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Friday, October 31, 2014

Hauntingly Beautiful

Hope your evening is bewitching!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Been Quite a Week

This has been a stressful month so far... 
lots of ups and downs.
At this time last week family started coming into town for 
my mom's funeral service. It was held on Friday, which was
her birthday.
 So, it truly was a celebration of her life.

Everything turned out perfect 
and that largely was
due to my wonderful family and friends who came to my aide.
Each contributed a little bit 
which played a big part

to make a special day absolutely beautiful!

My mom would have loved it!

I love this photo of her... resting peacefully.




now things have settled down... 
and I got back in to my sewing room.

But within 4 stitches I had a little glitch!

That needle went right through my finger and back out again. I have no
idea at what point it broke...
I am just glad that the thread didn't! 
It's holding the broken tip of the needle... thankfully!

I also meandered up to our mailbox cluster because I hadn't been
there in days!

Look at the note our mail carrier left for us...

Is it just me, or does she seem to be a little bit snippy?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Catch Up Post- PNQC 2014

The weather was perfect!

 I never shared photos of my Pine Needles Quilt Camp last week...

First... some photos of the set up.

An assortment of gifts and prizes.

I love the little canning jars.
Each has a pattern for an apron and the yardage needed...
yes, it was hard to fit it inside... but I managed.

Then I made the Lori Holt inspired aprons.

There were little gift bags filled with fun things too!

Here is the last view before the doors opened!

Then, 3 days that were action packed!
54 wonderful women,
54 sewing machines humming, lots of delicious meals
and an endless amount of talking and laughing!
I am already looking forward to 2014 Quilt Camp!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Looking Back.. and Looking Forward

Reviewing the 3rd quarter of the year...
what's on the list and what's off the list.

I didn't get much of anything finished the last few months but
even though I didn't pay much attention to my "list"...
I started a few new quilts that weren't on my list and
managed a couple of check marks to take those off my list.
Like Whit.
Of course I managed to get the first project from the new year of 
Another Year of Schnibbles and a Bit More done.

And then there was this surprise...

Merlot was a project that I made at the beginning of the year but I 
wasn't able to share anything about it until it was published.
And here it is... in the new Quiltmania magazine!
(that's my quilt... I still don't have a photo of my own of it... 
I hear it might be displayed at Market)

I also made Suburbs earlier in the year... but
I made a second one last month in Christmas fabrics.

When it's quilted I am thinking about adding some sparkles in the night sky.

I also did this quilt below... 

and I'm in the process of hand stitching to binding now. 
Pattern tutorial from Missouri Star.

as for things started and set aside...

Well, there is this one and that will be on my "list" for finishing this year.

And then there is Sail Away that got swept aside... that's on my list to finish this year.

also, this sweet little thing got abandoned. It's my 3rd project to finish this year.

So, that's my 1, 2, and 3 to finish up.
I have a couple quilts to start.
Harvey being first because that is for our AYOS group... 
and the parade of Harvey
is a couple weeks away. 

And, well, heck, I don't think I can resist
 making this Fig Tree Spools quilt any longer.
Make this #2. 

I think this list seems reasonable, don't you?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Today Is the Day! A Jolly Bar!

Unfortunately I completely missed my day to blog about the new and
exclusive pre-cut by Moda and from the Fat Quarter Shop!

I am so sorry to have missed my day to show what I made from my 
"Jolly Bar"!
Yes, the new pre-cut is called a Jolly Bar!
I know, cute huh?

It's a 5" x 10" cut of a collection. It's half the size of a layer cake or you could say it's 
 like 2 charm packs... but better!
Kimberly Jolly (get it-- jolly bar) put together a great video about it and you can 
view it here.

I was asked to play along and make up a quilt using 
the new 3 Sisters line called Atelier
The colors in this collection are gorgeous and I was so excited to come
up with a pattern using this collection from 3 Sisters.

I stopped midstream  due to the passing of my mom.

But I have finally gotten my little happy self back in gear
and completed my project!

I really liked the grey as a background...
it worked well with the rich colors in the group.

The block was easy enough to put together.

Using the 5" x 10" Jolly Bar I paired a background fabric the same size 
with the Jolly Bar and cut  6,  2 1/2" squares... then sewed them into half square triangles.

The remaining 2 1/2" x 5" section was reserved for the border.
Those were sewn together like a piano key border and then cut in half to
create the checkerboard.

I hope you give the new Jolly Bar a try!
But wait... there's more!!!

It comes with a pattern inside too.
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn Changes

Last week I celebrated my birthday 
and had a fun evening with 
my family... we all met at little pizza place. 
We chatted and enjoyed
each other... the little ones moved here and there
 from one person to the next.
I couldn't have enjoyed it more.
 For a moment I just watched and took it
all in and thought about how grateful I was for my family.

The next morning I got a phone call that my mom had passed.

I always start the month with my birthday... and she ends the month with hers.
I am grateful that she held on one more day.

She will be missed by so many but I know she has been wanting to go home
and didn't have any more fight left in her. 

As a child, she always made me have Halloween themed birthday parties!
I hated that! (smile)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

AYOS Parade of Whit

First ...
Happy birthday to Carrie aka Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
we adore you! And happy birthday to anyone else who shares this
day... (like me) and like Polly of Minick and Simpson!!!
I think of it as the official start of the holiday season!
Which includes pie!
That is my version of a birthday cake... PIE!
(just so you know)!

First again...
I know I was ready for the parade first thing this morning!
Well, I was ready to see it... and I am sure you were also...
the only problem was that I needed to create the post.
That took a little bit of time but here it is!

Here is a gorgeous assortment of Whit from
a wonderful group of bloggers!!!
Are you ready?
There is a lot to see!

I will start with my Whit! 
Isn't she cute with red polka dots?
I really enjoyed making this pattern... 
but 16 blocks was just enough for me! Wink!

This version of Whit was made by Patty using Elementary fabric by Sweetwater.

Linda from the Quilted Pineapple made this little beauty!

This is from Michelle... so pretty and dramatic with the black background!

Nancy (no blog) made her sweet two color version using Kansas Troubles fabric.

Nicole made a beautiful Whit just like the cover version so she could have one of her own.

Peg at Stitchin' Between the Lines blog created this beautiful blue version of
Whit! I do have to say, I favor this setting!

Sue made a beautiful Whit using gorgeous colors and two shades of grey background.
That was clever!

Here is a cutie little Whit made by Susan! (no blog)
So sweet! 

I love the drama here! Peg made this stunning neutral version!
(someone else had the same idea-- you can see it over on Sherri's parade)

Sue has a sweet little take on her Whit project. There is more about it on 
Wendy's post.

Her is Wendy's version of Whit. I love Sue's and Wendy's both!

Here we have an adorable version made by Mindy!
The wreath gives you a good clue as to size comparison doesn't it?

This beautiful version was created by Patti (no blog).
I love the colors!

Here is an extra sweet version of Whit made by Polly of Aunt Polly's Porch.
She is the queen of cute!

What's next?!?

Harvey by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

Harvey! Who can resist this one?
Well, I know some of you have an answer to that right now... but
really, there's time! I know you want to make it!!!

Okay, hop over to see the rest of the parade at Sheri's A Quilting Life, if you haven't already been there!
And also, stop back by tomorrow to see any of the quilts of Whit that were not shown today (because as much as I try... there is always someone who gets left out) but aside from that... there is
prize winner's tomorrow too!!!