my son's home to do a little
photo shoot, with the assistance of my sweet DIL,

If you remember, Thelma aka Miss Cupcake and I started 
our quilts together. 
She of course finished way faster than I did...
and you have seen her quilt everywhere...
and if you are like me...
I am just drooling whenever I see it pop up on Pinterest
or other places!

 I went with a beachy look for my Coastal Lily.
I grew up at the beach...
so it just seemed  fitting.
I honestly wanted to get out of appliqueing those circles...
so I made mini yoyo's instead.
I am not sure if that was a good idea...
but there you are.

It was so sunny 
and very hard to not have glare.
But I think you can see some of the detail that
my quilter did.
Her name is Jeri at A Thread Above.
She was inspired by Judi at Green Fairy Quilts (of course).

And here are a couple of 
photos from the show.

Notice the blue ribbon there?
Guess who got Best of Show?

Yes! Me!

Happy dance!
It was such a fun surprise!
I was tickled pink to say the least!

Oh... and more good news from the weekend...
my cat, who disappeared on Monday showed up 
at my door at midnight Saturday night.
He was every traumatized but Leo is home!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Friday!

Today is Farm Girl Friday!
 For the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along!

And today is my day to share my favorite block!

Because one is not enough...

I made another!

And another!

But that's not all!

Here is "all"!

Don't they look sweet together?

I was thinking that one would be for the sampler quilt.

The other two will be  pot holders.

I loved Lori's idea of making these 6" blocks into pot holders.

I use to play for hours on end... day after day, with a huge
stack of pot holders that my grand mother had.
Seriously, somewhere between 25 and 50!
There I would sit on the stairs of the
 Victorian house in the
Bay area.

To this day I think that is why I became a quilter.
I would arrange the pot holders square by square...
block by block... over and over again!
So now I think I will make a huge stack 
of pot holders for my grand daughters!

There is more to see...
Amy at Nana and Company is sharing her block today too!

Here is the link to the whole schedule!
Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Between Now and Friday

Here is a photo of the opportunity quilt our guild is raffling this weekend!
Sally is doing her best Vanna White pose!
The photo doesn't quite do the quilt justice. It is gorgeous and the hand applique and
quilting is breathtaking. 

I am looking forward to our quilt show! We only have it
every other year. I am charging my camera right now...
so I will be sure to take lots of photos!

The opportunity quilt is
by Kim Dheil pattern from the book Simple Blessings.

I wanted to share a couple more photos from Hildy and Cathy
who are doing the sew along with Nicole and me.

Hildy is doing a beautiful Jen Kingwell pattern...
incredible applique!!!

and Cathy is working diligently on Crop Circles.
She is doing her applique by hand and it's taking 
about 3 hours per block! Aren't her fabrics gorgeous?
Cathy's blog is here.

I am so impressed with all the hand applique. 
If only I had more time!

Friday will be my day for

I can't wait to show you "my block"!!!

Are you playing along?