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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One For You and One For Me

I was locked up in Bees Knees "rehab" over the weekend!
I had some serious catching up to do especially since we 
started the "new year" and I hadn't finished my blocks from
last year. 
I was a bad bee!
But the good news is..
I got myself caught up and the blocks are going out in the mail tomorrow.
And I finished up by doing a block for ME!

I love this quilt that I saw on Red Pepper Quilts blog.

So I had to make the plans for one of my own.

These are the blocks that are soon to be 
on their way home to
their own Bee Hive!

Aren't they a fun assortment of blocks?
I love the T blocks... and wish I would have thought of 
doing an alphabet block quilt for myself! 
I also should have made a second hen because I need one for
catching up with my Farm Girl blocks... that will be next I guess!
The half square triangle block was fun... everyone will do a different styled
one... the big Star block was a challenge... and the other Star block was
a little nerve raking but I managed just fine.

But wait!
There's more!

I finished putting together my quilt blocks from the last round 
of Bees Knees. 

The coloring isn't great here. The sashing is a green pin dot by Fig Tree.
It was a free pattern on Little Miss Shabby blog. The orange peel blocks are so 
addicting! I have Corey's Playful Petals book and I'm looking 
at which quilt I will be adding to my list. 
But I also have another orange peel to put together that was a Tula Pink pattern...
more coming soon on that news front!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Twirl and Feeling Special

At my retreat, the weekend before last, I had a friend in the
group making Twirl. I loved her version so much...
but I got to thinking about it and remembered starting 
that project last year after the pattern
came out. I had seen Carol of Carol's Crafty Creations and loved her
quilt also... she made hers with just 9 blocks instead of the 21 blocks 
called for in the pattern. So, where was mine???

After some looking, I found it.
The units had been sewn. 
It was just a matter of putting the blocks together.

So, I did!

I still like Sally's full version of the pattern.

She used  
Somewhere Over the Rainbow fabrics by Edyta Sitar.
So... since this one was so fun... and
so fast to put together (I know, I had a head start)...
I might just go ahead and make it again in the batik fabrics!

I took the day off from work and went wedding dress shopping
with "my girls"...
my DIL, my soon to be DIL and her sister.
They are all the sweetest group of women!

She had a specific place in mind to shop at.
It was definitely a road trip!
We went to the Bay Area... it was a 12 hour excursion!
(largely due to traffic on our way back home)

This is not THE dress

But it's the only one I have to show you. 

When you are talking a 3 1/2 hr drive one way...
we encouraged her to try on several...
which was fun, yet serious business! ha

There are factors come into play when you have
 a spring wedding
that will be outdoors... in the mountains.
For instance:
A train on the dress is a bad idea.
But everything said and done...
the one that made her feel extra special
was the right choice. 

The first dress she tried on was the one she decided on.

It was such a nice day!
(I wish that I would have brought champagne though... a little toast would have been nice)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Something Wicked

I am looking forward to this weekend. It has taken me all week to rest-up from the retreat last weekend. But now I still have cleaning to do. 
I have absolutely no photos to share with you of the retreat.  I am so bad!

We had a great time though... and everyone seemed happy and ready to sign up for next year too!

Roger's Garden in a nursery in Newport Beach. It's amazing... it's huge... and they out-do themselves each year on their Halloween Boutique. So I thought I would share their You Tube video!
Someday when I am down in that area I will stop by there. I haven't been there for years... so I am long over due!

Sorry... I'm just going to have to share the link. It keeps
wanting to post it to my Bees Knees group blog.

Enjoy the weekend!
I am going to work hard on cleaning so I have some sewing time... 
and hopefully something fun to share on Monday!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bass Lake... Get Ready, Here We Come!

I have been pretty quiet over here on the blog!
I can assure you that I have been busy....

I have been getting prepared for the upcoming annual retreat
I host.
This is Pine Needles Quilt Camp 10th year!
My partner Virginia and I have a lot of fun putting this together 
each year. 
It's held at Bass Lake, CA.
We start on Friday morning and go through until Sunday evening!

Do you want to see some of the fun things that have
made up for this years' quilt camp?

Party Favors galore!

Trail mix deluxe!
This comes with a discount coupon for long arm quilting!

Next we will be channeling our inner Girl Scout with 
S'more kits...
perhaps to enjoy after Show and Tell aka "campfire stories".

I put together party poppers...
which are filled with a fun little project.

Our local quilt shop put together little fabric bits of
Pam Kitty Morning fabrics that include a $5 off coupon.

The store owner will also be hosting a "after hours"
shopping with cookies for the campers over the weekend.

I also made lanyards for everyone.

Ouch Pouch kit
(tutorial found on A Spoon Full of Sugar)

This little camper block will make a great label for 
a project... but I made mine into a make-up bag.
(because I need make-up when I go camping)!

This quilt is my inspiration for our main project at the retreat.
I found the instructions for making individual sprout blocks on
Tracey Jay blog. It was a must after I saw that Homespun Quilt Magazine
had this quilt in their current issue., called Cutting Garden 

It was made by a friend of Tracey's at Poppy Print blog.
Please go to her blog to read her story!

The color placement was so fun on this scrappy version!
There are a lot of  "stem" quilts out there... 
by Fig Tree and Co. and also
Cluck Cluck Sew... but the scrappy look 
of this one is just so fun.
Since Tracey Jay has a free tutorial/instructions, 
I thought it would
be a fun project for our retreat. 
It reminds me of the flora and fauna 
I would see when hiking.

More photos of Sprouts...

There will also be instructions for making a "camping pillowcase".

A friend of mine embroidered this 
Camping Rules project.

This is in a 20 x 24 frame. It's pretty big!
The first rule is... take time to relax!
Which we will be doing also!

Friday, October 2, 2015

What Did I Do in September?

I haven't taken a look back to see what I accomplished in the previous month in
a while, so I thought today would be a good time to do that.

This is a sew along... that got staled. 
I plan on returning to it this month.

The pattern is Viola, and I am anxious to return to
this project... I am working with such fun bright Kaffe fabrics.
It's different for me, but I am liking it so far.

My Welded quilt got completed.
I love these fabrics and it was a fun pattern to make.

This is one of three mini projects that I am working on to "share" at my retreat coming 
up this month.

This is also a project that I had started to "share" at my retreat. I am 
happy to say that I am much farther along with it... I just need a little
bit of time to do the last bit, and hopefully I will get to it this weekend.

More fussing for the retreat: I did make 45 lanyards
and put together prizes.

This next month I have some Bee keeping to do!
As in... catching up with my sewing Bee, the Bees Knees, 
on the blocks I haven't gotten off my table yet!

I will feel better when that gets done.

I also have some Farm Girl blocks to make... 
how about you?

But before any of that... I have some birthday celebrating to do!
Yesterday was the day... but tonight is the birthday bash and
the rest of the weekend I have house guests... so 
I am looking forward to it all!

What they don't know tonight....
I have a pop quiz for them.
I have a list of 10 questions...
"about me".
The person who gets the most correct answers gets a gift from me!
It's all friends and family... it shouldn't be too hard for them!
Or could it???