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Monday, November 27, 2017

Cake Mix Sew Along

This is week 3 of the Cake Mix Quilt Book Volume One Sew Along!

I am excited to share my project that I have been working on...
It's Fondant!

I paired a stack of 10" squares of batik fabrics and a layer cake of my background fabric and 
pinned my pre-lined paper... stepped over to my sewing machine and 
 started sewing!

These blocks came together pretty quickly... and the papers were a very helpful 
guide in the construction!

I loved how the book had the "visual aides"  aka patterns... 16 in all...

to show me the options of  the Cake Mix Recipe Cards. It's a great how-to book for using the Cake Mix Recipes by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.

I enjoyed watching the videos by the Fat Quarter Shop... and picked up a few tips too!

I already have me next project sewn,
 cut and ready to go!

This will be the cover quilt pattern from the book!

Be sure to check out the last couple of weeks in the Cake Recipe Sew Along with 
featuring quilts from the It's So Emma Book...

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November is Harvest Time

 I thought it was a good time for 
a book review today!

Have you seen this one?


This new book by Kathy Schmidt was released in
September... by Martingale Publishers
 and it's the perfect project book for fall.

It has a dozen plus embroidery projects in it... 
and they all embrace Autumn in all of its
lovely color and textures!

Here are a few I picked to share with you...

This wall hanging is so pretty with all the leaves and acorns.

Image result for Stitches from the Harvest - Hand Embroidery Inspired by Autumn By Kathy Schmitz

*all photos are from Brent Kane for Martingale Publishers*

This squirrel has got to be the most adorable one
I have ever seen!

I always love a new seasonal dish towel...
do you not love the knife that the squirrel is on
or the spoon for the birdie? 

This is a super cute whimsical wearable project.

Image result for Stitches from the Harvest - Hand Embroidery Inspired by Autumn By Kathy Schmitz

Kathy creates beautiful stitcheries... and even though
I am not much of an "embroiderer" I love that her 
projects are not overly complicated and her directions
make it simple for a beginner.

I hope you get a chance to look at or, even better, 
 order a copy of this book.

It will
inspire you!

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Colors of Autumn

This is my Fallville quilt that I started 
the first week in October! 
Cupcake n Daisies and I decided to have a sew along together...
of course she finished first... Thelma is pretty speedy!

But I wanted to do a my borders a little bit
different that the pattern and it took me 
extra time to think it through.

In the end I'm happy with the way it turned out
and as a bonus....

it was made with fabric from my stash!

Last fall I made Vintage by Thimble Blossoms.
I used October Skies fabrics... so I was happy to use up
my scraps and now I will get them both quilted for next year!

Last weekend I worked on a few of my 
Beees Knees Sewing Bee blocks that I needed to get 
caught up on.

I love the fabrics in these Bear Paw blocks!

And I also made a couple of fun Spool blocks
with a low volume background!

I still have fall quilting to do work on before I get started on this
new kit by Fig Tree & Co.
... but it's nice to open the package and fondle the fabrics!

My project for this weekend is Lucy!

I haven't made one yet 
but now have
a great assortment of orange, black and grey
and I think I can get it done while it's still fall

That's okay with me because 
the colors of Autumn
 come and go too quickly...

I just want to enjoy it as much as I can.

Enjoy your weekend,
I'm glad you stopped by!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tablerunner Bliss Tuesday!

Image result for tablerunner bliss book

I had forgotten just how enjoyable it was to whip up a
table runner until I got my hands on this book by Sherri Falls...
and made my first runner from Tablerunner Bliss!
Most of the projects are made out of 6 or less blocks...
definitely a small time commitment and before you know it you
 have a 
runner made!

I hope you have been following the blog hop 
and seeing the Tablerunner Tuesday posts!

Here is some eye candy from Jolly Jabber:

Image result for tablerunner bliss book

This is a fun one for this season!

Today I am sharing the Comfort and Joy Runner...
here is my version:

I started with this fun holiday collection by Basic Grey...

Here is a progress shot:

This has such an interesting design...
the interlocking blocks are really unique!
I'm glad I made this one!

This is the version in Sherri's book:
Image result for tablerunner bliss book

These are some of the table runner posts that you can go back and take another look at:
Here we are today:

I should have taken a close up of the binding...
it's my favorite in the group!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tablerunner Bliss Blog Hop

I'm glad you are here!

It is the season 
for table runners...

and the amazing designer Sherri Falls
has just published a book jam packed full of 
wonderful table runner projects!

Not only will you find that every single one of them
is adorable... but your mind just might wonder a little
and you might just want to change 
up the table runner into a wall hanging...
an entire
The blocks are so cute!

I was asked to participate in the lovely little blog hop
and today is my day to share the table runner I made from 
the book!

Image result for table runner bliss book

In the book you can see that the pattern is in red and white... which is
great for several holiday decorating but

This is the Cheerful Tablerunner

Image result for table runner bliss book

I thought I would change mine this time...

into a bit of "easing into fall" color scheme!

and here is my Cheeerful Tablerunner!

I love the instructions in the book ... very clear and just easy to follow.

The blog hop started officially last week and continues through 
the month of October!

We are going to have a fun weeks ahead with 
Fat Quarter Shop

The blog hop will continue so keep watching!

Did I mention how fast and easy it was to whip up?
I went from cutting fabric to binding with no stress involved! 
I'm thinking Christmas gifts... how about you?

Friday, August 18, 2017

What's in the Queue

This is something I started last weekend.

I'm participating with a group on IG that are 
making this Tone It Down 2017 

Since I always wanted to make it...
I thought I would join a group to keep me motivated.

I have five done... and as daunting as they seem...
with 97 pieces in each block... 

they are addicting!

I don't even want to chain piece. 
I like watching each one unfold; 
much like turning from caterpillar 
to butterfly!

But even though I started a new project,
I was able to finish a project!

This was made from the Lella Boutique
Do Si Doe pattern.
using the Minick and Simpson
winter fabric group.
(with an addition of a couple of other fabrics)

But I am already looking forward to making a...
a Minick and Simpson, new pattern...

On the Plus Side!

I saw this photo on Instagram...
and I had to jump at it!

Designing Women: Quilt Designers Share Their Stories « modafabrics

I gathered up my reds and an assortment of backgrounds
but that's where I will remain until
I get some more of the Tone It Down 2017 blocks finished.

In the mail this week I 
found a package with Sherri Falls' new
Tablerunner Bliss!
It is way too cute!
Lots of quick table runners to make...
or even change up a little to make a small wall hanging...
or even a pillow or two! 
I am super excited about this book! 
I don't really have any table runners... so it's perfect for that too!

Have a good weekend!
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July... the Month that Came... and Went!

I was just thinking about entering in a couple of quilts
into our county fair.
It is held over Labor Day weekend.
I couldn't really think of anything I have made 
And then an idea hit me!
I could look at my blog!

Obviously, a very neglected blog.

I was discouraged to see that I haven't even made one
post for the month of July!

So, let me take care of that!

The month started off with my Uncle passing away.
He was 92 and a larger than life, happy and
 compassionate human being!
I am sure that the earth itself mourns this loss.

I made a trip to Portland for the services but also
had a little simple sight 
seeing included in the trip.

I even had a selfie with Henry Huggins!

This is the Beverly Cleary Elementary School.
She is from Portland and is 102 right now. 
The books name the streets in this neighborhood...
and the park has Bronze statues of not only Henry, but Ramona 
and Ribsy too!

And a little indulgence was needed...
I am so thrilled to have been 
able to step foot 
in this adorable quilt shop!

And I found some fabric to adopt!

That week ended too quickly.

I have been back home catching up...

including time with these gran littles!

I have been receiving my Bees Knees Quilting Bee
blocks in the mail! 
They are all looking so cute!
The pattern is from the Snapshots Quilt Along by Fat Quarter Shop.
You can find a link here.

And I caught up on a long overdue block for 
one of the Bees!

I made this fun quilt over this last week too.

The pattern is Chandelier. 
I think I'm going to make just about every
 single pattern in Vanessa's book!
It's like Simply Retro. 
Just a great project book!!!

I have also been helping still at the local quilt shop...
spending some lunch hours there from my other job.
Squeezing in time at night etc. trying to keep caught up on the 
books and ordering... all the not so fun stuff!
The owner, and my friend,
 is still in the hospital...
and this is the start
 of her 4th month and her battle continues.
Bless her heart. 

No wonder the month has slipped by...

oh, and I did find a few quilts to register for the County Fair!
I will save those for another post!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here!