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Friday, August 29, 2014

End of the Week Mosaic

 I missed the mid week mosaic so 
I thought I would give you something "cool" to
look at!

I haven't had a chance to do much sewing this week. 
But midweek I did have an opportunity
 to meet up with Miss Luella aka Debbie.

It was the highlight of my week!
She gave me her favorite little pinkeep  That
I had admired on her blog.

She doesn't post any more. She is an Instagram kind of girl now!
You can find her at: missluella1

I do have high hopes of working on a little Schnibble project over the weekend.
But I do need to take a drive down to southern Ca. and see my mom and family.

Oh, and that reminds me...
since it's a holiday weekend (which I didn't really remember until the other day)
we will be posting the Parade of Schnibbles on Sept 2nd instead of the 1st. 
I hope that is okay with you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coffee Koosie-ness

Have you heard about the new You Tube video from Fat Quarter Shop?
Kimberly made a great tutorial and has 
a free pattern for you to make this Coffee Koozie!

You can read more on the Jolly Jabber or click on the link above for the video.


It such a cute little item and it just uses
a dozen 2 1/2" squares, a little bit of backing fabric
and a scrap of batting... oh, also a hair tie and a cute button...
then you are good to go!
It fits a SB cup perfectly...
but I thought I would also try it on my coffee (tea) cup. 

No coffee for me but I love my Earl Gray!

But then I found another perfect little use
for the Coffee Koozie...

Around my creamer! 
I always have a little drip when I pour the cream...
so this one stays with the creamer!

And I will take my other one "to go"!

I think this took about 15 minutes to make
and half the time was arranging the fabric and
finding a hair tie! 
I am giving this one to a friend...
I am going to place it the empty SB cup along with a little gift card.
Easy peasie lemon squeezie!
Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

(maybe I need another one for my water bottle)!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Year of Schnibbles... Coming Soon!

I don't know about you... but summer took the best out of me!
I am looking forward to getting back to normal!

By normal I mean keeping up with my blog and
 keeping up with your blog too!
I miss everyone so much. Even though I have
 tried to keep up with
my quilting... it just hasn't been the same.

I am sure that it has a lot to do with taking a 
break from AYOS for the summer months.
And now... it's time to get fired up again!
I haven't made a Schnibbles all summer.

I started thinking about when
  A Quilting Life Sherri and I conspired and came up 
with the idea... and then worked on a graphic for our "group".
It officially started September 1 of 2009. 
A Year of Schnibbles was our
 first logo button! Do you remember that?

Schnibbles Button

Then we decided to do a version of the club in 2010 and 
called it Le Petite. 

Then we went to this (or maybe vis versa)

We changed the AYOS button a little the following year...

and then last year we called it
AYOS: Vintage Schnibbles!

We went back and made some of the older Schnibbles patterns
and then threw in a few new patterns too.
We even had a "guest" designer join in and we made a Thimble Blossoms mini
pattern... as we finished up the year.
Here are a few quilts of mine that were in our past parades...

 and then this photo that came from 
one of Carrie's wonderful books.

Carrie has kept us in stitches with Schnibbles patterns and
also her Little Bites patterns for what is it??? 5 years now?

Now wonder I am looking forward to getting back to normal
starting this September... just as week or so away!

Another Year of Schnibbles is gearing up to start again!
Sherri and I will be announcing our first project of the year on September 1st!

This year AYOS is going to be called:
AYOS and A Little Bit More

We are going to spice it up a little bit this year
with not only Schnibbles but Little Bite patterns
and also have a few "guest designers" 
with small patterns...
and then to top it off Sherri and I will each be 
creating a pattern of our own for you!

Easy enough for Sherri... but that will be a new one for me!

We would love it if you would 
show us your Schnibble...
on September 1st, to help celebrate the 
new year of 
AYOS ... and a Little Bit More, 
please post  all
of the small quilts you made last year!
Send me your link and a picture of your quilt when you post it.
I am sure we can think of some prizes for you!
Right Sherri??? Carrie???

Just for fun... here is a link to the last parade of our first year of 

here is the link for Sherri's last parade of our first year of

Sherri has a page here that tells the details of the club here
just in case 
you were wondering how it works.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Current Events

Wow, the week is flying by!
I have managed to work on my Moda Modern Building Blocks.
I made all of the blocks for this month so far... but 
I thought I would make another set of blocks out of Avalon by Fig Tree & Co.
Although I am enjoying the challenge of working with solid fabrics,
I am really enjoying these cute little print blocks!!!

I managed to slip in some summer reading!
Now I am hooked... looking for the next book! 

We had a fire in our town on Monday. The Cal Fire crew did a 
great job of getting it under control. There were over 1,000 firefighters here
from all over the state.
Lots of air support as well.
It was stressful... so many friends and family were evacuated.
It started at one end of our town and ended at the other...
keep in mind that the town is only a couple miles long.
Amazingly only 9 homes were lost. Everyone who had been evacuated 
were able to return home last night.

In other news... are you wondering about the next round of Another Year of Schnibbles???
Well, it's coming up soon!
I will have details for you by the end of the week... so keep an eye out for a post!
This is going to be a fun year!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I'm Working On Wednesday

How did Wednesday come so fast? 
I know I haven't been having that much fun!
Just working... but
over the weekend I was able to work on
my Sail Away quilt.

My boats are starting to take formation~

Add in some waves...

and we have some high seas mist!
I had to lay it all out just to see them all lined up!

The hubs and I had Evie for most 
of the weekend... that makes it  "A" okay not to
get much of any of sewing done. 
Maybe that's why time has still been at warp speed.

What I was super excited to see in my mail yesterday was...

Yippee! I think I was the last one to get my kit in the mail...
or at least it felt like it.  
The envelope was completely open... I think the mailman was deciding if he
wanted it or just wanted to pet my fabric!

I am going to make two at the same time.
I decided (surprise, surprise) that I will be using Fig Tree fabric for 
the second version. I am just not done using the fabric I used in Sail Away!

When Moda came out with Size Matters, Joanna made up
several of the designers' blocks in her fabrics...
This picture is from her blog. 
So I thought I would use the same idea for the Moda Modern BOM!

Looks like fun hu?
Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Getaway

One of my favorite getaway spots... it's not to far but a
world of difference from the mountains!
The weather was perfect...
That's my idea of perfect anyway...
toes in the sand, salt in the air and just a little bit breezy.
 I even needed to keep a sweatshirt handy!
We joined in on a little family excursion to Pacific Grove/Monterey.
There was two of my sons, my DIL, along with Evie.
We had such a great time... we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium...
I posted a few pictures on Instagram.
We had picnics on the beach and even cooked up the fish the boys
brought back from deep sea fishing for dinner one night. Yum!
Before heading home we had a picnic on the beach at Carmel...
that was truly icing on the cake! We saw a Sea Otter, a seal and lots 
of dolphins!

Now it's back to the big girl job...
but I am managing to work on my Sail Away project.

One is definitely cute.

A whole bunch of them are even cuter!

And I think a few of these are even ready for a regatta!

I am making headway on my summer sewing list...
and Sail Away is the perfect summer inspired project!

(if you click on the link for the Monterey Bay Aquarium there
is webcams for different areas... my favorite is the Sea Otters)