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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I've Got My Ducks In A Row

This is what the upstairs railing looks
 like in my house the last few days.

 I am 72 hours away from setting up for the 
local quilt show and I am happy to say that 
I have my quilts ready to go.

I just thought I would show you what it is looking like.

I had a few last Schnibbles quilts to bind over the weekend.

I had taken a terrible fall earlier last week and landed on my left hand,
which braced me... however, my hand (among other parts) is terribly bruised
and I wasn't able to sew until Sunday. 
Fortunately, I have everything done and I am no worse for the wear.

I went to the lake for lunch, and these guys agreed...
I do have my ducks in a row!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Half Dozen of One or Six of Another

I suppose I should try to post on Sunday for Scrap Basket Sunday
hosted by Kim.

But this time... I can't show you my "scrap project"
until Wednesday. 
I can however tell you that my project is using the
scraps I had leftover from making this quilt.
It's from the Mama Said Sew collection from Sweetwater.

What I did do was get things started for another Scrap Basket
Sunday project.
From the book: Scrap Basket Beauties...

I was going to try out a couple of patterns in the book
so I cut out a couple of blocks .

 Well, actually,

a couple more than a couple.
After I got started...
I thought...
that it might be fun to make

a sampler quilt from the blocks in the book!

And then I would decide what quilts I wanted to make from the 
book after that. 

So, I either have 6 blocks ready for a sampler quilt...
or I have the start of 6 quilts!

See you Wednesday!
Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clueless, As Usual

Am I the last one to listen to Pat Sloan Radio Show?
I am now "dialed in" so to speak! 

It's really fun to listen to the interviews she has with 
designers and better yet with fellow bloggers!

I listened to Sherri's interview and was 
thrilled to listen to what she had to say.

I got to hear Nanette from Frieda's Hive...
it was so fun to put a voice to a name!

There are other interviews like Kim Diehl, Aneela Hoey,
some others that are my Bees Knees bee group friends:
gosh, the list goes on and on!

Seriously, am I the last one to know?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Daydreaming While Binding:

While I have been busy trying to finish projects;
 putting bindings, sleeves and labels on things...

In my mind there has been a growing pile
 of things that I want to start.
I grew up at the beach, so I have a Nautical side that creeps in 
every so often and this Salt Water fabric in the Anchors Aweigh pattern
by Tula Pink is one I would really love to make up.
 It actually happens to be a free pattern.

These are a few others on my list 
This is from Cotton Way using the Marmalade fabric line.
Pinwheels and baskets win me over every time!
It sits within inches of my sewing machine!

I am in love with this one called Sewing Scissors by Lori Holt.
The photo is borrowed from her blog.
I am becoming obsessed with all of her fun patterns and
fabric lines. 
How many patterns do you have to have in order to actually be 
considered obsessed?
I have this one inching it's way towards my cutting table right now...
but I actually have another set of fabrics earmarked for this pattern.

Then there is this one that is a free pattern from Moda:

It's called In From the Cold from...
Pinned Image

from Kate Spain.
Her holiday fabric lines are always festive.
And this is a new one just about to release.
This is a pattern that is designed as a block of the month.
Which would be fun to do like that with friends. 
I think it would be a good  as a winter quilt. Other than the 
one cup with a wreath on it, it doesn't really shout out 
"Holidays" as much as it says "winter".
Cute huh?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Perfect Shopping Day

Monday, April 22, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Wow, it's been 6 days since I posted last! 
I didn't mean to be gone so long.
I was planning on posting over the 
for Scrap Basket Sunday.
But, there I was without my camera cord...
and who wants a post with no pictures?
But I have camera, cord and photos to share now!
My son took a little trip over to the coast and brought back
some salt water taffy for me! 
It made my chores so much better...
salt water taffy does taste good with sewing binding.
Every time I think I am caught up with bindings and sleeves...
a quilt comes back from the LAQ.
It makes for good busy work while watching TV in the evening with the hubby.
But my fingers are getting pretty sore now.

 My Scrap Basket Sunday results are here...
I couldn't resist the opportunity to dive into my scraps
and prepare for the "next" scrap project on
my list. I have always wanted to make this
quilt from Temecula Quilt Co.
 So, pulling out some stash fabrics and doing a little bit of 
cutting was nice to do. Now I have it ready to go.
When I am done with this one that is...
I am up to 42 blocks now. I skipped working on it
the week before, so this week I had to do double time
to catch up with my schedule.
I also have a little cheat sheet to use for cutting when you do it as
a weekly project... unfortunately I strayed from the plan...
and things just got confusing.
Note to self: do not, not use the cheat sheet.

I hope nobody remembers when I made a comment to not start a new project 
before starting a new one... 
because this week I seem to have started a couple new ones.
What was I thinking?
I should know myself better than that!

I needed a little bit of light sewing. Something that requires little thinking... 
something I can handle in the morning when I'm still 
not fully awake, but also light as in light when I am working with other
projects that are dark.

A friend of mine made this quilt as a shop sample and as much
as I liked it when I saw the pattern, and knew I liked the fabric...
it was even better to see it made up and in person.
But I think I am going to add a twist to it.
I made those tumbler/crumbler blocks out of 
Comma also... so I was thinking of a way to combine the two.

I was kind of thinking of an outside border of crumblers.

Any thoughts?

One place I haven't been is at BOM Rehab.
I have decided to end my Rehab Mondays.
There are so many other things going on and
it will just be simpler for me.
I want to thank you for playing along in the Rehab with me.
I will be contacting you all so that I can send a little something to
you in appreciation of you inspiring me to
 finish up my block of the month projects along with you!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

I am doing my own dancing with the stars kind of thing here.

I was all caught up on my quilt binding, labels and sleeves...
feeling like I was two steps forward,
and then I got this sweet little stack back from the LAQ.
Little Morsels and Schnibbles that will now need binding.
Well, at least they are small!

I thought it would be fun to have a little collection of Schnibbles
in the quilt show and talk about AYOS and Carrie's patterns.

I can just see people trying to get away from me at the  show
while I am yakking away about Schnibbles and demonstrating
how to make Dresden's.

I'm the "Raffle Basket Chairman" for our quilt show and
I have been collecting things for our raffle and some of our guild's
small groups have helped by making up their own themed baskets.
This one came in today called "It's Raining Cats and Dogs".
I thought it was so whimsical.
It was made by our "renegade" small quilt group.
Of course they would find a way to be extra creative!
The basket is filled with a Kitty Caddy for your sewing supplies,
a mouse pin cushion, cat note cards and even a cat bed for your
furry friend who might like to visit while you quilt away.
I have a table full of raffle baskets at home that I already put together...
but 2 other ones delivered to me today.
Two steps forward, and one step back again.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

BOM Rehab and Scrap Basket Sunday

I don't know if this really counts for Kim's Scrap Basket Sunday...
I worked on the little outfit for this dolly yesterday.

Today I brought her outside to play a little bit before I
give her to Evie Lou Who.
I have never made a doll before and I can say I have only made
a few clothes EVER in my life... so it was a challenge for me.
I am open to making a friend for this little girl...
everyone needs a BFF right?

Here is my DM Block #7 from the Fat Quarter Shop.

This was a pretty fun block to make. I think I could make a whole
quilt using just this block.

Where you in the BOM Rehab too?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sailing Away Under the Milky Way

We have a winner!
Thank you for entering the little giveaway for Hat Trick!
Please remember that even if you didn't win and you still would
like a pattern... Carrie has them in her on line store and you can even 
choose the PDF pattern and have it in your hot little hands instantly..
well, almost instantly!
I did a pick and the lucky person is 
 Lisa D. said...
I'm in! Please add me. :)
Thanks so much, that was fun!
edit: Lisa already has the pattern and wants me to pick another winner...
Mary on Lake Pulaski! You are it!
She said:
I want to join in again Sinta but don't have the Hat Trick pattern yet - add my name to the hopper!

I might have to do that every month!
And guess what!
I just got back, like right this very minute, a quilt from my long arm quilter...
Milky Way!

 I guess my plans this weekend will be to bind this quilt.

what do you think?
Maybe another winner? I hope so... 
I love this pattern by Fig Tree & Co, but couldn't wait for
Avalon to come out... so I used MY "Bloggers Choice" bundle from
Fat Quarter Shop... yes, there are still more bundles available!
Here is a photo of Joanna's Milky Way from Pinterest.
In the mean time...
the kit for this arrived...
I can't wait to start ... and Sail Away!
Which is just the mood I'm in!
Did I tell you that we got our boat slip back?
I know that sounds kind of odd, but after a dozen years of being on a wait list
at the lake for a mooring, we got ours... but the very next year they started working
on the dam and therefore the water level was pretty low. Consequently, the "newest" people with boat slips had to give theirs up white the work continued.  It was a 4 year project as it turns out. So finally...
finally, we get a letter saying that we can have our slip next month! Yeah!
Other than quilting... sitting and doing nothing at the lake is my favorite thing to do!
(photo borrowed)
Thursday, April 11, 2013

Simple and Sweet

It's not to late to join~
Another Year of Schnibbles
 has started up again
and the first parade of quilts will be on May 1st!
This year it's Vintage Schnibbles!
The pattern we are using this month

Image of Hat Trick PDF ~ No. 411
is Hat Trick!
(photo courtesy of Carrie Nelson)

Simple and sweet!
It's a nine patch block...
those are always cute!
So, if you haven't started yet, don't worry, there's still time
and if you would like  my Hat Trick pattern,
I am giving it away.
Just leave me a note and I will pick a name tomorrow!

If you would like a little eye candy...
here is a sampling of  some of the Schnibbles we
made last year:
Paganini from Deb at Tis' the Season

Hot Cross (mine)

Drop from Carol L

Spot from Darlene

X Rated from Kim B.

Card Trick from Brenda

Full House from Karen

Come on... you know you want to join us!
Need more info? See my post here.
If you did plan on joining AYOS...
make sure I put your link is on my sidebar!
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maybe the Last One

I am nearly done with this quilt.
I had to do a little tweaking, but
I am near the finish line on it!

Which means that this is the last quilt
that needs to be quilted for the quilt show!
It was one of those "bonus quilts". I made it all from
 I used all my leftover fabrics from my FQS Designer Mystery quilt.
Woo hoo! I had hardly any of the taupe fabric from the Strawberry Fields
group left... so I was super excited last week when my LQS got
Avalon delivered and I saw some taupe in the line!!!
I instantly purchased some and replaced my inner border with the
new Avalon fabric and then added another print from Avalon
to the final border.
I am a very happy camper!

I have one quilt at the LAQ right now... and when I get that one
back this week, I will hand over my Dancing Dollies and breath
a sigh of relief.
But in my mind I keep thinking...
I can squeeze one more in before May 1st.
So, maybe this isn't the last one!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

BOM REHAB: All Cutting, No Sewing

This looks like one of those Monday's when 
I don't have any time at all to 

I only managed to cut out two of the blocks that I am behind on for the 
Designer Mystery Block of the Month 
from Fat Quarter Shop. That's blocks 6 and 7.
I like to have all the "grunt" work out of the way...
so when I get a moment I can sit down and sew...
this way, it's all ready to go!
What did you do in the Rehab?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Srap Basket Sunday

I had some time to play in Scrap Basket Sunday this morning...
and  get another 12 blocks finished for my Scrappy Fireworks quilt!
I am so thrilled to have 24 blocks done now! Only 144 to go!
I might be exaggerating!

But time for play is over with...
I have two of our sons along with 2 of their friends outside mowing
and weed eating right now, so I have got to go do my part... like plant some flowers!!!

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