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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fresh Changes

The weather has calmed down this week.
I have to say that this was my least 
favorite summer EVER.

The temperatures were near or above 100 all
summer long!
Who can have any fun in that...
especially when fun includes quilting!
I am sure it's some kind of oxymoron.
Like golfing in the snow.
It just does not go together.

That being said...
(thank you for letting me vent)

I am putting a wrap on my summer sewing.

I finished up my Jello Squares quilt from
Sherbets & Creams booklet by Fig Tree & Co.
It's the third quilt I have made from the booklet.
I had intentions of making the Watermelon quilt...
but I guess I will be saving it 
for next years' Figgy Summer Sewing!

I used a bunch of leftover fabrics in this along
with a honey bun of Sundrops by Corey Yoder for Moda.

I really had fun with this one! 

Then I moved on to doing a little painting
with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint.
I have been collecting milk and chalk paints and pondering
what piece of my furniture will get painted in which color!
It is a dilemma! 
While I think about the other items... 
I decided that this weather vane could just be white.

My home could use a fresh look with the
 fresh change of season.

I also need to pull out an unfinished fall 
pumpkin quilt project...
That will be next on my agenda. 
Are you ready for a fall project too?

are you still wondering about that cute little puppy?
That is Max!
My SIL just got him and I am so thrilled
to have a sweet little puppy to play with!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Fig Tree Summer Projects

First of all, 
I had a little makeover here on the blog.
It was way overdue for a change... 
but it was proving to be a little over my patience level...
so I enlisted some help.
It's a bit of an
 improvement... right?

I was able to make this kit up over the past week.
I had purchased it from Fig Tree and Company
at Pacific International Quilt Show last year... 
and felt the urge to get it made!
I bought another kit from FT there also...
a Christmas quilt, so I think that one will be working it's way 
onto the agenda soon.

I have to tell you that I struggled with those two scissor blocks.
OMG I was challenged!
 But they were so worth the effort.
I want to make one more... and make it into a little supply bag.

This little one here was a complete impulse
project, which I saw on Instagram.
It was so cute... and I just happen to be working with
1 1/2" strips, so I diverted my attention
to get a little version made, but I 
totally intend on whipping up 
another larger mini of these fabric stacks!

This is my latest 
Sherbets and Creams Summer project.
I finished Popsicles and now it's 
Jello Squares! 
I had scraps left over from the quilt in
the first photo... and a honey bun of
Corey Yoder fabrics already in my stash.

I think I will be able
to squeeze in the Watermelon Quilt next before
summer ends! 

And the thought of summer being over 
makes me very happy!
I am over the heat and the smoke...
summer use to be fun...
being at the lake, having BBQ's...

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Spelling Bee Finale!

I have had such an amazing week...
but what I really want to share with you