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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Midweek Mosaic & A Fun Little Newsflash!

I'm as tickled as can be!
I got to have a pick of my own..I am super excited and hope you will be too...

and it will be available at Fat Quarter Shop in
January 2013!
The fabrics I selected are by Brenda Riddle and Pam Kitty Morning, plus a few others that
will be coming out by the end of the year. 
(an afterthought: Pam is good friends with Brenda aka Acorn Quilt Co. isn't she? well, yes, with everyone...
and then I was thinking... I am working on Betsy's Closet right now by
Brenda... isn't that fun)?
Well, aside from that... did you know that Betsy has a brother, Benji?
Hop on over to Little Acorn blog to see more!
So, anyway,
stay tuned... I can't wait to get these in my hands and show
 you what I plan to do with MY
little bundle of goodness!

Monday, August 27, 2012

BOM Rehab: Dog Days of Summer

A small hum of sewing machines was all you could hear in the Rehab this week!
Only a few of you dedicated ones were there... while some were off on vacation
and then there was me... I got nothing done!

Here is a beautiful block made by Jill at
This is really a fun block... do you see the patterns?

Next we have Sandras General wives block to add to her others!
This is block #11~
This is coming along so nicely! I love star blocks!

I couldn't get this sweet block to rotate...
I guess you are just going to have to turn your head for a minute, sorry.
This was made by Susan as her BOM project...
did you know that she is making these in triplicate?
Not only for herself, but for her mom and MIL too!
How nice is that?!

I have to admit that I was not in the rehab this week.
I was detoured over the weekend (my normal sewing time)
to "assist" while my son and his wife were getting moved in to there
home. Which meant that I got to have the baby most of the time!!!
I will just have to make up time in BOM Rehab this week!
If you have a block of the month project that you would like to add...
I have (fingers crossed) the link thing set up below!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Spools, Stitchery and Romance!

There, it's finished!
A quilt for the Quilter in me. Spools!
I got the final border on and I have to say that 
I am happy about the finished quilt even though
it looked like @#!*@! on the design board...
once those rows came together and the sashing went between them
it started to take shape. Someone suggested a checkered fabric for the inside border...
but the weekend came and I wanted to "get it done" so I thought I would
make my own checkered border. Then to finish it up... I used the larger 
print fabric for the outside to give it some weight. 
 I would like to make another one because I think it would be a cute wall hanging 
in the sewing room 
and it would be sweet for a baby... yes, a certain sweet baby, hehe!

Here is a little stitchery project that I started...
It would be cute for a little girl...
but this one is meant to be for me! 
You can see the picture of the whole pattern at the top of my blog.
It''s for the little girl in me-- I couldn't resist it!

This is for the romantic side of me.
In Robyn Pandolph fashion.
I was able to whip this quilt up as a special assignment project
for Fat Quarter Shop... and I just noticed today that it is up on their 
web page, kitted and ready to go!

Here is a quick picture I took of it before I mailed it off to 
the wonderful Ms. Jolly for it's photo shoot!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Round Robin and a Trip to Yoyoville

I have a sewing circle that I belong to that meets once a month.

We decided to do a Round Robin this past year.
It entailed each person providing a center block and maybe some
fabric and any special instructions. Then each person in the group 
took turns adding a border around the block.
It is kind of a fun thing to do... but as with most year long projects...
well, you know! They were just suppose to end up being table toppers...
but I do have plans to make mine larger and continue with another border of
more Dresden's (halves) and then see  where to go from there.

Mine got dropped off at the local quilt shop and since I was there 
last night teaching a class... I picked it up and took a peek.

I did have a good evening last night... the class was making Boardwalk
by Fig Tree & Co. It is such a fun whimsical quilt. I had one person making 
it out of 30's fabrics, and someone made their's out of a more contemporary print and
then there was the one like the pattern made out of California Girl by Fig Tree.

Don't you love the sawtooth border?
I can't wait to get mine quilted! But for now it remains a shop sample.

Here is a photo that I borrowed from Joanna's blog... I think Sherri actually did the piecing of this quilt.
Isn't the quilting on it fabulous?

Oh, and guess what?
Did I tell you that I found my Yoyoville (Bunny Hill) 
houses? Isn't that exciting?
They had been missing for like a year
I found them while searching for something else... they were
inside a small project bag mixed in with a little Christmas fabric...
that still needs to get done!
But I'm so glad I found them.
I thought for sure I had tossed them out by accident.
It was a possibility.
Monday, August 20, 2012

Rehab Results

BOM Rehab results:
It was a very nice weekend...
one of the few left of Summer.
There were a few of us in Rehab this weekend....
first up is Sandie...
is making the Generals Wife's block of the month project.
I love these blocks. 
Next in the rehab is Susan
 she worked on a couple of her BOM projects... the 2009 FQS BOM
and also
her Thimbleberries block of the month! Don't you love this idea for the
border? I need to remember it! You can see more at her blog:

Next up in the rehab is Jill at Darling Jill Quilts blog...
Here is a little photo of what she has been doing...
but here you can see all of her progress
on her fun projects!!!
I love seeing those witch's boots!

Thelma at Cupcake n Daisies added another block to her
collection too! Doesn't it make you want to try a tonal quilt?
One block wasn't enough...
so she went ahead and made one more... which made it block #7!!!!

We had Leslie in the Rehab...
she worked on her It Just Takes Two blocks...

Aren't they beautiful in blue?!!!

As for me...
I decided to start working on my Fat Quarter Shop DM 2012 blocks.
I wanted to wait a little bit so I would have more fabric from the blocks to work with.
My plan was to be very careful and try to cut out two of each block...
I was able to do it!  I did cut wrong on one block... but fortunately I had some
older Thimble Blossoms fabric that I could throw in and it still looked good.

.On another note...
I was playing with photos and thought I would try out a new header...
but when I add the photo  it is super small (no matter what).
Have you tried to do this or do you have any helpful hints?
Friday, August 17, 2012

My Progress Report for the Week!

I have been making some progress this week on my great granny along,
granny blocks! I would have stopped at nine... but
they are kind of addicting and I have more fabric...
so, I keep on going! I haven't decided when to stop yet.
If I make 4 more I could add another row to the side and make it a square quilt.
Eight more and I will have a 4 row x 5 row block setting. Hmmm.

I love new quilting books...
I got a couple of books in the mail this week.
I won the Kim D. book from Sew Cal Gal!
I had really wanted that book.
I wanted to take the author's class at Road to California in January 
but the classes all filled up before I could register.
I am usually aware of this and try to be on the computer the morning
of the first day of registration. I wasn't quick enough this time!
Oh well, I have the book as a great consolation prize!
I needed to order some thread... I order my thread from Connecting Treads..
and usually they have good sales on batting and books...
so the Stitch it For Christmas book went into my cart along with the thread.
It was on sale for like $6.50. What a bargain!

Now, for my other progress report...

here is how my Spools quilt is shaping up.
I'm not sure if the picture is blurred or if it's me?
Anyway, I have the body together and a checkered border added
and with any luck... adding this border to the outside

will be the right choice... because I love this fabric and I WANT it to work!
Thanks for all of your suggestions, that really helped me!

There is one more project I am considering for my list of retreat projects. So far the Cathedral Pillow and the pincushion
seem to be "the" projects... but then there is
this great little gizmo.
I wish I would have thought of one of these earlier this year. Earlier this year when I was away from home so much and
staying at my lodging... I always plugged my phone into the wall near the door and just balanced my phone on top of the cord...
but this would be much slicker!
I think it would be great stocking stuffers too. 
Whenever the kids are home or when I have other house guests... everyone is "plugging in" and I have cords and phones everywhere... this way, they could all just be
plugged in and neatly contained in their rooms.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Also Wait to the Last Minute for Christmas Shopping

I have been trying to think of some projects that I will instruct  at my retreat this fall.
We always have a great time at the retreat and although everyone brings projects to 
work on... I have a couple of quicker type projects for everyone to do...
along with a Mystery Quilt.

These are some top contenders.
A mini iron holder.

Cathedral Windows pillow.

Maybe this project or a hexagon pincushion.
Another possibility is 
a Jelly Roll Race Quilt like seen on You Tube.

But I could really like to know what you think. Do you have some suggestions
that I might like?
I only have about a day and a half to make my final decision!

Monday, August 13, 2012

BOM REHAB: Flowers, Birds, Bees and More

 Here is a gorgeous finish for the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery
BOM using the Strawberry Fields collection from Fig Tree Quilts!
This was made by Jennifer who just started her blog.
 This quilt is for her 4 year old Nora!

(on my last post I shared my Dancing Dollies quilt made out of Strawberry
Fields... I used my leftover fabrics from this project... nothing better than a cost-FREE project)!

 Lisa aka Stashmaster got some work done in the rehab...
It is another DM from the FQS. But I think she added in an original block...
you might need to go see more over at her blog!
 Susan was hard at work in the rehab and got this sweet as can be Welcome 
banner made for her
BOM project!!!

And guess who else was there???
 Sherry from Blessings from our Nest blog...
she made not one...
 but two of her block of the month blocks!
Isn't this a cute project?
I believe it's a free one too.
Jill was hard at work making another block... block #9 for
her Fat Quarter Shop BOM project!
This is a great block!
woohoo! Way to go Jill!

Thelma was on a roll and knocked out yet another block for her
block of the month project! Check out Cupcake n Daisies blog for
more photos of the whole quilt!

Susan at A Work in Progress was in the Rehab with us all.
Here is the block she completed... She's very entertaining! I enjoy reading her blog!
As for me?
Well, I have a house full
(so please excuse me for not getting Linky Tools set up).

I did get a little something started though...

I found a whole year of BOM blocks from the Temecula
Quilt Company that have not even been started!

So, I started THIS ONE!
I guess I will have a "wall of small" one day after all!
I also found something else that I was really 
excited about....
but I will share that tomorrow!
Friday, August 10, 2012

Fig Tree Frenzy

I have been working away at another Summer Fun project

while I have been reading all of your helpful comments
on my design board project. Thank you for your 
helpful ideas... I will be trying them out this weekend.
And while I was in a holding pattern...
this Dancing Dollies pattern was been calling my name.
I had made a few blocks... but now I have the blocks all made and
just the border to work on next!

That's the "Dolly" part!

Have a great weekend.
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Advise Needed

I finally have made connection with my camera cord and could
show a couple of pictures of
my weekend sewing projects.

First up, I was working on my spools project...
and even though I think the fabric is really cute, and 
I think the spool fabric is cute... 
I think it's lacking a little something... don't you?
I was kind of playing with the idea of separating the black 
spools from the grey spools and make two different quilts.
But I'm not sure that is what the problem is.
I need some input please, before I go further!

I worked on my BOM Rehab project also. I made up a setting for the blocks
and came up with this. I am pretty much happy with it... 
unless it could use a big red border.
Hmmm... any thoughts?

I am anxious to get these projects out of the way...
because I want to start a little embroidery project
called Betsy's Closet- In Stitches by Brenda Riddle at
Acorn Quilt Company. A little group happened to have started up 
right when I was determined to embark on this journey, so 
now I have company in Betsy's Closet...

(notice button on sidebar)
which is great for me because I have a hard time
staying with embroidery... I think it's a need for speed, 
and there isn't any speed for me in stitching!
Monday, August 6, 2012

BOM Rehab... You Should Join In

Each month I get to randomly pick a winner...
A little something
one of my BOM Rehab people!
This month it is
Among the Stars BOM pattern
 Georgia, also a It's Sew Emma  pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop...
along with
 a jelly roll of Lily Ashbury's Tradewinds fabric
from me...
goes to....

Congratulations Thelma!!!

This week... in the Rehab...
 Satu worked on her Raining Cats and Dogs Bunny Hill BOM.

Jill was in the Rehab too and she worked on another block for
her FQS BOM. 

Thelma made the center block for her BOM project
and now only has 3 more blocks to go!!!

Great progress! I was going to show you my finished 
FQS Designer Mystery BOM using Kate Spain fabrics...
but my camera cord has gotten away from me again, so I will have to save it
to show you next time.
Also next week, I will have a post ready for you and if you have a BOM project you have
worked on during the week you will be able to use a Mr. Linky kind of thing to
share it!