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Thursday, March 31, 2016

March is a Finish!

This is the last day of March!
That means 1/4 of the year is past us!

Which is a good thing... there are a lot of
fun things coming up this year and
that includes planting flowers
and warmer weather...
the longer days
and wearing flip flops!

Oh, it is the simple things that I love the most!

I finished this Star Gazer quilt on Sunday... the wind was
crazy as you can see, so I ended up
taking a video of it blowing in the breeze and 
I shared it on IG.

I am super excited to have this one as a finish for the
month of March.


There was this as a finish also. 
But I really wanted to make a Tuffet out
of Strawberry Fields Revisited...
so right now I am gathering up materials 
to make another Tuffet... so it will match my Star Gazer quilt!

I also finished Grow this month!
I love this Moda fabric by Me and My Sister Designs!

So, now I am thinking... what's next?

Which got me to thinking about how much I 
had enjoyed the Farm Girl Vintage blocks...
which I only made half of and then got 
distracted and maybe just a little overwhelmed.
I think it's a little labor intensive to 
pick out new fabrics for each and every block...
I seriously think that was my breaking point.

But now I want to take the 20 blocks I have made
along with the others that had (do-overs) and 
flip to the back of that Farm Girl Vintage book
and start making them into quilts!
This has been lurking in the back of my mind since
 I found that box  of half square triangles a month or so 
ago. And then I saw that Tractor pattern with pinwheels
in FGV.

It's really nagging me so I am going to start with that for April.

I will see what else I can come up with using those blocks after
 I check out my Bee In My Bonnet board on Pinterest.

I like some of the smaller quilts made from the blocks that
have a theme going... 
like this from Thimbles and Threads...

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hopping By...

This week has completely gotten away from me!

I just want to hop by and wish you all a very
happy Easter!

It is the end of birthday week here.

My oldest son's birthday was Monday.
Grandson's birthday too.
Yesterday was stepson's birthday.
Tomorrow is Evie's birthday.
She is going to be 4! 
How did that happen?

And then we will be
having a gathering on Sunday
to celebrate Easter.

I did want to show you that I took a class on making the 

I wanted to make several... because all the fabrics would be
so cute made up like this!
Of course Strawberry Fields would have been perfect...
definitely next time.
You probably have seen them on Pinterest.

I still need to paint the legs...
but I am nearly done!

I had to swoop up on this Frivols! 
The cute tin is just too cute.

And I finished making the wedding shower 
invitations and got them in the
The shower is a week before the wedding (for son #2)...
and the wedding is only a month away now!
So exciting!

And while I was not working on one of my projects
this week... I decided to put together blocks 
that I am getting returned to me from my quilting bee.
I have one more row of blocks to get back...
and then I'm done! 
I love how this quilt looks...

the pattern was by Red Pepper Quilts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Props Needed!

I have a finish for this month!
 It's Grow!
(as in "my grass is growing like crazy after all this rain")

It's the newest fabric group from Me and My Sister Designs.

I absolutely love this fabric and the pattern.

The pattern, from Precut Primer,
 called for a layer cake plus background and
yardage for the border.
But I just had a layer cake. The yardage hadn't quite been
released yet.

So, being a good Schnibbler,
 (things I learned from Miss Rosie 101)

I used my extra layer cake squares to piece a border!

I only wish I had some props: 
 a bunch of Easter eggs and baskets around 
to make it into a real photo shoot!

 Definitely a good Spring Equinox quilt! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grow and Grow Some More

I was able to play with the new fabric group by Me and My Sister
over the weekend!
It's called Grow!

I knew that I was going to use a pattern from the Pre-cut Primer
booklet that they came out with last fall. 
The pattern is Grade 10.
Fun and easy!
It didn't take long at all before the fabric was cut and
the blocks were being whipped up!

 Of course there was a little bit of help...

from a very sassy kitty.
(the first cat I have ever had that is just a pill
of a personality.. I know she wants to be nice... but
she just has a hard time with that).

 Since it rained like crazy over the weekend...

I was able to get the blocks made and 
the sashing done! 
I think the fabric was extra inspiring because it
was so happy... a contrast to a dreary wet day.


Have you seen on the Me and My Sister blog
that each month they feature a pattern at a discount price?
This month is Milky Way.
It looks like a fun one!

Sunday I was in the kitchen... 
working on the wedding cake!
I got half of the twelve layers done!

And even some home made pizza dough!
Needless to say, I don't need a picture here...
just visualize me covered in flour from head to toe! 

Tonight I have a date with the Pioneer Woman!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Midweek Mosaic: Cotton...

the fabric of our lives!

I am so excited to see photos of a couple of new groups
of spring fabrics...
because in the spring...

everything does


(photos borrowed from Me & My Sister Designs)

It is time for something bright and happy and 
it just shouts out Spring!
I can't wait to start playing with this fabric!
I am going to use a pattern from Pre-cut Primer

I think this little book of patterns will be getting a whole lot of use!

Another group I plan on playing with as soon as it's released is 
The Cookie Exchange
by Sweetwater .  


The main fabric of this line has actual recipes.

I borrowed this photo from their blog... it doesn't get released for a little while yet 
but I think it will be a fun holiday project to get a jump start on.

After I make something for Spring!