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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Monday... Rehab Roll Call!

Can you believe that we are at the end of the month again?
I know it's hard to stay in Rehab when the garden is calling 
and other things that keep you busy in the summer time.
But we have a few people who played indoors this week and 
here is what they have to show for it...

Well to start things off... Carol's back in Rehab again!
She is working on her Fat Quarter Shop BOM!
But that's not all...
she also worked on her Cotton Club blocks! 
These blocks are beautiful!

Fiona has been hard at work again on her Bunny Hill BOM!
These are the sweetest snowmen... they'll melt your heart!

Nicole at Sister's Choice is back in Rehab this week...
She is all caught up on her FQS BOM! I love this star block!!! I would love
to see a whole quilt made with this block!

And we have more...
This is another one from FQS Designer Mytery BOM. 
This was made by Karen at Messy Karen blog!
Looks like people are staying on top of the new BOM so far!

Sherry made her BOM stitchery from Aurifil
Have you seen there free blocks??? You can see all of them made up 
at Sherry's blog. Very cute... and not to late to start!

Thelma at Cupcake n Daisies has been working hard on 
her BOM that she uncovered in her stash! She has a photo on her
blog of several of the blocks ... it's coming together beautifully. 
What a difference from the original quilt!

I belong to a little Bee group and this is my block for this month.
(this doesn't count as my BOM Rehab project)
I just love this pattern... and I happen to have this already on my list...
so one for me (or twelve) will be coming soon!

Here is my FQS BOM... I am starting to put the finished 
blocks together. I am playing with a design still.
Consequently there has been a lot of thinking and not a lot
of sewing happening... but I'll get it figured out soon. 
Christmas Favorites Block of the Month Nancy Halvorsen for Art to Heart
Just an FYI... have you seen this block of the month
starting in September???
Or have you been tempted by this sweet Autumn BOM from Bunny Hill?


Next week I plan to have Mr. Linky in place so that it will be easier to add your own 
blocks on my post. If you haven't been in the rehab before... you are welcome to join in anytime.
The rules are simple.
Work on your Block Of the Month project during the week or weekend and add it in on Monday
so we can all see what you have accomplished ... easie peasie!
Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Sweet Adorable Things

 This is a very sweet thing a friend made for me.
This is what I made to go inside...

I happened to be at my LQS when someone purchased the last of the  
 crochet trim...
and so guess what I go to take home?
Aren't these spools adorable?

Speaking of adorable...
guess who is 4 months old?
WE wish you a happy weekend!
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Day... Great Granny Along Day!

I have one to show and another one on the sewing table...
waiting for a little bit of un-sewing! I put the wrong size background
pieces on the last four corners. Yeash! 
But these are so fun to play with and nice to have right next to the machine...
so I can steal a few minutes here and there. 
Before ya' know it, a block or two are made!
Unfortunately, I am  Flikr impaired... so this won't be joining 
the others out there in Lori's and Jodi's group.

Here is my final block for my Rehab project.
I am excited to see it done and I have been trying
to find any other completed 
BOM projects like this one in blog land
to see ideas for finishing/setting the 12 blocks.

I had a few other things going on in the sewing room over the weekend too...
I used my leftovers from another BOM (that I am happy to have done)
to make some other blocks... these scraps are just too good to waste!
Some nine-patches, pinwheels and spool blocks... 
I just have a few more to go and I can start putting another 
Summer Fun project!

And over the weekend I got a start on another little 
"group project" that Nicole at Sister's Choice, along with Ms. Cupcake n Daisies and
the Stashmaster are hosting.
It's just too cute not to do!

And then there's this...
a sweet little pile of blocks...
but I'm not saying what it's for...
not yet anyway!
Monday, July 23, 2012

BOM Rehab: Hot Times In The Rehab!

It was a very hot weekend... almost too hot to do any quilting!
But there were a few people in the BOM Rehab!
Here is what they did...

Vivian , after being AWOL for a few weeks, has been very busy... 
not only did she finish her
Civil War Chronicles... she started another wool BOM
she had! 

This is Sandy's block from the Generals Wives BOM.
The colors are gorgeous!
 Jill at Darling Jill Quilts blog was busy with her
BOM and has made 2 blocks!
The little stripe is so cute in the center of this block.

 Kim at a Peach in Stitches blog made her third block
for her Hawaiian BOM.
Great job!!!
 Satu made 2 blocks... one is for her DM 2011 and
the star is her new DM BOM from Fat Quarter Shop 2012!
Beautiful blocks!
Oh that Thelma has been spooling around!
It seems that spools are her MO right now...
and this block is really cute.
You can see more of her quilt on her blog.

And I was there too... but I am having a bit of a problem.
#1 my Picassa will only open as "read only" and
#2 my camera battery needs to be recharged!
(I might have to change where I store my pictures...
do you have a favorite?)
Anyway, I did finish my 12th and final block for my  DM 2010 BOM.
The Christmas blocks are finished and I just need to decide how to set them.

I will have to show you tomorrow because I was a very busy bee
in the sewing room...
sneak peaks coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabric & Thread... It's All I Need

I have had a love affair with Fig Tree & Co. since
there was a Fig Tree & Co.
Joanna's patterns and fabrics have a look that I just love.
But her patterns don't have to be used strictly with her fabrics and
visa verse. 
The Petit Four quilt that I finished at the beginning of this month was 
made with Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs. the fabrics were
a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend and I think this quilt is my 
new favorite..
I know I have a gajillion projects on my Summer Fun list...
(quit laughing)
and I have only gotten one or two done off the list...
(really, quit laughing)
do you think that is going to stop me from starting my Fall Fun list?
Oh no sir-reee Bob!
Here is the start of my problems...
These are some new, hot off the press, Fig Tree and Company 
patterns that are calling my name! 
I am seeing Stars!

And a couple of wonderful small applique patterns that look like a postage stamp
... the actual size of the project is about 18" x 22".
Very do-able!
Joanna came up with a easie peasie way of making a Pineapple
quilt. And who doesn't need a Pineapple quilt in their repertoire?
And it looks like it's just her size!

I know you saw some fabulous photos of this pattern made up
at A Quilting Life. Sherri made the cover quilt.
I was thinking it might be fun in Lucy's Crab Shack. 
(even though it will be on my Fall Fun list).
But my problems don't end there.
I am trying to figure out which one to do first.
And second.
And third.
And that's not all!
I have a copy of Joanna's new book too.
I got my copy at Amazon but if you purchase it 
from Fig Tree... Joanna might even sign it for you!
There is over 20 projects in the book. 
Projects for the home as well as adorable quilts.
But if you didn't make anything from the book...
it is just gorgeous to look at and the photography is 

Be still my heart!
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mid Week Mosaic

Remember when I mentioned that I was chosen to be a featured quilter?
We had a little photo shoot of my quilts for publicity 
my guilds' quilt show.
It was a fun little mid day break over at my friend's house.
(I actually work for her husband, so a little extended lunch time was okay)

She has a wonderful garden and property... so it was a great spot
for taking pictures. There was a small group of women, including 
ones who don't quilt but wanted to see. 
Everyone was having fun and fussing with
the quilts. 

There are a couple more photos and 
a little article over at the Sierra Mountain Quilter's web site.
It's a little bit embarrassing but kind of fun all in all.
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday: It's Granny Day

I made a couple of  granny squares for the
I didn't get them added to the Flikr group for a couple of reasons.
#1. because I can't remember how to get into Flikr
#2 I wasn't sure if I was "allowed" because even though I used
Lori/Bee In My Bonnet method.... these hereare smaller blocks. I omitted the
extra "great grandma" row.

I just wanted to see how they looked. 
This block comes out to  8 1/2".
It seems that I like all of the different sizes, so for the next blocks I will
go ahead and make them into the 12 1/2" block size.
But I am getting pretty addicted and just might have to 
make some smaller using Trish's tutorial at Notes of Sincerity.

I made one more Swoon block too.
Yeah! 5 done... 4 to go!
I'm instructing a little class tonight at my LQS. 
I'm looking forward to it. 
It is for the Schnibbles pattern DOC. 
It should be a fun evening... it makes me want to make Doc again!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lazy Summer Days... But Not in the Rehab!

Well it seems like we are smack dab in the middle of summer
and nothing sounds better than sitting on the porch ans sipping
lemonade and just being lazy!
But even though that sounds great... I am happy to say that there were several dedicated
blogettes in the BOM Rehab this week!

I managed to get a block done too.
I was so excited to get it done and I laid out all of my blocks to show you my completed
12 blocks for my 20xx BOM from FQS. 
But... what the heck????

Did I misplace another block???
I was absolutely positive that I was on my last block.
Of course I do not make the blocks "in order"... 
so I needed to double check!
Darn... it's true. One more block to go!
Oh well, I will get it done this week!

Sherry @Blessings From Our Nest made one more very cute block of her
embroidery BOM.

 Kim @A Peach in Stitches made one more block in
her Hawaiian applique project. Amazing work!

 Leslie at Les Quilts made her next house for Shabby Fabrics Free BOM.
This is so sweet!
 Celine @ Esprit Patch made up her next color block "yellow"
for her BOM and worked on another block of the month as well!

 Fiona the Quilting Fairy made this sweet block for her BOM. These are looking beautiful...
she has a picture of her last block next to this one on her blog.
 Nicole @ Sister's Choice is making her way through the FQS  Designer Mystery BOM...
one more down... and a few more to go! Yeah!
 Sandra is in the FQS Civil War BOM. This star
is beautiful.
Thelma@ Cupcake n Daisies is busy making pretty blocks for her
recently resurfaced BOM!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our progress on our
block of the month projects!
Oh, and just a reminder...
Today is the last day for the Red White and Blue blog hop...
you can find the link to the hosting blogs on my last post!