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Thursday, February 27, 2014

MIdweek Mosaic: A B C's

Today's obsession:

(photos mostly from Pinterest, Acorn Quilt Co. and Nana & Co)

It seems that the Moda Spell It With Fabric campaign ends tomorrow.
It has been fun to see those quilts come together on a variety of blogs.
At first I wasn't sure I was a big fan. 
I had seen the alphabet challenge for their designers
on a Quilt Market You Tube video. 
I especially loved  Laundry Basket Quilts 
version of an Alphabet quilt. 
(in the video)

Here is a photo from Edyta's blog:

There are a few that I have really liked...
like American Jane's (Sandy Klop)

Even though I wasn't completely sold on this...
I collected the patterns... and after the quilts I saw today
on Instagram and on Camille's blog...
I am pretty much sold on it.
(photo borrowed from Simplify blog)

 I started liking it as a sampler quilt along with letters.
What is your opinion on it?
Have you been tempted?
If you have... I would love to see yours!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Like A Butterfly

It doesn't seem like I have been doing a whole lot...
I did find some fun new things for inspiration.
The Quilts and More magazine this month is
pretty fun. 
(I am still trying to get my hands on the new Quilty magazine)

Great Granny Squared was released and I am thrilled to
have a copy of it!!!

Aside from working on my AYOS project
(the parade is coming up soon)
I also got some coloring done.

I am working on an embroidery project... it's called
Hook Line and Sinker.
I'm also doing some 
hand sewing

on these units so I can finish up 
my Coastal Lily quilt I started 
last year. I am challenging myself to make
10 of these a day. If I keep up I will be done by next year...
no just kidding! I will be done in a couple of weeks tops!

I am putting the binding on this quilt now.

And in the meantime, being inspired by Lori's book...
 I pulled out these blocks and thought I would revive 
this project!
I have just been fluttering from one thing to another... like a butterfly!
Friday, February 21, 2014

PSA: Really!

Isn't she adorable?
This is from Kate Henderson.

do a little book review for you...
on this book:

Strip Savvy! 

(photos of the book and quilts are all by Brent Kane)

The cover quilt is gorgeous in itself, but if you get a chance to 
look at Kate's book, please pick it up!
You can find it at That Patchwork Place and at Amazon too.
You're going to like it.

There have been a lot of books written about using 2 1/2" strips....
either from pre-cuts or from your stash.
Kim Brackett has written a few of my favorites on that subject.
I love pre-cut fabrics, so I am always interested in
these books, but rarely do I see projects inside 
the publications that really excite me!

So I am happy to share some sweet eye candy
of some of the quilts you will find inside Strip Savvy!

You can see some of my favorites here.
The book is full of fun, original ideas but what's even 
better than that is Kate's borders!
She has some very nice ideas on that and on bindings too, but
what I liked that she also provides a little guidance on sizing
those unique borders for your quilt.

One section of Strip Savvy are quilts with borders, 
and another section has quilts without borders...
because some quilts just don't need them!

 I love this one here!
It's called That '70's Quilt.
Cute, right?

There is a dozen and a half other adorable projects
inside the covers of this book...

(cover quilts for Martingale catalog)

I think it would be a great book to have on hand even if you only wanted to 
look through it. But I can find several patterns that I would like to make.
It would be a good beginners book also. The front section of the book 
has nice tips and suggestions and also covers things like picking out fabric
as well as quilting designs on your finished quilt.

 (did I mention that FQS has this title on sale as their featured book 
through the end of this month)?
Kim at Lily Patch blog won a copy 
of Strip Savvy from Fat Quarter Shop... 
and word has it
that she is thinking about having a little quilt along with it!!!

You're welcome!

That concludes this Public Service Announcement.

Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dancing in the Neighborhood

This was a fun pattern to make!

It quickly went from cutting table to blocks...
and from blocks... 

to this!
The pattern is one that has been on my list (along with Spin Cycle) both are

I love this fabric!
Here is a photo of the fabric collection that was displayed at Market.
Who is it? It's  Melissa Ybarra aka Iza Pearl... this designer was new to me.

I was able to make a shop sample for the Intrepid Thread... (happy dance)
and this is what 
Julie picked for me to make up! (still dancing)
 It was a happy surprise! 
The quilt is at the quilters right now, so I will have 
one more photo to
share before I mail it away to Julie. 
She will be making up kits for this project. 
The kit will be from this 
collection with a few solids mixed in... 
and the solids play so well with the prints!
I am usually intimidated by picking solids to put in my quilts...
with the exception
 of background fabric... 
and that is a safe white in most cases.
Julie can pick them for me for now on!

You are familiar with the Intrepid Thread aren't you?
The cutest fabric groups for sure-- you need to check out her store!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wanna See?

I finally get to show a couple of things that I have worked on recently...

I made this little table runner for a shop sample... for 
FQS! Isn't it cute? I love the little Pepe in Paris fabric!
The pattern is from Cotton Way. 
Oh, and it's reversible too!

(I used pearl cotton through the machine to make those lines running through the circle
rows... can you see it?)

I also made this sweet pinwheel quilt as a sample too!
Pinwheels have got to be one of my favorite blocks!
(this just might be  much like having a favorite child... 
they are all really my favorite)
But I really do favor pinwheel blocks!

Kits are available for both projects at FQS!
This Riley Blake fabric is so adorable... you really need to see it close up.
 The pattern is by Thimble Blossoms. 

But that's not all!

I will show you more tomorrow!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love, Love, Love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

And some breaking news...

We have a winner!
This sweet little machine is going to a new home!



From the Quilted Pineapple!

Thank you all for your comments and helping me celebrate my 700th post!
I really do love being a part of this blogging community.
It is an important part of my "social" life.

Hope you all have a great weekend! (and Valentine's Day too)
Oh, and we get a holiday on Monday as well! woohoo!

Here is what I am planning on doing this weekend...

I have some "roofing" to do on these blocks!

I've got my tool belt on and I am ready to go!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Midweek Mosaic

Lots of eye candy out there!

Things on my want list... but it just got smaller!
April Showers is now in my possession!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There's Fun and then There's Fun

Quiliting Fun

I got a few things done over the weekend
even though it was pretty busy!

I did finish all of my 15 heart blocks plus one extra.

Got them signed... and today I delivered them to 
my quilting circle!
I didn't get my hearts put together yet though... so much for
my competitive side! ha!

I was also able to finish another block that was long, long
overdue for a special blogger friend. And I worked on some half
square triangles... which makes me almost caught up
in the quilting bee we belong too.

Then I was on to cutting out a new project.

I am making this fun pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew.
It is a sample for the Intrepid Thread Quilt Shop.

The fabric is gorgeous and feels wonderful too.
The name of the group is Garden Party Tango by
I really like the look of Suburbs... it's a
pretty easy pattern but with a great look.
I saw it made up at Road to California and 
I really liked it!
They will be having kits  to sell for it soon!

Family Fun

The other part of the weekend was celebrating babies!

 This little one, is my nephew's son Noah. He turned 1
on Sunday! 

Of course he was having the most fun with the
tissue paper from the unwrapped gifts!

A sweet little guy...
and so is this one... who was also at the party.

This is Noah's cousin Aiden.
He is my other nephew's son... who arrived
two months early last year... but is healthy and a happy
little sweetheart now.

And here is Evie... their oldest cousin!
Who happens to be pretty tired from all the fun.

There is still time to enter my 700th post giveaway!
Please scroll down to my last post to leave a comment.
Friday, February 7, 2014

700th Post Celebration!

I am celebrating today! 
It's not my birthday.
It's not my anniversary.
It's not my blogiversary either.

This is my 700th post here on Pink Pincushion!

If you know me, you already know that I 
love vintage toy sewing machines!
Every now and then I love the opportunity to 
share my collection with special people.

Today I am offering this little gem as
a giveaway prize. 
If you would like to join in my celebration and
have a chance to win "Sally Singer", leave me
a comment... and if you feel like giving me
a little extra bloggy love...
 I would love it if 
you became a follower... 
unless you already are a follower...
then in that case...
you know I already love you!!!

I also wanted to give a little extra shout out to 
the winners from the Jersey Girl
AYOS parade this week!
Sherri (A Quilting Life) posted the winners...
but I wanted to give an extra little applause
to those of you who participated in
our parade!
It was one of my favorites... and for sure my favorite one
this year! ha!
This one was Barb's JG.
Here blog name is For the Love of Threads.

This one was made by Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.

This version of Jersey Girl was created by Peggy at Stitchin with Peg blog.

and this one was made by Nicole...

I am so glad that we are back on track with our Another Year of Schnibbles!
It was so fun to see you all again! 
I am going back through all the quilts in the parade just to make sure I didn't miss any!!!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to leave a comment to
have a chance to win the little sewing machine!
I will pick a winner next Friday...
which just happens to be Valentine's Day!
How fun is that?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Midweek Mosaic: Have a Heart

Love is in the air!

Sweetness from Pinterest.
Everything is just a little bit 
better with Pinterest sprinkled on it!
Don't you agree?

I have 16 paper pieced hearts to make for my sewing circle...
that were due in December!
I am cranking them out now in hopes of handing them
over to my group when we meet on Tuesday! 
And since I am late... and a little bit competitive, 
(I don't like being late)...
I am going to be the first to have my "hearts" quilt made by then also!
Then I will be done, and DONE!
I win!
okay, fat chance but
I will check in with you on Friday to show you my progress!

Monday, February 3, 2014

AYOS Parade of Jersey Girl

I am so happy that it's parade day today!
I have been missing my Schnibbles and
the AYOS group!

It seems like it's been so long!
we're never doing that again! 
ha ha... okay, maybe we will... but I did miss you!
I'm sure Sherri feels the same!

Here is what we will be making for the March 1st AYOS parade...

well, unless you want to make this...


or maybe this...

That's right... you get a choice! You can pick one of these new patterns from
Miss Rosie's Schnibble collection OR 
you can go find a vintage Schnibbles that you have always wanted to do...
maybe already have purchased but never made yet...
so you decide!
It's as simple as that! I can't wait to see what ones will appear in the next parade!

And speaking of parades...
let's get this one started!
I will start by showing you my Jersey Girl, via the South of France.

 Next is one from Peggy...

This is her first time in the AYOS parade!
Her blog is: Stitchin With Peg.

 Michele at Island Life Quilts
made a very fun version of JG here in one of my favorite 
Sweetwater fabric groups!!!

I love this version of Jersey Girl that was 
created by Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch.
This photo is great.. love the green wall!

Here is a beautiful Jersey Girl that was 
created by Leslie . It makes a gorgeous two colored quilt.

Here is another pretty two colored quilt made by Satu's friend in Finland!
You can find Tunatei's blog here.
I am so glad she joined in this month!

Here is one dreamy 4  block version made by Linda!
I love this photo... it's postcard worthy!

Here is Satu's delightful Jersey Girl...
I love her color placement for her blocks!

Sue made her Jersey Girl all in pink! I love that!
A few extra blocks and wha-la! A sweet baby quilt!

Here is Susan's picture perfect Schnibble! 
I like her border fabric choice and of course, the Midwinter Reds!

Here is a sunny and bright version of Thelma's Jersey Girl!
But in this case it's called California Girl!
Too cute!

Here is another fun and colorful version of Jersey Girl
that was created by Nicole at Sister's Choice blog.

Isn't this one gorgeous? 
This definitely has a winter feel to it.
It was made by Patty D. 

Here is a beautiful JG quilt created by Paulette
(no blog). I love the uniformity in her color placement.
And I like the colors too!

Mary in Michigan made a beautiful version of
her Jersey Girl... minus the "center stones". 
(as her husband suggested)! he he.

Nancy E. made this very sweet Jersey Girl--
Kansas Troubles style... warm and cozy! 

Wendy at It Is What It Is blog made this
lovely little JG that you see here in
this cute photo.

And here is a cotton candy cute version of JG, in my
favorite color, pink! It was made by Vivian!

One more to add to the parade...
 Here is a fun super sized version of JG made by
Susan at Sew Quilt Me blog.

I hope you enjoyed the parade! Did you know that this pattern was named after Carrie's
mother? Such a sweet thing... I now her mom appreciates it. If Carrie had been an author, she 
would have dedicated a book to her... but being an extremely talented
designer... of course it would be a pattern that is in dedication!

Have you seen the other half of the parade yet?
If not, go over to A Quilting Life... that's where I'm going now!