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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something For The Sewing Room

I am on a roll with these little wall hangings made with the DS fabrics.
I am making a third one right now... out of Free Spirit fabrics.
There just might be a fourth one on the horizon...
I'm thinking some Quilt Soup fabrics. Maybe?

I think they would look good hanging in a sewing room.
It was a pattern in AP&Q. I made a little variation. With sashing/without sashing.
Straight borders, not half-square triangle borders like in the pattern.
They are just fun. When I get the next one finished I will be quilting them...
and then they will go out in the mail as gifts.

I turned this little holiday gem, "Flurry" over to Bear Paws Quilt's and More for a shop sample.

Which felt good... having finished something with the Christmas theme...
but really, I guess it's time to start thinking Fall.
A certain somebody reminded me of a birthday coming up.
When it's bday time... that means it's time to start thinking in terms of Autumn, cooler weather,
leaves turning color... aaah, that all sounds good but I am not ready to start baking yet...
it's going to be 100 plus this weekend!
Monday, August 22, 2011

Mosaic Monday

After I put the binding on my Flurry quilt, I got to wondering what number that quilt made of finished quilts for the year. Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure offered a challenge this year to make/finish 11 quilts in 2011. I thought that was fair enough of a challenge. Fortunately I think that I am close. Unfortunately, I think that the rest is pretty much up to my longarm quilter!
Here is my list of "finished-so-far" in 2011
(that means quilted but does not count Schnibbles sized quilts)
1. Flurry/Kate Spain
2. Diamonds/Fig Tree
3. Dresden wedding
4. Picnic/Sweetwater
5. Picnic/Bliss

Here is a list of "finished-so-far" in 2011
but not quilted and in no particular order:

1. Picnic by Thimble Blossoms made with Verna
2. Butterfly quilt
3. Flying Geese/Comfort Stitching pattern
4. Gone To Market
5. Eventide
6. Sew Cherry
7. Union Jack/made with Quilt Soup fabric
8. Each Day is a Gift
9. Amelia
10. Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM 2008

So, now that I look this over... it looks like my longarm quilter will
be able to afford a very nice Christmas!
And I will be hunting the sale
racks for backing fabrics!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Work Time vs.Play Time

I managed a little play time.
Do you recognize this fun little project from
APQ mag? The one that has Sherri's (A Quilting Life)
hexagon purse project in it.
I love the way this is turning out... I might have to make more than one of these wall hangings!

But that's it, in between the otherwise routine week.

Now I just have some binding to do.

And finish up my Santa Swap project for this month.

Looks like these guys are going to be getting in some last minute camping this weekend.
Yes, camping with the horses! That is what is so hard about living in a resort area...
you become painfully aware of
everyone else starting their vacation weekends... while you are still
doing the regular old stuff!
Which makes it tempting to just run off during lunch time...
and forget about going back to work.
No... I wouldn't really do that....
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Checklist: Checked!

So now, as I was saying... my last weekend accomplishments:

I might add that these got accomplished while I was having refrigerator issues!
It was like house camping. Ice chests full of food I was trying to selvage.
Each day running to buy more ice to keep things cold.
Iye yie yie!
Fortunately we had friends over for dinner on Sunday t help us eat all the
food that we needed to cook-up!
I did mention how August is giving me more challenges that I want, didn't I?

I am so excited to get this puppy finished! Well, at least my part is finished.
I will let the longarm quilter do her magic on it.
It was a pattern by Nathalia at Piece n Quilt.
I left the period off after the word gift... but I am planning on putting a button there.

I also finished up my Amelia quilt with a pattern from Me and My Sister
called 10, 11, 12.
This was number 12.
Creative system for numbering. LOL.
Now, it is off to hang as a shop sample... but maybe after that, like in about 7 months, there will
be a little baby girl (?) that might need it!
Don't worry I have back up plans for a little boy grand-baby!

I had to share this cutie pie with you. My co-worker made a version of Yoyoville.
She changed it up a bit and also decided not to have yoyo's in all of the rows.
I just love it and the Lakehouse green background fabric she used too!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Somebody's Been Up To Something...

I was going to post about what I accomplished over the weekend.
I had a few pictures for "proof".
But then I saw something...

There seems to be a little something out there on the horizon.
Something that made my ears perk up like a golden retriever.
Something you might be interested in.
 Sch_ _ _ _ _ _ _!
(hint hint)

So just think of this as a public service announcement and
I'll be back tomorrow with my little odds and ends!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Is What's Entertaining My Head This Week

It's the dog days of Summer and I am feeling
pretty sluggish.
However, I have been dabbling in my sewing
room a little and although I am not doing as much as
I would like to, I have been playing  in the early
morning hours when it is cooler.
I had purchased this fabric group while I was at my retreat a couple of weeks ago.
It's by Bari J.
On the Lecien website is a downloadable pattern for the collection.
I have started to cut it out and slapped it up on my design wall...
for a ruff idea of the arrangement. But I seem to be needing the yellow.
 It wasn't available at the Wooden Gate when I picked up the other fabrics.
What do you think?
Or can you tell? It's not a very good picture.

The blocks are cut at a strangle little angle but what is fun about the pattern is the
raw edge collage border.


I did have my Simple Things quilt top put together and
the parade over at Brown Quilts and Charming Chatter
came and went before I got the borders put on...
but I have it on my work table to finish up, pronto!

I started working on the shop sample using Amelia
I just need to do the pink blocks now.

It is still running through my head that I get to be a grandma!
I wanted to share with you
the special day when I found out the wonderful news.
My DDIL was in town and asked if I could join her and her mom for lunch at a
near by Tea House. (We all get together occasionally, so nothing unusually there).
But while we were enjoying our salads a little plate appeared with something rolled up
on it. Certainly it wasn't to wipe our hands on... nope, it
was a cute little bib that Jill had made that said "I love my grandparents"!

the moment couldn't have been any sweeter!
After a moment of fussing over the new mother-to-be I called my son
and interrupted his class to tell him congratulations!
Evidently he sent out a text to his brothers at that point and there was
lots of fun and commotion!
I felt so lucky to share in that moment with Jillybean and her mom.

And of course I left my phone on my desk at work... so I had to resort to my camera
on my cell phone for pictures! Dang it. But at least we have the moment captured!
I guess I am going to be seeing a lot of these

little things in the future!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mosaic Monday

Enjoying... the colors of Summer!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Love Vintage Dishes

I got myself organized again and got my borders on my Vintage Dishes quilt.
I also love Lori's pattern. Everything went together perfectly.
I can't wait to start my next pattern with this same fabric group... that I won from Cyndi
a couple of weeks ago. I am anxious to make Cherry Cheesecake.
I saw over at Frida's Hive that Nanette just made that quilt and it is so cute!

Vintage Dishes is going to replace this quilt as one of my favorite 5.

I love this quilt. It's a simple pattern but those lollipop flowers are just so happy.
All in all there isn't much too it, but when it got quilted...
the quilt suddenly came to life for me.
Unfortunately, I did not make a quilt that I had promised my nephew...
and this week is his anniversary... so this one got boxed up today and sent in the mail to him and his wife.
I did put a "clause" in the card... since they just bought a beach home at Santa Cruz, I told them that I plan on making a nautical quilt... so if they want, they could do a one time trade in for another quilt I make if they choose to do so.
oh, the reason I chose this one to send to them was because last year when they had been at my house,
my nephews wife saw the quilt hanging across the room and swooped in on it and had to hold it immediately... I kind of got the feeling she liked it!

When I was at Hallmark I saw this display and just had to take a picture...

Do you remember this gum?
I instantly thought of a summer back when I was like 7,
when I learned to make a chain out of the gum wrappers!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do You Feel Like A Winner?

You are one!

It seems our parade gets a little smaller during the summer months.
But each one of you that finished your Schnibbles pattern of George did
an awesome job! They were all so beautiful and once again amazing to see
the different look that different fabrics can give a pattern.

Carrie is picking a winner from each of our parade's.
Each winner will be receiving a layer cake...of  little something.

The winner from Sherri's parade at A Quilting Life is:
and the winner over at my parade of George is:
Yes, you are reading this right!
Carrie is just awesome... and wants to reward everyone for making
the Le Petite project this month!
So all of you that sent in your photo and are in the parade... will be
getting a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Say: "cake please"!
Say: "Thank you Carrie"!

Now don't you feel bad for thinking all those bad thoughts of her since she had the nerve
 to go off to France... and without inviting everybody else along.

But that's not all!!!

Our wonderful featured quilt shops have prizes for a few of you too...

Bear Paw Quilts and More has two cute little charm packs of the Amelia collection by Me and My Sister (which I am playing with right now) for one of our winners...
and the winner of the Amelia charm packs is:

Dorothy from Sherri's parade!

A $15 gift certificate from the fabulous girls at Quilter's Paradise goes to:

Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventures!
Quilt Taffy has a sweet little gift certificate for a winner... which goes to:

Linda from the Quilted Pineapple!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Le Petite: Introducing George

I am so sorry that the parade is late today... but it does set the tone for the month.
All things in August should be done in a lazy kind of way.
It's just too darn hot to do it any other way.

It seems like I haven't gotten much accomplished during July and I have to be honest...
I sat down to the sewing machine on Saturday and pieced the rows of
the August Le Petite project.
 Sunday morning I was able to put the rows together and
slap on the border!
So I am telling you that although this next project looks a little harder than George was
it is still a gorgeous quilt that goes together easie peasie!
 And if you haven't already learned this from
making Schnibbles... don't think, just do what Carrie says and all will be well.
Seriously. I know this project, Honeycomb" is 60 degree angles...
but just get past that. Our Ms. Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. has it all spelled out for you and
even will hold your hand throughout the pattern.
(Well, at least it feels like she does:)

The pattern cover shows Central Park fabric by Kate Spain but
I had a little stash of Terrain by Kate, soon to be released, and was able to
 put it to good use here.
Here is what you need to gather up while you wait for your Schnibbles pattern...

80 charm squares

7/8 yard background
 So here we are in the hotter than hot
summer days of August. So what could be a better way to start the month
than to have a little parade? Go ahead, turn on the sprinklers,
 grab some ice cold lemonade and
enjoy the parade of George!

Here we have a strikingly  handsome version of George
 made by Nathalie of Wasteland Wallowing. She changed the pattern
 up a bit with the dark background.

 This is the most adorable use of a panel I have every seen!
I love the retro colors of this too... it was created by Sandi
at Crazy Bout Quilts blog! The perfect kitchen wall hanging!

This one was created by Leah, and she used a line of
fabrics called Canning Day. So cute!

From the Quilted Pineapple, Linda whipped up her version of  and  calls it
Georgette... because of the gorgeous fabrics.

Sandy F. (no blog) stepped outside the box and made her version
of George. It is so cute in these bright colors... I love the way the purple border holds it all in.
I think it turned out so sweet!  Good for you Sandy, for "embracing the bright"!

Here is a soft palate of beautiful Blackbird fabrics that
Joyce from And Sew On made! I love how the inner sashing fabric gives just the right accent
for the blocks.

This is a fun quilt that Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventures made...
this guy (George) is retro with attitude!

This is another adorable version of George made by Kay W.
Soft and sweet!

This one is from Michele from Island Life Quilts. Her son named her version: Go Bananas! She used Wee Woodlands and Lollipop fabrics. Perfect indeed!

Now here is one I am calling "A Picnic with George" this version was made by LeAnn with the sweet
Strawberry Fields fabric group. It reminds me of a summer picnic quilt for sure!
(LeAnn... yeah! I got your picture to work! for the first time this year).

That is the parade for my side of the street, so grab your lemonade and head over to
Sherri's blog. She has the other half of the parade.
I hope you enjoyed yourself over here!
And just in case you are worried about Le Petite ending in a few months...
I wanted to share with you that Fat Quarter Shop has put together a great
Schnibbles club. You just might want to check it out!
Miss Rosie's Quilt Company Pattern Club Miss Rosie, Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive Club

See you tomorrow!