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Friday, September 27, 2013

Between One and Two

Not my Swoon... but someones who took the class from me! She was giving it
to the LAQ... and since I was there I snapped a photo of it
to show you.

I had to stop everything I was working on to make a
gift for Evie. We, evidently, celebrate half birthday's.
She was 1 1/2 yesterday. I made a fishing pole for her
out of a willow branch and macramed the line to it and added
a magnet to the end of the line. I also made up a small school of
fish with magnets in the "mouth", and of course
that requires a little backpack to carry them in and a pair of pink
wading boots (aka rain boots).
Obviously the shoes and ball were a big hit!

Then of course she needed a stroller for her baby!
I never had girls... so this is so much fun for me!

This weekend...
  back to project sewing!
Possibly even a Schnibbles!!!

What are your plans?
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Plans Here

But not the ones I started with!
Here are the results of my Summer of Fun list.

This is one that wasn't on my list but I had to do!
I decided that this was going to be a project I would be teaching...
so a sample had to be made!

This one wasn't on my list...
but I had to do it!
I was happy to make a It's So Emma sample using
Minick and Simpson fabrics!

This one wasn't on my list...
but I had to do it!
I made this sample of Shine!
Sherri's new pattern and now a kit at FQS!
There was also this sample that I whipped up for the FQS. 
I love the sofa they photographed it on!

 My favorite little Schnibbles so far!

Yes, a Simply Retro quilt that wasn't on my list but I had to do it!
I even had grand ideas of making every quilt in the book and joined the quilt along!
I got to this point and called it finished... for some reason
I forgot to put on a border.
I have the fabric... so that will be getting done soon.
I began the next quilt in the book... and got the blocks together, and
then stopped there.

I did make Anchors Aweigh... the little story is below.

I have been on an UNfinishing trend!
This is what had been on my original list for Summer Fun:

#1 Evening Blooms
Nothing to show... it's embarrassing. I have wanted to make this for so long.
I have the pattern, the fabric and two of the blocks prepared... it's moving to my new list!

#2 Cake Walk
Fabric is cut out but sewing has not started.

#3 Anchors Aweigh
It is done with the exception of the binding. It came back from the quilter...
and I didn't like how the grey sections looked (the quilting) so
I am slowly ripping it out and will have her requilt those areas.
Not a fun process at all.
(this photo was taken before the quilting)
I made finished  one Schnibbles.

I am unexpectedly slacking here!

#6 Coastal Lily 
Well, I am half way through this one. 
1. geese are made
2. lily's are made
3. yoyo's are made
My problem was that I didn't want to "waste" the 
"flipped corners"... and that  went from a simple molehill idea and turned into 
a mountain! I got overwhelmed with it all, but hope to tame that quilt again.
And when I do, I will have at least one bonus quilt from it for sure!

#7 Scissors
Didn't even get to it.

So, I have learned something about myself...
not only do I not like to follow rules...
but I can't seem to follow lists very well either!
Even when I make the list!

Hopefully this next season 
I will see more progress on my list...
because everything will stay on there...
plus I will be adding another
quilt made from High Street fabric group!

Big Plans Here!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Trip to My LQS

The hubs is sick with the cold and cough, so I stayed home
and inside all weekend.
Which was okay because I had things that needed to get done.
I don't have pictures of anything I did though...
what I worked on over the weekend wasn't anything exciting to
look at really. I made 45 kits for the retreat and made a couple little sample
projects that we will be doing. I made up various  decorations
in preparation for the event also
It is coming along... and I think I am on schedule!

But since I haven't had a chance to get over to my LQS,
I thought I would drop in there today during my lunch hour.

Here are some sweet kits of Glamping made
up in Sherri's pattern from the book.

The new class schedule went out and I have
a few classes on it. Like this one below.

And they had some cute displays of holiday projects.

Cute Autumn projects too!

A child's quilt made from a pattern out
of the Fat Quarter Shop book.

I did have a nice surprise... I ran into a fellow quilter
at the grocery store and she said she had some blocks
that she scooped up on at a yard sale.
She didn't know what to do with them, but
thought that I might like them!
How fun is that?
They are all hand stitched.
I need some individual shots though, so they show up better.

Did you have a nice weekend?

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Yes, Please, I'll Have A Sample

A Quick look at a little sample I was able
to make for the Fat Quarter Shop!
It is an It's So Emma pattern.
I loved making this one.
It is going to be a kit... but not available yet.
So be on the lookout.
I love Minick and Simpson fabrics.
This group is as gorgeous as you would expect.
And have you seen the new collection yet?
Midwinter Reds? 
They are beautiful!

But wait...
that's not all!
Here is another sample I was happier than
all get out to make! It's Shine. Yes, It's Shine!
By Sherri!

These fabrics are delicious!
The line is Perrymint by Dear Stella.
The kit is available now.
The pattern... well, you just have to have one.
Seriously. It was wonderfully written and easy to follow.
I love this one.
I'm keeping it! 

Have a good weekend!
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hump Day-y-y!

 It's a good thing that is Wordless Wednesday!
I have a bit of a sore throat and sniffles!
But I thought I would show you a little bit of what I have been doing.

Okay, the one below is the correct color of background...
I don't know now what was up with Picassa. 

Add these to the others...
and I've got the large Dresden's done.
Now I need at finish the medium and small ones.
I am over the "hump" on this project now!

Did you see the Patriotic Quilters version of this pattern?
How about Cupcake n Daisies version?

Last month or so, I taught a Swoon class at my LQS.
One of the ladies brought by her Swoon 
that is ready to go to the quilter's.
So I snapped a photo while I had a chance!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Lime Green Please!

I am nearly finished with my weekend project.
I had a change of heart on my outside border so
I had to order new fabric today from Intrepid Thread! I think
that the lime green snowball
 corners and outside
border are so fun. I'm glad I went with it!
This is  the project I will be teaching at my retreat
in a few weeks.
I have little pumpkin pincushion kits to make up this week
and aside from the decorations, I will be good to go!
I think I can breath now!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Doing A Little Dance

I'm doing the Churn Dash and Dresden shuffle this week... and it looks like I will
be continuing through the weekend too!

Just over a week left until Autumn equinox.
So this might be the last chance for summery fun...
then it will be time to curl up with a book and a throw
and feel the Fall breeze in the air!
Which reminds me...
I had better check and see how I'm doing with my
Summer of Fun project list!
Time is a tickin'.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where I Left Off, Where I Started

I have been doing some wonderful sewing on some
wonderful projects...
unfortunately, they are secrets...
but they won't be for too much longer, so I promise
to share them when I can!

For now, I will share where I left off
on my Canasta project.

I am loving these baskets... and don't see a reason to stop at the
given number... I am going until my fabrics I picked out
to make it are exhausted.
That is where I had left off with that...
but remember when I felt like breaking out my rotary
cutter and just cutting away?
Well, I cut Dresden blades...
and now I am starting to make a few blocks.

There is a little bit of pressure here...
not only have I felt this project tugging at me because
it has been on my sewing table "to make" pile for quite a while...
also, there are a couple of special bloggers that started working on
the same project this summer. But most importantly,
I will be seeing the person who made sure I had this magazine pattern
in a few weeks at my retreat... so I really needed to show a little something
so I could hold my head up when I see her!
I also have been working on my retreat projects like a mad woman.
You know, the things I'm going to be teaching that I haven't gotten ready yet.
In the meantime, I am coordinating the meals and scheduling the activities
at the retreat.
I am beginning to think I like the pressure.
It is not unlike planning a wedding... annually!

It is all fun in the end!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last Week's Computer Issue

My little road trip last week ended with a stop over 
in a cute little town...
at a Antique Mall called
Cottage Magpie.

A blogger friend, Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams,
 has a booth there...
so I had to visit.

It was a pleasant end to an otherwise
taxing trip.

I had gone to northern California to visit my son
and bring him  a sofa and some household
things for his new apartment. No more roommate...
he moved within the same complex to a single bedroom 
apartment. I have to say that it looked very nice
and he has a very good sense of style for a 31 year old.
It started off great... seeing him, hanging up pictures,
and doing a little shopping.

 I told him I needed to post about my Schnibbles parade...
but the internet hadn't been hooked up yet.
We went to Comcast and ordered it.
Sounds simple enough doesn't it?
However,  that one trip turned into 4 trips and a couple of
outsourced phone calls and what should have been done in
10 minutes was over 4 hours of frustration.
And still no internet or television.

My son went for a run... which relieved some of the negative energy and
when he got back, we made a really nice dinner. He BBQ'd up 
some steaks on his new grill...
and at his first bite,
 it lodged in his throat.

It was stuck on the wrong side! He could breath, but
he couldn't swallow. He went through the whole night that way!
He was so tired in the morning, as well as dehydrated from the run...
not to mention hungry!
He went to the doctor... then he went to emergency...
he ended up having to stay and get a bag of fluid pumped into him.
He had to go under anestesia and get the blockage removed.
 When he got released and
went to get some dinner with a friend.

I had left for home.
Thinking to myself...
"why didn't I just go to the hotel I usually go to and
use their computer to make the parade post"!

You might be thinking... shwew, the end...
but he had an ice cream bar after dinner...
and had an allergic reaction!
All his dinner
came back up and he had another miserable night.

The end of story?
He finally got Comcast... yesterday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Prize Time for Canasta: A Schnibbles Parade

 (photos have nothing to do with the prizes...
they are just some eye candy for now)

Welcome back...I have a few winners to announce from this weeks parades! First of all...thanks so much to everyone...I'm looking forward to seeing all of the next VS (Vintage Schnibbles) quilts on October1st!

Carrie is sending a special surprise package
 to two lucky winners...Debbie from Sherri's parade 
and Linda from my parade! Congrats to you both!

Sherri is also offering a special something... some thing good... to a parade winner...
and the winner from my parade is......... Thelma!

And finally, I will be giving a sweet pincushion from Meadow Mist Designs! This will go to 
 from Sherri's parade!
 If the winners could please email me their mailing addresses...that would be wonderful...congrats to everyone!

Thanks so much for being so patient during my crazy week!

I haven't forgotten that I owe you a story... which might be a saga...
it's coming soon!
Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cards Anyone? How About a Parade?

How about both?
I feel like I have been on the losing side of some serious 
"card playing"... I keep getting dealt bad hands!
I have returned from my trip and have returned to
something resembling normal...
and I will save my no computer access story for tomorrow.

Whenever I hear Canasta... I am taken back in time
to when I use to play that card game
with my grandma, hours on end, day in and day out.

I enjoy playing card games and board games as well.
I am sure it was because of all the quality time
I had with my grandma... Mayme.

I was so happy to see this pattern from Carrie, (Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.)
Thank you Carrie for once again coming up with 
a NEW favorite Schnibbles!

Who doesn't love basket blocks anyway?

I'm sure you are going to love this parade and if you haven't made 
this Schnibbles pattern yet... you might be regretting it by the
end of the parade!

But before we get started with that...
let me tell you what we will be working on 
Here is what Sherri at A Quilting Life and I have picked for you:


Here is what you will need to get started:
2 charm packs
3/4 yd background and outer border
Carrie will have a pdf version available on her web store by now!
Just checked, yes, it's there!

Michele at Island Life Quilts
made this pretty little Canasta quilt.
I love the background fabrics as much as the
baskets themselves!

Mary in Michigan

Sally made her Canasta using Sweet Romance by
Blackbird Designs. It is sweet and romantic!

Patty at A Stitch in Time has a beautiful backdrop
to show off her gorgeous Canasta quilt! I love 
the change she made to the border!

I am showing Lincoln of Paulette's because 
I didn't get it into the last parade for some reason.

Here is Paulette's quilt of Canasta for this month...
she has forgiven me!
Isn't it so soft, sweet and vintage looking?

Here is a sweet little Canasta made by Susan.
Her little blocks are so cute! I like how she is finishing it off 
with the diagonal pieced fabrics that were used in the blocks!

Thelma at Cupcake n' Daisies made a
beautiful group of baskets in
her version of Canasta!
Even a bikini basket!
Yeah, you will know it when you see it!

This red and white beauty was created by Nancy!

Nicole  at Sister's Choice is back! And she made a spooky version of 
Canasta to celebrate a changing of seasons!

Here is a little gem made by Sandy F.
How sweet is this?!?

Here is a super sweet red and white version
I think I might have to make this one up again as 
a two color quilt!

Tilda made a beautiful version of Canasta...
love the mix of colors here!

Adorable! Seriously, a-dor-able!
This Canasta was made by
Sandie at Crazy 'bout Quilts!

To finish off the parade we have a striking version of
Wendy's Canasta quilt. I love the elegant look and 
the way the inner border and binding finishes it off so

That's the parade... thanks so much for waiting, and waiting, and waiting for
me to get my fingers back onto a keyboard and get this finished!
I will be back tomorrow with parade prizes!!! Promise!

Well, I might be back sooner if there was anyone I missed!