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Monday, March 31, 2014

She's Two Now

The final birthday party of our "birthday week".
This was yesterday.
It was a carnival theme for Evie.
There was lots of fun and activities including bean bag toss, ring toss, 
face painting, art making, knock down the cans game and balloon animals.
The food was carny theme also but there
 was a plate of veggies... just to balance things out!

Now, maybe we can get back to sewing???
After all... we do have a parade tomorrow!
See you there!

Friday, March 28, 2014


I mentioned in my post this past week that I am super busy with
family things... and the fun is continuing through this weekend 
Which means that I have had little to no time to sew!
But what I have been doing in my spare time... stealing a minute here and there...
is watching the Craftsy Simple Fresh Quilts class from Fig Tree.

(little miss shabby photo from Pinterest)

I am really enjoying it!

This week I had a little bit of chit chat e-mails with Nicole...
and we said how much were are "re-falling" in love again 
with all things Fig Tree.
We both have done sewing for Joanna in the past and 
it was a wonderful opportunity!

Although I stray and enjoy other quilts, styles and
fabric combinations...
I have been a FT Fan since I started quilting!
The colors are dreamy and her patterns are 

 Every time I see someone blogging about a
quilt they have made with FT patterns or even just
FT fabrics... I melt!

Here are a few of my more recent FT projects...

At the beginning of this year I put Sail Away on 
my to do list.
Actually I think it was on my "first quarter of 2014" list.

 Although I have the quilt kit...
I haven't gotten to it yet.
Maybe as we get more into spring weather it will find it's 
way to the top of my cutting table.

But now I also have 4 new FT Quilts to add to the list from the
Craftsy class. Watching the video's with Joanna is
so much fun... 
like fireworks on the 4th of July...
and when I got to the end of the series
there was a big surprise!
I equate it to the grand finale on the 4th.
I watched her method of binding...
boy howdy, that was worth the price of admission alone!
I love learning new things!
Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Midweek Mosaic: Vintage Hankies

I think hankies are so sweet! 
I love finding them in antique malls, thrift stores, etc.
I found these photos on Pinterest...
showing some cute ideas you could 
make with them.
I love the bunting idea.
I particularly like the scarf... I am going to try this 
idea out right away! The little needle case is cute too...
don't you think?
Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Wishes and Crossed Fingers

Oh gosh! It seems I never posted this last Friday. 
So, consider this as in the past tense now!

This is what happens every equinox... an egg will stand up 
during the 3 day period due to the gravitational pull.

This weekend is all about cake!

Here is a photo of me as a new mom
with my sweet son...

Saturday is not only 
my oldest son's birthday...
(he will be 32)
it is also my nephew's sons birthday
... the big #1;
 it's our grandson Blake's 
first birthday too! 
Blake and Aiden were born 20 minutes apart!
But this is only the start!

Monday is Blake's father's birthday (Jon).
Wednesday is Evie's birthday... #2!
Her official party will be on Sunday though.

So, yes, lots of cake and pie... a bounce house for Blake...
 a circus party for Miss E... and that brings me to a list of 
things to make! 
I hope to show you photos next week of how that is going to
come together! I have an outfit to make for her,
a party hat and some decorations too!
This is quite a test because I do not claim to be crafty at all. 
Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! 

(oh, and please keep them crossed for good weather  too please)
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time to Bloom!

(collection of photos from my Pinterest board)
Tomorrow is Spring Equinox!
Everything here is in full bloom!
I haven't quite adjusted to the time change yet... 
so I am sleeping in a bit
in the mornings. I hate that! 
That is the time that I normally get some
sewing done. Consequently, I have nothing to show
from my sewing room!

 Unless you want to see the mess on my cutting table that is!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky: having, bringing, or resulting from good luck

Well, this is how I spent some of my weekend!
Nothing is better than blowing bubbles on a
nice day with Evie! She is wearing the
shirt that one of her uncle's gave her... pink 
John Deer! I wish I had one.

I also started working on Hook.
I got the idea for the polka dots from Lisa aka Stashmaster.
I spotted her Hook quilt on Instagram and just had to 
go with the polka dots too! 
Luckily I just happened to have some!

Polka dots, bubbles and a while back I was fortunate enough to find this
sweet little vintage sewing machine...
just a few of my favorite things!
Friday, March 14, 2014

This and That

Last month I was lucky enough to join in with Fig Tree & Company 
on their Vintage Farmhouse B.O.M.
I think I even got the last spot open!
This won't be the quilt we will be making... however, it
will be a sort of spin off of this idea.
Of course with the extra special FT&Co touch!
Instead of one block per month... this month
there were four different blocks to make
and in some cases you made more than one of that block.

I only got this far... and the next package is on it's way to me
so I think I will be finishing up the rest of the blocks so
I can stay on target.

(photo from fig tree and company)

This is the color palette we will be working with!
I am anxious to see this project evolve!
So a little bit of this 
and a little bit of that 
is my plan for the weekend... 
and of course working 
on my AYOS pattern for this month: Hook!


I am excited about this one too!
Have you seen the little tutorial on it over at Carrie's blog?
You might decide to join in once you take a look!

Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

(photo from Sew 4 Home)

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that
I am a Fig Tree fan. 
When I think of Spring...
 I think about the signature colors of "Fig Tree".

I haven't been doing any quilting in the
last week! 
I was out of town for most of the last week. 
So, when you can't quilt...
you can only think about quilting! Right?

(Joanna's quilt)

I already have Sail Away on my "list" for the next
"quarter" of 2014. 
I bought the kit last year.
But today, something else got added to the list!
I saw on Craftsy that the Fig Tree class was on
sale for 63% less than the normal price.
I signed up in a heartbeat. I love the opportunity to take
a class from the designer...

I did the same for Swoon... a class by Thimble Blossoms.
It's not just about what they are teaching but often extra tips and
techniques are shared... and if you can learn a thing or two in a 
class I always feel like it's worth it.

Besides, it's not just one class but more like a 4 in 1. 
And what would you pay for 4 patterns? 
.... exactly, 
that's why I signed up for the class.

I have a very healthy stash of Fig Tree fabrics
 already... and this gives me the 
opportunity to revive them!

I hope I get back into my sewing room soon... 

I need to keep up with myself!

P.S. Coincidentally, you can see more of the Spools Quilt on Joanna's blog today!
Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Book Love

When I am not sewing... my other favorite place to be 
is in my kitchen!

I was asked to give a little book review for you

Kitchen Stitches has 13 contributors and they put together
an super fun book!  I am pretty sure you know
all of them because they are wonderfully inspiring

I really enjoyed all the projects in this book...
 they have a modern fun look.
It would be great for making gifts too. 
I know my daughter in law would love the book...
and better yet, she would love for me to make her 
some of the fun things in it!
So, it's a great book to keep handy for gift giving!

Don't you love these place mats?

And this set of place mats with table runner is super cute!

I personally love... and need these pot handles. 
They call them "Too Hot To Handle Potholders".

I would love to make this and a coordinating one for my mini crock pot...
wouldn't that be cute?

Check this project out...
Adorable napkins and picnic blanket! 
I love the rick rack... and the round napkins!

And look at this!
This is a coupon holder... but I would need that second one
to be a little summer bag for me too!

You need to check out the Martingale blog to see more and to watch the 
cute videos they have put together for this book and it's projects!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bee Keeping

I have been in the Bees Knees Sewing Bee for
two years now. A few of the members changed 
this year... but it has still been a fun group
to see with!
This was my project from last year.

I had a project in mind for these... and last week Thelma reminded me of it
when I read her blog. So I got them out and am making a commitment
to getting them completed!

 Starry Eyed was my Bee project for this year...
and I got all the blocks back already!
I had requested the group to make the star blocks and
I would make the alternate blocks.
Since I didn't really have the yardages the 
pattern called for to begin with... 
I used every bit of my scraps to pull
this one together!

You can see that I made nine-patches for the centers of
the alternate blocks in some... but I had a few larger scraps and I
went ahead and used them for the center of some of the blocks also.
(the pattern called for 4-patches for the centers)
I am working on sewing the rows together now!

I certainly would have liked to have used the fabric
in the original pattern... I like the black in it.
But this fabric is cute... it just doesn't have that contrast that the black 
gives. What do you think? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Everyone loves a winner!

I enjoyed each and every Schnibbles Quilt in the parade!
It was so fun to see all the different patterns that were picked!
And now it's time to pick a few winners...
(randomly chosen)

Karen at Moose Bay Muses from Sherri's parade
is the winner of 2 layer cakes from Carrie/Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

From my parade, the winner of
2 layer cakes from Carrie is

Congratulation to you Lynn!

Also, Fat Quarter Shop  is offering a layer cake of 
Wishes by Sweetwater for a parade giveaway prize today!
The winner of the layer cake is:


Sherri has a couple of  mini charm packs to give away...
and the winner is:


I want to thank everyone for participating in AYOS...
you are a wonderful group of inspiring people...
you rock!!! 
(am I to old to say that)?

**** send me your addresses right away so
your goodies can be mailed out to you****

I hope you all will join us again next month!
Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Parade Day! Yeah!

eDiTed to sHow yOu:

 The one I missed!
This is Michelle's Plan C quilt!
Michelle is new to the AYOS group this month..
and is a friend of JoAnne's aka the Patriotic Quilter.
Michelle's gorgeous quilt is made with KT fabrics...
doesn't it looks so warm and cozy.. quite the opposite of
it's backdrop!

Another Schnibbles was sent to me today! 
It is by Judy who is also playing along with us!

This one is an OMG cute! I love the orange in her version of Dulcinea!
You can see more at Judy's blog Shade Tree Quilting!

It's a rainy day parade for us!
This was a short month... so I am 
happily surprised to see a nice turn out 
for the parade!

I don't know if you noticed but I have changed 
the order that I make my AYOS quilts in.
I use to make mine a month ahead  and show you at the parade
so you could see 
what the next project pattern will be and what mine looks like...
but a few months ago I started just making my AYOS quilt
right along with you and that actually makes it more fun for me!
I like being in the parade with you!

The next AYOS parade on April 1st is going to be
A fun one... and I know you can not only do it...
it is going to be a fantastic quilt to make!

Do you do this too? 
whenever I hear Hook, I think of the movie of
Peter Pan when the lost boys all start chanting 
Hook, Hook Hook!!!
So this pattern reminds me of the constellations... where you will see the
 first start to the left... that's where Neverland is!
okay,,, back to the parade!

I am going to start the parade with Bungalow!
Somehow I missed this pattern of Miss Rosie's.
It is a fun one for sure!

This one was created by Peg at Stitchin' with Peg blog.
Doesn't it have a whole lot of personality?!?

Next, is Hook by Michele at Island Life Quilts blog.
Isn't her quilt adorable? It's like her stars are dancing!

This little beauty was created by Polly at Aunt Polly's Porch blog. 
It's Mon Ami! And as sweet as can be.
I love the different photos Polly has on her blog with it.

Patti J in Michigan made Paganini. It is just beautiful...
and beautifully quilted too! Isn't that border 

Now, take a moment just to stop and stare at Patty's quilt here.
Isn't it amazing? This is a Little Bites pattern called Mite.
I love the color order she carefully chose but the spiral quilting
is awesome. Just awesome. You will want to hop on over
to see more pics on her blog, A Stitch In Time also!

This is a sweet one called Chicken Feed made
by Paulette! I love her bright and colorful 
version of this pattern. My eye just keeps moving around
the quilt! 

Satu made a beautiful contemporary version of George!
It is very striking! I wonder which came first... the 
pincushion or the quilt?

Tilda made her Jersey Girl quilt just after we posted the last parade, so I promised that
I would show it in our Free Choice parade!
I love the red white and blue theme she sent with!

This is a sweet entry from Vivian. This is State Fair that was
actually a gift to her, so she is sharing it with us this parade...
and hopes to join us next month herself!
This is a very special gift from her guild friend.

 Susan made a gorgeous version of Chicken Feed here!
She super sized the pattern... because bigger is better!
I obviously was thinking the same thing!
I love the tractor... the blue is perfect!

Awe, Roadshow!
A sweet vintage Schnibbles!
This one is from Mary C.
I love this block... it's just beautiful!

Here is a gorgeous Roundabout made by Lynn in NZ!
The colors are beautiful... this is always such a nice pattern!

Here is a beautiful quilt using Potluck fabrics made by Tilda!
(yes, this time she made it in plenty of time for the parade, he he)
The Chicken Feed pattern and those fabrics are a perfect match!
The fabric even has little chicks in some of the prints! How cute is that!!!

This one was created by Wendy! She did an amazing job with
this pattern! I just love it! She used her Civil War prints for this beauty!
You can see more of her quilt and Sue's (below) on her blog...

This one was made by Wendy's friend Sue. 
She made Open Season from the Schnibbles Times Two book. 
She specifically wanted to make a fall quilt /wallhanging
 for her home... she has a few other Schnibbles that she rotates out there
 and needed to make a fall wallhanging to display there.
She used Portabello from her fabric stash! It is a perfect  combination!

Nancy made Nash fusing fabrics from her stash basket!
They are a beautiful combination of bright colors!
This will be perfect for a little one... and it just so happens that
her 3 month old grand daughter will be receiving it!
n my scrap basket to make the Nash Schnibbles pattern. It is for my 3 month old granddaughter

Here is a stunning version of Clover made by Linda at the Quilted  Pineapple!
She used a variety of reproduction fabrics. They all play so
perfectly together don't they?

Here is my quilt! I had to make Chicken Feed... it seemed like it would be the 
perfect picnic quilt! I knew I wanted to make the larger version of 
the pattern... but then I had leftover pieces... so it got even larger!
I guess I will just have to invite more people to my picnic! ha!

If you haven't seen the other half of the parade yet... 
hop on over to Sherri's at A Quilting Life blog
to see more beautiful Schnibbles there! 
Don't forget to leave a comment! 
We really appreciate every one's hard work and love
these wonderful parades that just wouldn't be without you!
And of course a shout out to Carrie for keeping us in stitches!
The follow up post with parade prize winners will be on Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend!